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2020.11.24 22:24 Cheesetorian Old Tagalog Food and Cooking Terms from Historical Dictionary Pt. 6

Continued from Pt. 5 https://www.reddit.com/FilipinoHistory/comments/jzsc4z/old_tagalog_food_and_cooking_terms_from/
Pagauay (pagaway)-herrmientas del carpintero, platero, herrero/iron tools used by carpenters, silversmiths, blacksmith etc.
Pagulong (pangulong)- Carreta, carro, o carreton/cart.
Losong (lusong), pinagdidician/dicdican (dikdikan), losonglosongan (lusonglusuongan)-mortero o pilon...ordinario o almirez de palo...es lo mismo que el, diminutivo losong.../Lusong mortar or pylon (ie pestle),...dikdikan is the ordinary size with stick pestle...lusonglusongan is exactly like the dikdikan, diminutive of losong. Eg. Lolosongin co yaring cahuy. “I’ll make a mortar ie pestle out of this stick.”
Note: Lusong is the large mortar and pestle used to beat rice etc, dikdikan ie lusong-lusongan ('little lusong') is the ordinary one used it kitchen to smash herbs, vegetables, spices etc. Watching traditional cooking of nearby SEAsian neighbors, I have a feeling the role of this tool was very big among early Tagalogs. Lusong is generally accepted as the origin of the island name of ‘Luzon’.
Hauir, hauil (hawil)-lanza con que cazan o pescan/spear with which they hunt or fish.
Manlalantay, mamamatbat-batidor de qualquiera metal/whisk and other metal (tools).
Note: Not exactly sure if this means ‘whisk’ or a type of metal tool used outside of cooking ie mixing other things.
Sipan-biznaga con que se limpian los dientes/toothpicks used to clean teeth
Pangsol-embudo de cobre/funnel made from copper.
Balisongsong-embudo que hace de ojas de plantanos/funnel made of banana leaves.
Pagsusucaan (pagsusukaan)- vinagrera para echar el vinagre/cruet, container used to pour vinegar. Hogasan mo ang mgang pagsusucaan. “Wash these cruets.”
Palasinan-salero para la sal/salt container (modern Sp. trans. ‘salt shaker’)
Yguigan (wigwigan), agagan-cedazo con que ciernen harina...uiguig, cerner./sieve with which they sift flour. Uiguig (wigwig), to sift.
Sangkalan-sobre que cortan palos/chopping block.
Panhihinauan (panghihiwanaan)-agua manil, donde se lavan las manos/ewer, where one washes hands.
Tapayan-tinaja/jar. Eg. Tapayang Burney, Tapayang Japon, Tapayang sanglay/”Bruneian jar, Japanese jar, Chinese jar.”
Note: Despite commonly termed as 'sangley' today by historians, the trans. in this book is often, if it's the Filipino version, as 'sanglAy', meanwhile the Spanish is 'sanglEy' ie the Filipinos pronounced it as 'sanglAy' vs. 'sanglEy'. I think Tagalogs definitely had it closer to the original 'xang lai', than the Spanish who often corrupted when they borrow from them.
Sisidlang langis, lana (sisidlan ng langis o lana)- aceitera o basija/oil receptacle or vase.
Tampayac (tampayak) or capsa (kapsa)- aceitera. capsa son debarro blanco, las hai grandes y pequenas; y en ellas echan el aceite para untarse, o sobarse cuando hai necesidad/oil jar made of white clay, big and small; they pour oil to spread, or rub when necessary.
Tungko- piedra sobre que ponen la olla para cocer lo que tiene dentro; sirve estas de trevedes/stone(s) on which they put under the pot to cook, also used as trivets when serving.
Note: Trivet, or stone trivets over a fire in PAn is \dalikan, versions of it is common variation for N. Ph languages to mean ‘hearth’ ‘fireplace’.*
Salop-celemín de mader; que en esta tierra llman ganta; para medir granos, y licobushel (made out) of wood; that in this land they call ‘ganta’; to measure grains, and liquor.
Note: In the ancient past, Filipinos had their own numerical counting, and linear distance and volumetric measurements, I’m gonna keep this one here just for it’s sake, but I’ll make another thread for units of measurements later.
Gusi-tibor grande/large earthenware ie jar.
Note: A smaller version ie a diminutive of this is called ‘gusigusihan’.
Maladuhat-tibor de Burney del color una fruta llamada asi/earthenware from Borneo/Brunei, called as such because of fruit with the same color as it.
Note: Not exactly sure what these are since they are no longer called as such in the PH. We have a clue though, the color ie black or dark purple. Researching online it seems ‘black’ or ‘deep purple’ colored jars are not really common in Brunei historically. Per this research paper, it seems that ‘black’ glazed pottery were sent to Brunei via Thailand (during the Si Satchanalai and Sukhotai periods) or Japan (who use the temmoku style to glaze wares dark). Perhaps they came from those regions and sent to the PH (not uncommon, Thais and Vietnamese sold Burmese and Chinese, respectively, wares to PH). Or perhaps this is just ‘normal’ pottery; black colored pots weren’t uncommon after all since many are produced this way during kilning process. https://www.spafajournal.org/index.php/spafa1991journal/article/viewFile/266/261
Timba-con que sacan agua de pozo/with which they draw water from the well.
Pingan (pinggan)-plato, ordinario, en que se come/ordinary plate, with which food is eaten.
Casiyanan (kasiyanan)-plato ordinario o mediano/regular or medium sized plate.
Lombo (lumbo)-hingote medio coco para beber agua en lugar de jarro/half coconut used for drinking water instead of a jar.
Hongot (hungot ???)-hingote medio coco para caldo o pescado, en lugar de plato/half coconut used for eating broth or fish instead of a plate.
Dinolang (dinulang), talambo- plato grande para lavar las manos/large plate for washing hands.
Panlocar (panglukad)-el instrument para rebana/instrument used to scrape (the inside of coconut to get the meat out)
Sala-parrilla que hacen de unas canas, para asar carne o pescado. Y si son de hierro de llaman salang bacal/grill made of bamboo pegs (lit. trans. “nail”), to grill meat or fish. And if made of iron, they are called salang bacal (salang bakal).
Note: Obviously today’s meaning of ‘salang’ or ‘isalang’ generally means ‘to heat up with fire’ ‘to put anything on fire for the purpose of cooking’.
Paghahaponan (panghahapunan)-cenador, hogar o mesa, donde se cena. mal cenador teneis/Gazebo, hearth or table, where you dine.
Dolang (dulang), latoc (latok)-donde comen los naturales/where the natives eat ie “the natives’ table”.
Note: Ancient Filipinos did not use modern ‘tables’, now called ‘lamesa’ ‘la mesa’ 'the table', that are as high as the hip level ie European type of table. The tables of ancient Filipinos were low, ankle to calf high tables similar to other Asian peoples (like the Japanese and most native tables from SEAsia). Filipinos generally squatted or sometimes sat cross legged to eat on the floor. Outside of the houses, they also had benches that were raised knee high, rectangular or square, that where they sat on and used to eat or for other tasks including relaxing and sleeping. Many of these were still commonly used until the end of American era to independence, when peasantry started copying Western urban standards throughout the islands.
Eg. Lozano’s ‘Family eating in a carinderia’, a family eating at a local restaurant around a dulang (native low table) circa mid-19th c. https://www.mutualart.com/Artwork/A-Filipino-family-eating-in-a-carinderia/207BCAB53DA199CA
Another Lozano’s watercolor, of an older lady relaxing on a native knee high bamboo table bench (mid-19th c.) https://www.christies.com/img/LotImages/2017/CKS/2017_CKS_14237_0152_001(jose_honorato_lozano_tipos_del_pais_-_three_studies_of_filipinos043827).jpg.jpg)
Asuncion’s painting of lady making buyo on a native bench circa 19th c. https://64.media.tumblr.com/a77df8cb58bf9da0e0ce626b95fb3700/tumblr_o2gu55cBdD1rsqusgo7_500.jpg
Sasa-con que cubren las casas en algunas paries; y tambien sacan vino de ella/nipa plant that they use to cover their houses in some parts, they also make wine with it ie palm wine.
Tuquil (tukil)-en que recogen el licor, que destila de las palmas, de que hacen el vino/in which they collect the sap, then distilled from the palms to make wine.
Note: A small bamboo container, wherein the sap from the coconut or nipa flows into when harvesting. This sap then ferments into tuba (coconut and nipa/buri wine, toddy), and if distilled further, into lambanog (coconut brandy). In Kapampangan, turil and tukil means ‘clitoris’ because these things resemble a bird’s beak or a tiny tube sticking out of a larger one. LOL. Also called ‘bumbong’, from which the town of Paombong, Bulacan got its name from and the vinegar made from the wine making process its known for (sukang paombong/Paombong vinegar).
Tuguisan (tugisan)-en este, que es grande echan el licor de las palmas, que ha destilado en el tuquil. sale de tiguis, que es recoger la tuba/In this one, which is large, they pour the liquor from the palms, which has been distilled in the tukil.
Sandoc (sandok)-cuchara grande para sacar morisqueta/large spoon ie ladle sued to scoop out rice.
Soro (suro), siloc (silok)-cuchara para comer. Sorong lagang, cuchara de nacaspoon for eating... 'sorong lagang' spoon made from mother of pearls. Eg. Soroin mo yaring binga. "Scoop out this snail"
Taquip (takip)-tapadera cualquiera cosa/to cover anything.
Tongtong-tapadera de olla...o contaro/lid for pots or pitchers. Eg. Tongtong sa palioc. “Pot lid.”
Soclob/taclob/saclob (suklob, taklob, saklob)-tapadera de olla o tinaja/tops/lids for pots or jars.
Balongquit (balongkit)-tapar la boca de alguna vasija con unas cañuelas atravesadas/to cover the opening of a vessel with reeds across (the opening).
Pacao (pakaw)-asidero cualquiera cosa que lo tiene como sarten etc./handle of any kind eg skillet, pan etc.
Note: This is the same term for 'pommel' for swords.
Caua (kawa)-caldera no has hay en esta tierra; y asi esta que es caua grande sin asas, sirve de caldera/there are no cauldrons in this land (like there are in Spain), so they use a large boiler without handles they call ‘caua’, and this serves as their boiler.
Catingan (katingan)-olla grande. Eg. Moha ca nang isang catingan. "Bring a big pot".
Paliyoc (palayok)- la ordinaria olla...en los Tingues, palyoc. En Manila, palayoc/ordinary cooking pot. In the mountains, 'palyoc', while in Manila 'palayoc'.
Balanga, ba-nga (banga)-olla de boca grande, en que cuecen pescado o yervas/cooking pot with large opening with which they use to cook fish or herbs.
Note: In this dictionary, there are a lot of Filipinized terms, one of commonly used was ‘laoya’ ie ‘la olla ‘the pot’. Same way modern pinoys use 'lamesa' as if one word.
Anglit-ollita/small pot.
Note: I think it's derived from ‘ang maliit’ ‘the tiny one’
Cauali (kawali)-Sarten o cazo...cazo de china, grande o pequeno /skillet or saucepan...Chinese saucepan big or small.
Note: Chinese saucepan = wok/resembling a wok(???)
Carahay (karahay), talayasi, cauali (kawali)-o sarten; mediano y tiene dos asas; pequeno, y sirve en esta tierra lo que el cazo en Espana/karahay or skillet; talayasi is the medium one with two handles; cauali is the smallest one and is like the saucepan in Spain.
Souic (suwik???)-salsera para echar la salsa/sauce boat used to pour the sauce.
Note: I translated ‘salsera’ as ‘sauce boat’ (ie ‘gravy boat’ in American English) ie resembles a low, beaker, almost a small kettle because that’s the most modern equivalent, but I’m not sure what ‘sauce plates’ looked like in medieval Europe. It likely looked like low bowls.
Salan-tinajon que tienen algunos a la puerta con agua para lavarse los pies. es como media tinaja; y la boca muy ancha. y de estos aunque pequenos usan para lavar la carne en las cosinas. y aunque los llaman paso no es vocablo tagalo/jars that some have at the door with water to wash their feet. It is like half a jar; and (therefore have) a very wide mouth. These, although small, are used to wash meat in kitchens. And though they call them ‘paso’ it is not a Tagalog word.
Note: Majority of Filipinos, esp. the peasantry, did not generally use footwear ie slippers or chinelas until quiet recently. I know this from comparison of pictures/drawings as well as pictures taken during these time periods (if you don't believe me, examine old photos and videos). For the more Westernized parts of the PH close to Manila around 1910-1920's, the general peasantry adopted chinelas and shoes only around 1950's, but many parts of PH countryside did not wear footwear until 1960-1970's. Many often still go barefoot today when doing fieldwork. Regardless, the traditional Filipino house had had a small bucket of water near entrance with a tabo, that's why entrance usually looked like an elevated terrace. They used this to wash feet to prevent soiled feet dirtying the house. Nowadays, with pinoys using chinelas, they simply leave the footwear outside. The description by deloSantos is quiet accurate, it looks like a jar cut in half. A picture example: https://www.123rf.com/photo_39584487_it-s-a-tradition-in-the-philippines-to-wash-one-s-feet-before-entering-a-house-this-is-to-ensure-tha.html
Bobog na inuman (bubog na inuman)-copa o vidrio para bebecup or drinking glass.
Note: Bubog today means glass splinters/broken pieces of glass, but it traditionally meant ‘glass’ as per this dictionary as well.
Cayo (kayo)- manta blanca de que hacen servilletas. las hay tambien azules y negras, pero las mejors son las de Lanquin/white cloth from which they make napkins. There are also blue and black, but the best are those of Lanquin.
Note: ‘Lanquin’ I think is the old term for ‘Nanjing’, likely fine silken cloths ie ‘blankets’. It was very big luxury product sold in 17th c. Pacific trade. Cayo is mentioned many times meaning ‘blankets’.
Asohan (asuhan)-chimenea por donde sale el humo/chimney where the smoke comes out.
Note: another entry ‘singauan’ (singawan) vent for vapor in regards to fermenting vats of liquor.
Panhiip (pang ihip)-con que sopla el fuego/tube with which they use to blow air into fire (to make it stronger).
Pan-ipip (pang hip-hip)-instrumento para chupastraw (lit. Sp. trans. instrument for sucking)
Tatagan-a los canutillos conque beben el vino en sus fiestas/little (bamboo) tubes they use to drink in their festivals.
Note: In other 16th c. Spanish accounts, the straw used was a ‘canuto’ ‘tiny cane’ ie ‘buho’ or Schizostachyum lumampao, a specie of small bamboo, used as a straw for drinking but also for throwing spears on ship to ship combat, for shamanic rituals (blowing bubbles to heal the sick), making mats and for cooking (putting food like rice inside before putting on fire). The term is used in Pigafetta’s account ‘...they drink in those jars through small reeds’. Per WH Scott (Barangay), in the Visayas (obviously in the Tagalog region as well), ancient folks would drink together with one jar of alcohol using straws, passing drink around or have each their own straws. I also recount an account in Luzon in the mid to late 19th of Tagalog brigands having inuman using straws.
This is an example of 'shamanic ritual' of blowing bubbles using a straw (today called 'bulo-bulo') and then spitting out the 'impurities' that comes in form of stones (which the Spanish rightly noticed were swallowed even before ritual). This tradition had been mentioned by Spanish priests (who often ridiculed the natives for doing, saying it was a trick of a devil). It's in at least 3-4 accounts, and was done in most parts of Visayas, probably even Luzon (but now seems only done in Siquijor) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOsYtS-Dt0U
Sulutan-canastillo para levantar o guardar el recado de la mesa/basket used to carry or secure materials (that are used for...) the table.
Tagayan-vaso/drinking vessel ie “glass”
Saro-jarro para bebejar used for drinking
Ynuman (inuman), tagayan-taza para vino/wine cup.
Mangcoc (mangkok )-taza grande como la que usamos en el refectorio/large drinking cup, like that used in communion.
Note: It is a large bowl in modern Tagalog.
Tabo-sacar agua vino etc. de tinaja con el instrumento llamado asi/Draw water or wine etc. from jar with the instrument called thus. Eg. Tungmabo aco nang alac. “(I) Drew wine”.
Note: In the entry it says ‘Manabo...de oficio como hacen los que dan a beber en las fiestas.’ ‘Manabo (ie mananabo)...the person whose trade/job it is to give drinks at their festival’. Not sure if it's a job (ie wine peddler) or a voluntary position (tasked to hand out drinks).
Tabo-avenecia con que sacan algun lico de basija. es un canuto corto de cana con un palo atravesado en la boca, y por alli le hacen/to take out some liquor from the vessel. It is a short rod of cane with a stick pierced in the mouth, which they make over there.
Baysoc (baisok ???)-avenencia de cana para sacar cosa de licor de alguna basija chupando por una canuela/to get liquor stuff out of the vessel sucking on a tube.
Pangadlo (pangatlo ???)-avenecia instrumento acucharado para sacar alguna cosa de licor, aunque esta elado, como manteca/a spoon like instrument used to get something out of liquor, as if it was thick/frozen, like butter.
Note: Not sure what this is...
Bogsog (buslo ???)-canasta en que echan arroz y otras cosas/basket in which they put rice and other things. Eg. Sang bogsoc na isda. “A basketful of fish.”
Baliuasan-cana de pescafishing pole.
Note: There are at least 5 different fish hooks listed, 3 for fishes of different size and methods eg hand lining and 2 for even larger catch like crocodiles. Probably different kinds of fishing poles as well, but this is the only one I found.
Salacoban (salakubang)-esquero donde se guarda el recado para sacar fuego/pouch where the materials used to create fire is kept.
Note: From an online dictionary: ‘salakuban, a wooden jar, or other container, with a cover, attached to the belt (used mostly by fishermen).’
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2020.11.24 05:50 JohnTavnersGhost Prediction: The DC HBO Max show Peacemaker co-starring Chris Conrad aka Dennis McClaren will be the superhero reimagining of Patriot.

Hey. Heeeeey. How are you feeling about your engineering in a pandemic? Are you all enjoying the podcast as much as I am? Well strap down your phaset gauges and diregulate your cronesfeld latimores four and a half girdle plinths and get with 2020 hey? Follow me guy as we take a walk from a supposed A to a prediction B.
Patriot and mainstream superhero shows. Can we couple them? You bet. Wanna know how? You take the ghost of Victor-Toombs and you insert it into the halfshaft intervalve of your previous Reddit account, being sure to remember to divide the supple length of the arch reacting chamber by the visible length of one man's ego in doing this.
DC Comics flanged their difribulation module a full 17% in trying to recreate the patented Marvel formula, and as we all saw, it was about as successful as trying to get a bag of cash from Milwaukee to Iran.
Then DC's tides changed like a tugboat captain's strong will. The movie Shazam whilst successful, reminded this cinematic structural analysis engineer to summise that this supposed delitactional frirambosinal 'kids movie' was nothing more than an intellectual reimagining of the 80's Tom Hanks movie Big. Hey. Take a second. Think on that. Taking one thing, and reimagining it. Yeah. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight on through.
Joker. Hey. A well acted trifrangulous sequadract reimagining of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. A formula begins to manifest. The reimagining of previous things.
Hey. Walk me through it. You've got 2016 Suicide Squad and 14 metric tons of bad reviews barreling down the line. What do you do? You don't carry on down that path because you'll crack every girdle-jerry in the manifold and blow your Hammond weld, as well you know.
You get a filmmaker who knows his piping. Someone who has made succesful movies for the competition, someone who could get that goddamn Denon deal done. I'm talking about James Gunn, Marvel movie maker and open Patriot fan who has just ramsetted his flow trasks by casting Chris Conrad AKA Dennis McClaren in his HBO Max show Peacemaker.
But let's take one step back. James Gunn is also working right now on the reboot of Suicide Squad which he himself has said is basically an homage to The Dirty Dozen.
Hey, let's dig a little deeper yeah? The DC comics character Peacemaker believes in 'justice no matter how many people he has to kill'. This superhero character believes in what he's doing so much, that he's prepared to kill as many people as it takes to get from A to B, to and fro. It stars John Cena who's physical piping is in order, but his best efforts on piping jargon have been in the comedy area such as the Amy Schumer movie Trainwreck.
So what are we talking about here guy? Hey, let's dig one more spurve plinth deeper into this mother yeah? Alright.
I have every reason to believe that this new HBO Max show Peacemaker will be the superhero homage to Patriot minus the ptsd/depression part, at least not as poignantly. It's being made by an admitted fan of Patriot, on the back of previous DC works recreating/nodding to other works at the same time that he's rejousting his bampf columns with a Dirty Dozen reimagining, and add to that the choice casting of Chris Conrad as supporting cast. The sum of this equations parts could equal something familiar to what we know. Everything in Peacemaker's mission will go wrong to dark comedic and brutally violent effect (its HBO Max), it will get worse and worse, his version of Dennis will be right there with him.
And so we end this foray into Claretism from this humble engineer of words. I wish you all well and hope this late night journey into what could happen with a DC TV show if they bury down their Hampton addressment slats by four degrees has been a worthwhile read, am I right? Hey. Keep the home fires burning friends. This is gonna be so so right one day, or so so wrong. Either way this was pretty good.
Tl;Dr Throwing out a wild prediction that the upcoming HBO Max show Peacemaker will be a superhero homage/recreation of Patriot.
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2020.11.23 20:45 MammothCaptain9 Fantasy Mania Challenge 0 (Story 2)

If you don't know, Fantasy Mania is a group of fantasy bookers who pick few topics to fantasy book from past or future and put it on a poll in the community. The winning topic is then booked by all the bookers in the group a judge picks the best bookers and post their booking in the group if you guys want to become a part of weekly challenges private message me.
Also don't forget to vote for Challenge 1 topic
Rebooking Wrestlemania 32
Pre Show -
Just a panel. Nothing much to say apart from who was there. Renee Young, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, Booker T & Lita made up the team.
Main Show -
American national anthem and all that, Fifth Harmony did it, so yeah.
Kicking off the show properly is the ladder match for the Intercontinental Title. Kevin Owens defending against Zack Ryder, Goldust, Stardust, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler & The Miz. IRL it was Sin Cara who competed in this match but I swapped him out for Goldust because Stardust is in this match, it's just nice, isn't it? Anyway, Sami Zayn kicks Kevin Owens off the ladder to win the Intercontinental Title and open Wrestlemania in a feel good way with a babyface win.
We then hold the Hall of Fame presentation with all the Hall of Famers coming out to the stage.
Then we move on to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which is won by Baron Corbin, just like what actually happened, which was a good way to debut Corbin, from there he can challenge for a singles title, which I'll elaborate on later. There's the whole Big Show & Shaq stuff, their match should happen at Mania 33 whenever Strowman is built up enough to just kill them both.
Up next is Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt, they were going that way but abandoned it because of a back injury that Bray suffered. Wyatt can't wrestle so this is more of an angle, Bray, Erick & Braun attack Lesnar before the bell and take turns beating him up until John Cena & The Rock come to his aid and run the Wyatt Family off.
Then we have Kalisto defending his United States Title against Ryback to end that feud once and for all, Kalisto retains and Ryback leaves the company, but there's another change here apart from it being on the main show and that's Baron Corbin attacking Kalisto after the match, setting up the first match for Payback, Kalisto defending against Corbin. Corbin would then win the US Title there and start a nice reign probably going into the summer.
The 5th match is AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho, and obviously AJ Styles wins. It's his first Wrestlemania, just give him the win... The match goes on for quite a long time after whatever Kalisto vs. Ryback will be to pump the crowd up for the next few matches
After that we have the triple threat match for the Women's Title, Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch. Lita presents the new Women's Title. Sasha submits Charlotte after miscommunication between her and her father. Charlotte berates Ric and leaves him crying, instead of randomly turning on him on Raw. Sasha celebrates with Snoop Dogg.
Up next we have The New Day defending the Tag Team Titles against The League of Nations, The Dudley Boyz & The Usos. First of all - Fuck Del Rio and second of all Barrett is leaving soon, so it's Sheamus & Rusev for The League and because it's a ladder match, New Day are represented by the smaller and quicker, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods, and of course, New Day retain the titles to keep their record setting reign in intact and hopefully they won't lose it to The Bar after they already beat them before, that was weird.
The semi main event pits The Undertaker against Roman Reigns. Roman fails to retain his title during the Royal Rumble which is still won by Triple H, he fights Dean Ambrose & Brock Lesnar at Fastlane for the Wrestlemania shot but loses to Ambrose, Lesnar gets taken out and carried away by the Wyatt's, he then turns on Ambrose and absolutely brutalizes him. Reigns goes on a tear leading up to Wrestlemania which Undertaker notices and wants to stop it before it gets too out of hand and puts his career on the line if he can't. Roman Reigns cheats to retire Undertaker in Dallas and becomes the biggest heel in the company and probably the business.
In our main event, WWE Champion Triple H defends against Dean Ambrose in a No Holds Barred match, Hunter beats up Ambrose with everything he can but gets thwarted by Ambrose at every turn. Eventually, Hunter succumbs to Dirty Deeds on a barbed wire wrapped steel chair and Dean Ambrose closes Wrestlemania 32 as the WWE Champion.
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🤣🤣🤣 thats exactly the same inJWs some are inactive and only comes for that occasion to show respect to their families pretty much.
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Wow very different to theJWs. JWs is once per year on the 14 Nisan Jewish calender on sundown
I haven't been to the last 2 years but not everyone gets their own it gets passed around but because of Covid i need to find put whats the latest.
Only the chosen annointed ones gets to partake of the emblems which are meant to be the 144000 in total since the annointment of the first crisitians in the Pentecost. Every yearJWs have more and more partakers, the leaders got too worried that the number will eventually pass the 144000 they started saying kn their announcements that some.of fhe current partakers are not mentally stable so the real number is unknown 🤣🤣🤣
Every other JW that is not annointed has to reject the emblems some exjws considers that like rejecting Jesus and is like a satanic ritual.
The emblems are unfermented wine and bread.
Thanks @rauffenburg for ur information
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InterestingJWs has a different believes on that.
The wine and bread are symbolic items not like the catholics that believes they transformed into actual blood and body of Christ as that will mean cannibalism and drinking blood as thats according to their teaching prohibited acts from the Bible.
Sins according to theJWs are not forgiving till you died as they teach death wipes sin away.
Thats JW believes on that in a nut shell
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2020.11.22 19:08 Hadou_Jericho WreslteMania 30: The BEST rollercoaster ride of any Mania.

While doing a rewatch of Mania 30, after being a fan since I was 16 in 1995, after watching 8-10 promotions all over the world, this show encapsulates everything right with wrestling.
The Streak Shock: Fans had taken for granted that Taker’s streak. Taker has a match at Mania. Taker beats whoever it is. If he did lose it “had better be a young guy/my favorite guy/only the way I have dreamed”. It was just a given and if it were to end “smart fans” would know it a mile away. The shock of that moment is near perfectly reacted to by everyone. There was no air left, no smiles, boos, silence and dismay, wrestling had just pulled the best trick on the book and nobody would forget it.
American Dragon Necktie Guy: All the way from 2001 in MCW, NJPW, & ROH to when he seriously debuted in the WWE in 2009 Bryan was on the top of his game. No real single person of the size and shape of Bryan has even had a pair of moments like he did at WM30!
Had it not been for Punk leaving we would have never got this moment probably ever. But when they looked around for the next character that connected with fans (who wasn’t Cena), only Bryan was the logical choice. Bryan got “got over” with casual fans (and of course hardcore fans) BECAUSE he was just a regular looking guy. A guy who doesn’t look like anyone else or wrestle with heart in the way he does (like Rey JR) was connecting.
Say what you want about the story telling of Cole on commentary and how they painted him as a guy who wasn’t “xyz” like other guys, but all those things forced fans (as planned) to actually give a shit about a wrestler. Enough to cheer for them, voraciously. To actually get emotionally attached enough to not be able to split belief from narrative manipulation. To even push Bryan’s influence outside the wrestling.
If you haven’t been a fan long of wrestling or been a fan as teenager, just imagine watching you favorite player or entertainment persona working their way from high school levers ability and presentation to being the 2nd and last matches, on the biggest and most influential stage in wrestling on the planet and beating the main villains of the show in one night, to win the titles.
From shock and dismay to elation and victory Mania 30 is the best wrestling has to off when it comes to emotional attachment and payoff.
Is there something that resonates more for you in one event?
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2020.11.22 15:31 bestevr4 What If Eddie Guerrero Never tragically passed away in 2005: Part 3

After losing to Jeff Hardy, Eddie Guerrero decides that he has nothing left he wants to achieve in WWE and does not resign when his contract is up.
January 4 2010 Impact
TNA Heavyweight Championship:Aj Styles def, Kurt Angle (c)
AJ and Angle embrace in the ring, and now Hogan is out. “Those are the two greatest wrestlers in this business today”. He puts both men over but gets interrupted by security to tell him someone new is in the building. A hooded man attacks Aj Styles! He takes his hood of AND IT’S EDDIE GUERRERO! Eddie beats down Styles until Hogan has to pull him off.
Genesis 2010
TNA Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles vs Eddie Guerrero
They lock up with fire and break in the ropes. Eddie gets a top wristlock, AJ reverses to a hammerlock and Eddie goes to the ropes. Eddie with the single leg takedown, AJ kicks him off. AJ goes to the arm, Eddie gets a headlock takedown. AJ to his feet and pushes Eddie off but gets run over by a shoulder block. Again they run the ropes and AJ takes Eddie down this time. Eddie tries the German but AJ lands on his feet. They exchange arm drags and counters and they stand and face off. They work a knuckle lock and Eddie makes it to the ropes. Rear chinlock applied now by AJ. Eddie gets to his feet and AJ goes to work on the back of the neck with elbows. Backbreaker by AJ gets 2 and he goes back to the chinlock. Eddie is up again and he breaks free, but is caught with an elbow sending him to the floor. AJ charges and wants to fly but Eddie moves and AJ catches himself on the apron. Eddie trips him and takes him to the apron hard! Eddie rolls him back in and gets 2. Snap suplex by Eddie gets 2. Snap mare and a waistlock applied by Eddie. AJ gets to his feet and elbows out, he hits the ropes and runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Eddie picks AJ up in a double leg and drives him to the corner. European uppercuts in the corner now by Eddie, he gets a pair of 2 counts. Scoop slam by Eddie who then locks in a body scissors. AJ breaks the hold but Eddie has a chinlock. AJ fights out and hits a series of clotheslines followed by a stiff boot. AJ tries a clothesline but Eddie blocks, pivots and hits a German! Stomping by Eddie and a backbreaker gets 2. Half camel clutch applied by Eddie, AJ is able to twist into it and make it a chinlock. AJ fights out with rights, Eddie ducks a clothesline and they collide mid-air as both go for crossbodies. Flair is out as both men get to their feet. Eddie and AJ exchange shots, Eddie charges and AJ lifts him to the apron then knocks him to the floor with a hard forearm. AJ FLIES… he lands on Eddie’s back! Eddie seems to have hurt his knee. Back inside, AJ charges into a boot but gets the neckbreaker across the knee. Springboard forearm! 1…2…no. AJ tries the Styles Clash but Eddie counters with the back body drop. 3 Amigos are countered to an arm drag, AJ tries a German but Eddie switches and hits a release German for 2. 3 amigos countered again, PELE! 1…2…2..NO! Aj goes for the Styles Clash again, Eddie runs AJ back into the corner and drives shoulders into AJ’s midsection. A HUGE clothesline by Eddie gets 2. Eddie tries the Camel Clutch but can’t lock it in before AJ kicks him off. Clothesline by AJ and both men are down. AJ mounts the turnbuckles and punches away at Eddie, Eddie slips away and AJ tries the moonsault DDT. Eddie moves, locks the hands and suplexes AJ into the turnbuckles. Eddie perches AJ on the top rope but AJ gets a rana! Styles wants the springboard 450…MISSES! 3 Amigos! 1…2…2...KICKOUT! Eddie is going up top for the Frog Splash but he misses, AJ tries the Styles Clash, he gets one leg over but Eddie picks it and locks in the Camel Clutch! AJ rolls through and kicks Eddie off, then hits a slingshot crossbody for 2. AJ puts Eddie on the second rope then goes to the apron…super Styles Clash? Eddie escapes, AJ comes off the top…CAUGHT! Eddie has him in position for an elevated crab…STYLES CLASH BY EDDIE! 1…2…no! 3 Amigos…countered! DDT! Eddie charges and gets nothing but post…Angle Slam by AJ! 1…2…2....KICKOUT! AJ goes up top and Eddie is not moving…or is he? He runs up the ropes! SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! 1…2…2...KICKOUT!!!!! Eddie gets in the Camel Clutch! AJ goes for the ropes but Eddie drags him back! AJ tries to kick free but Eddie hangs on! Eddie grapevines the leg! AJ wants to tap, he won’t do it! FLAIR PULLS HEBNER OUT! AJ taps and Eddie releases the hold, then sees what has happened and chases Flair!!! Flair goes into the ring, Eddie follows and gets nailed by AJ! Flair gets the title belt and slides it in for AJ! He thinks about it…NAILS Eddie! No ref! Flair rolls Hebner in! 1…2…3!!!
Build to Against all Odds 2010
Instead of doing the last shot with Kurt Angle at Genesis we get it at against All Odds so Eddie faces Samoa Joe .
Against All Odds 2010
Eddie Guerrero vs Samoa Joe
Eddie bails to the floor quickly to avoid a corner beatdown. He comes back in and gets a headlock on Joe. Eddie is pushed off and runs into a shoulder tackle. He tries again and bounces off. He makes as if to go for it a third time then just nails a right hand. Headlock applied again, Joe again pushes him off and decapitates him with a shoulder. Jabs in the corner, a whip and the Seton, followed by the enziguri! Whip and a running high knee by Joe get 2. Eddie mounts a brief comeback but eats a flying knee strike for 2. Knife edge by Joe, a round kick and then some leg kicks by Joe. He goes to the well one too many times and Eddie gets the dragon screw. Right away Eddie pounces on the injury. Snap mare and a kick to the back by Eddie, then he stamps on the knee some more. He tries the figure four but gets kicked in the arse and out of the ring. JOE-PE SUICIDAAAAAAAA!! Eddie lures Joe into the ring and out the other side, then takes it to Joe on the floor. Eddie rips up the padding on the floor and tries a suplex on the concrete. Joe blocks and tries it himself, Eddie slides out the back. Joe ducks a clothesline and hits a chop. Joe slides back in but eats a basement dropkick. Eddie locks in a rear chinlock, Joe is able to get to his feet but EATS a gorgeous dropkick 1…2…no. Eddie gets a couple of chops in the corner, Joe reverses and hits a pair, then Eddie goes to the eyes and hits a few more. Eddie puts Joe on the top rope, goes up with him and tries a rana from the top…Joe holds on! Top rope kneestrike!!! 1…2…no! Jabs and a chop in the corner, Eddie reverses a whip and charges but gets caught with the uranage! Joe charges into a pair of feet, Eddie mounts him and lays in the punches. Back to the leg goes Eddie. Bridging Indian Deathlock applied, Joe elbows out but ends up in a figure four. Eddie charges and Joe lifts him up and over the top and Eddie hits the mats HARD on the outside. Eddie rolls back in and gets taken down with a series of clotheslines. Inverted atomic, big boot, back senton gets 2. Snap powerslam! 1…2…2...KICKOUT! More jabs and chops by Joe, he tries to lift a charging Eddie to the floor again but Styles lands on the apron. Springboard forearm! Joe comes back with some slaps but runs into an elbow…moonsault inverted DDT! 1…2…no!! Eddie wants the 3 amigos…reversed! Kokina Klutch locked in! SLEEPERPLEX! Joe tries the muscle buster…connects! One...Two...Three!
Build to: Death Before Dishonor X: State of Emergency
After losing to Joe, Eddie Guerrero sets his sights at ROH and specifically ROH champion, Kevin Steen. Before he can do that he needs to face El Generico in a Number 1 contenders match.
Build to: Death Before Dishonor X: State of Emergency
Generico gets some momentum behind Eddie and backflips off the top rope over Eddie, landing on his feet, and gets a couple arm drags sending Eddie to the floor. Baseball slide through the ropes and Generico is pursuing Eddie on the floor. Whip into the barricade! Eddie flips off Generico and EG gets a big chop to the chest. The ref’s count is at 17. Eddie breaks the count. Eddie whips Generico into the barricade, but he jumps up and moonsaults off it! Ole….ole ole ole… ole…..ole!! Indeed New York. He gives in as Eddie makes his way to his feet. Generico gets mounted punches in the corner, but Eddie pushes him off and they’re both down after a clothesline from Eddie. Eddie is up first and punches the supine luchador repeatedly. Choke with a boot. Choke across the second rope. Eddie runs across the ring and hits Generico with his thigh. Drop toe hold from the Eddie sends Generico into the middle rope. Knee to the masked man. Guillotine on the apron. Eddie is on the apron and teases a 450 but instead just chokes Generico with his shin. Crowd boos and Eddie starts his own “I still got it” chant that the crowd Sunset flip by Generico! 1…2…no! Eddie takes back the advantage and gets some headscissor chokes in the ropes on El Generico, breaking before 5 each time. Eddie taunts and then pins for 2. Chinlock from Eddie. Generico works his way up to his feet but Eddie knocks him back down. Cobra clutch from Eddie and Generico is out. He runs into a powerslam into a body slam. Arabian press from gets 2. Hard chops by Eddie in the corner. Generico starts to fight back, but is thwarted for his efforts. Whip to Generico into the corner and he EXPLODES out with some clotheslines! Generico chucks Eddie and he’s sent over the top to the floor. Flipping senton over the top rope to the floor!! OLE! Back in the ring. HUGE top rope cross body from EG!! 1….2…no! Crowd is applauding Generico on! He goes for a back suplex and Eddie fights out. Generico pulls him BACK in and gets the Blue Thunder Powerbomb!! 1…2…no! Generico wants the half Nelson suplex but Eddie gets a downward spiral and the KOJI CLUTCH is locked in! Crowd cheering EG on…and he gets his foot on the rope! Eddie is forced to break. Chinbreaker from Eddie and he wants 3 Amigos…and Generico backdrops him over! Eddie is able to roll him up though! 1….2…Generico gets the shoulder up!! Generico uses Eddies tights to pull himself up and take a forearm to the face. Another one. He blocks the third and connects with a right! They trade shots! Boo! Yay! Boo! Yay! Yay! Yay! Boo! Boo! Boo! Series of counters and Generico eats a palm strike. Eddie eats a big boot! Generico wants a Brainbuster but Eddie powers into the corner!! YAKUZA KICK FROM EG!! BRAINBUSTER! 1…2….THR-NO!! Ole chants!! Generico puts Eddie in the Tree of Woe and heads to the adjacent corner! FLIPPING COAST TO COAST! 1….2….3!!!Eddie had his arms on the rope! They’re on the apron now and Generico wants a BBuster! Eddie rakes the eyes though and tosses Generico into a ring crew guy AND the barricade! Eddie gets a vertical suplex on the floor! Generico is back in! Eddie yells at him that he should have stayed on the floor. BIG overhand chop from EG. Release uranage from Eddie and he signals for the Frog Splash. He goes for it and Generico gets the boot up!! YAKUZA KICK! He sets him up top…BRAINBUSTER FROM GENERICO ONE...TWO...THREE!!!
It’s a short run and Eddie does not have many things to accomplish so he returns to the WWE for one last run there.
Royal Rumble Match 2012
Miz is first and gets his own bubble letter “AWESOME!” entrance. He gets the stick and cuts a promo about how everyone has been making fun of him all day for “earning” the number 1 spot. He says he’s proved everyone wrong at every turn. He will be the last man standing because he’s awesome. Alex Riley is second so it’s mentor, mentee to get us going.
They slug it out to start and Riley wins that one and takes down Miz with a clothesline. Cole wants to talk strategy with King and Book and both surprisingly admit the obvious: you just want to survive because you can’t win it early but you can definitely lose it. Miz blocks a toss and boots A-Ry down. Booker: “HOPEFULLY MIZ HAS SOME GINSENG IN HIS RAW JELLY BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE A LONG NIGHT, DAWG!” Miz tries to toss but Riley reverses. Miz hangs on and lowers the bridge and a charging Riley is out. Miz bows and waves bye to his former protege.
Alex Riley is eliminated
EDDIE GUERRERO IS NUMBER 3!!! He takes down Miz but runs into a back elbow. He hits Miz with a leg lariat. Eddie tries to toss him but Miz hangs on. Eddie avoids the SCF. Eddie wants the Flatliner but Miz avoids. Eddie hits a german into a Stunner and almost drops Miz. Finally, he switches to a powerslam. Cody Rhodes is out next. Eddie with a low blow on Miz but Cody with a springboard gamengiri and a gourdbuster to break that up. Cody and Miz team up on Eddie as Lawler is disgusted. Cody with a low blow on Eddie. Eddie tries to toss him but Cody hangs on. Miz hits his neckbreaker combo as Justin Gabriel is. He hits a splash on everyone then a Blue Thunder Bomb on Cody. Justin with an STO on Eddie but Cody ends his flurry. Cody and Justin pair off as do Miz and Eddie. Primo is next. He has some kicks and chops and an up and over rana out of the corner. Cactus Jack is next to a big pop. He tosses Primo.
Primo is eliminated
Cody jumps Foley and that doesn’t work out well for him. Foley with the Double Arm DDT. The next wrestler is Alberto Del Rio, apparently. It’s his music anyway and his honking car horn. BUT WAIT! It’s RICARDO RODRIGUEZ! And he’s in no luxury car either. Booker: “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? He got a Dotson 280 ZX? That’s worth about $600.” OH YES! THIS IS AWESOME! Cole: “Is that Ricardo?” King: “I don’t know but his back window is a hefty bag.” Ricardo is such an incredible performer. He gets over more with no mic time and no ring time than 3⁄4 of the roster. Foley and Gabriel look on bemusedly as Ricardo goes for Cody. Ricardo wants to make peace with Eddie and he agrees. Eddie tells him to go for Gabriel. Gabriel dropkicks him but Ricardo fights back with kicks. And then he and Eddie team up to TOSS GABRIEL!
Justin Gabriel is eliminated
THE CELEBRATION IS ON! He goes to the boyhood dream celebration as Santino is next. Ricardo Hulks up and wants Santino. He avoids the Cobra but eats a backdrop and an atomic drop. Santino with the rolling anti-Newtonian rana that sends Ricardo into the turnbuckle. Santino gives him the atomic wedgie and tosses him.
Ricardo Rodriguez is eliminated
Now, it’s Foley and Santino. Foley pulls for Socko and Santino pulls for the Cobra as the place LOSES IT! BOOKER: “IT’S LIKE A GUNFIGHT!” They circle each other.
Epico is next at 10 to end the lovefest. He eats the Cobra and Socko and he’s gone after a few seconds.
Epico is eliminated
Bad times for the Colon family. Miz and Cody recover to break up the battle of gimmicks. Cody tosses Santino to boos.
Santino Marella is eliminated
Foley avoids the SCF and puts the Mandible Claw on Miz. Cody breaks that up and tosses him to boos.
Mick Foley is eliminated
Kofi Kingston is next. Kofi and Eddie team up and Kofi has dropkicks for Miz and Cody. He springboards in with a double clothesline and then a double Boom Drop. He tries to toss Miz but he hangs on. Cody breaks that up with a dropkick. Lawler is next from the announce table as Book and Cole are aghast that he’d sacrifice his journalistic integrity for a shot at WM. Booker: “King, you didn’t tell me you were in it?” Cole: “Oh c’mon, Booker, he’s just taking away a spot from someone on the roster who deserves it.” Cody grabs King and Miz goes for the waffle but King ducks and takes both down. King takes down all of them with rights and dropkicks. King heads up to the second rope and drops the strap for the fist drop to a POP! Eddie breaks up nostalgia and dumps King unceremoniously.
Jerry Lawler is eliminated
Cole won’t let up: “Now, King can come back to the table and do his job. No announcer should EVER enter the Royal Rumble.” Zeke is next. He hits some clotheslines and is fired up. He boots Miz in the corner and generally yells really loudly. Zeke with rights on Cody but doesn’t try to eliminate them anyway. Booker: “Did anyone tell Zeke the rules?” Jinder Mahal is next. Mahal with a neckbreaker on Zeke and boots Kofi around. Never one to let the good name of the US be disgraced, Khali the Punjabi playboy comes out to defend the red, white, and blue. He has brain chops for everyone and tosses Mahal like he’s Daniel Puder or something. Zeke makes a beeline for Khali and that gets him eliminated.
Ezekiel Jackson is eliminated
Khali now chokes Miz as Kofi tries to backdrop Eddie out but he hangs on. Hunico is next. He hits a springboard crossbody on Kofi and a DVD on Miz. Khali brain chops him down and chokes some more. Sure enough, Booker is next at 17. Cole: “NOW YOU?! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” Cody goes straight for Booker but gets taken down by a right hand. Booker now goes for Khali but gets headbutted down. Crowd chants for Book as Khali chokes him in the corner. Khali now overhand chops Cody into next week. Eddie tries to toss Kofi but he hangs on. Miz now dropkicks his feet off the ropes but KOFI HANDSTAND WALKS OVER THE STAIRS! Dolph Ziggler is out next. Dolph pounds down Cody and chokes him. Booker tosses Hunico but only one foot hits the ground. Booker now chops him in the corner and hits the hook kick. Khali with a headbutt on Ziggler. Hacksaw Jim Duggan is out next. Crowd eats that up. He tosses around the heels and clotheslines Hunico down and gives the noggin knocker to Miz and Cody. HOOOOO! He tries a Stinger Splash but Cody avoids and tosses him to more boos.
Jim Duggan is eliminated
Cody now mocks the HOOO chant awesomely. Cody and Dolph team up to dump Book and Khali.
Great Khali is Eliminated
Booker T is eliminated
Cole is number 20 to complete the announce team’s entries. Cole: “YES! YES!” Booker: “WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING?! YOU’RE NOT IN THE RUMBLE!” He’s even wearing his WM singlet under his suit. Cole slides in and says he’s going to Wrestlemania. The returning Kharma is next at 21 and Cole senses something bad coming for him. Booker: “I HOPE SHE EATS HIM LIKE A LITTLE PIECE OF CHICKEN!” She hits a Ho Train on Cole to a pop. Cole begs off and tries to eliminate himself. King and Book pull him off the apron to finish the job. Ziggler is pissed a woman is in it so she gives him the Tiger Driver for his trouble. Hunico leaps at her and he gets tossed as well.
Hunico is eliminated
Dolph sneaks up on her and Kong is out.
Awesome kong is eliminated
Vickie laughs at her misfortune. Sheamus is next at 22. He has CELTIC HAMMERS for all and powerslams. Cole on commentary informs the crew that Booker lasted longest among the three but that he was second and King was the shortest. Sheamus catches Kofi and tosses him out.
Kofi Kingston is eliminated
Eddie rushes up and eliminates Sheamus!
Sheamus is eliminated
Eddie hits a flurry on Cody and then another on Miz. Dolph tries the Zig Zag but Eddie avoids and hits the 3 amigos. Road Dogg Jesse James is next. He goes to the jabs and the shake, rattle, and roll on Miz and Cody. He wants the non-somody version of the Doggystyle pumphandle slam and hits it on Miz. Crowd chants that he’s still got it which is a stretch but a nice gesture. Road Dogg tells Ziggler to suck it as Jey Uso is next. Jey dances and superkicks Miz. Jey with the Samoan Semi on Road Dogg and stomps a hole on Miz. Dolph is hung up in the corner but still not out. Jack Swagger is US champ and 25. He abandons the title at the top of the ramp. Cody with a gourdbuster on Dolph. Wade Barrett is next and he’s wearing a magician’s trenchcoat. He has some right hands for most of the ring but Road Dogg isn’t having that. Well, Wade boots him and tosses him casually.
Road Dogg is eliminated
King: “Oh you didn’t know? Well, it’s time to go.” Dolph with a Rocker Dropper on Jey. David Otunga is next at 27. He throws Cody into the corner and chokes him. Orton is next and he sprints out. He takes down Barrett with a Thesz press and a powerslam. Cody jumps him from behind to stop the RKO build. Orton throws him and Dolph to the apron and he hits the double apron DDT. Orton tosses Jey and hits an RKO on Wade and shitcans him as well.
Jey Uso is eliminated
Wade Barrett is eliminated
Chris Jericho and his glow in the dark jacket are in the ring now. Crowd chants Y2J as Otunga is out.
David Otunga is eliminated
Eddie and Miz at this point are at 40+ minutes.
Big Show is last at 30. Swagger gets thrown out and then shoves an entering Show.
Jack Swagger is eliminated
Show gives him a KO punch. Show clubs down most of the ring with chops and headbutts.
While Miz and Cody are fighting Show, EDDIE ELIMINATES ALL THREE!! Eddie chops the hell out of Ziggler and tosses him as well!
Miz is eliminated
Cody is eliminated
Big Show is eliminated
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated
Final Three: Guerrero, Jericho, and Orton
Jericho sneaks Orton and HE’S gone as well. Crowd pops BIG for that elimination. We’re down to Jericho and Eddie. Eddie takes him down with a back elbow and a shoulderblock. Jericho tries a bulldog but Eddie shoves him away and Jericho almost falls over the top rope. Jericho punches Eddie away and hits a missile dropkick. Jericho throws Eddie over the apron but he hangs on!! Eddie on the apron so Jericho follows up with the springboard dropkick and NOW IT’S OVER—no… Eddie still survives! Jericho tries to boot him away from the bottom rope but Eddie avoids and slingshots back in with a shoulder block. Jericho avoids an elimination and ducks the pump kick. Jericho with a double leg and hooks in the WALLS OF JERICHO! Eddie gets the ropes but that’s irrelevant. Jericho releases anyway and says it’s over. Eddie backdrops him to the apron but Jericho skins the cat to hang on. Jericho sends him back into the turnbuckle and they jockey for position on the top rope. They slug it out and crotch each other but still avoid the floor. Jericho with the Codebreaker out of nowhere. Jericho goes for a cover but it doesn’t matter. Jericho: “GET OUTTA THE RING!” Jericho smacks Eddie a couple times and that seems to wake him up. Jericho again avoids the pump kick. He wants ANOTHER Codebreaker but Eddie catches him! Eddie tries to dump him but Jericho still has his hang on the top rope! EDDIE HITS A CLOTHESLINE TO JERICHO TO ELIMINATE HIM!!
Build to Wrestlemania 28
Eddie says that this is his last match in WWE whether he wins or loses the title. Vince is faced with a dilemma, he can do Cena vs Rock or Eddie vs Punk but ultimately he chooses to give CM Punk the main event of Wrestlemania 28
Wrestlemania 28
Eddie Guerrero vs CM Punk
Both men lock up and Punk takes it to Eddie in the corner. Punk looks for the Macho Man elbow but Eddie bails out of the ring so Punk flies off the top with a clothesline to the floor instead! Eddie clotheslines Punk into the ring from the apron and then suplexes him right out of the ring all the way to the floor off the apron! Back in the ring Eddie slaps on a chinlock and hits a back senton for two. Punk goes to the top but Eddie yanks him back off and Punk’s head snaps back against the mat as if he were a car crash victim. Punk uses some fancy footwork and fires off a swinging neckbreaker, and then manages to fight off a Frog Splash and a Camel Clutch attempt. Punk tries for the Macho elbow but Eddie blocks it and then hits him with the 3 Amigos but Punk rolls out of the ring, Eddie manages to bring him back in but Punk hits him with the GTS out of nowhere. Punk takes too long to cover though and only gets a two from it. Both men trade waist locks until Eddie gives Punk a front suplex over the top rope and then hits a moonsault. Punk looks for a top rope frankensteiner, but Eddie counters into the Camel Clutch position and leaps off the top rope, nearly killing Punk in the process. He applies the hold on the mat for a few moments but Punk gets the rope break. Eddie gets dumped to the floor and Punk takes him out with a tope. Punk springboards back into the ring, but Eddie meets him in mid-air with another facebreaker. Eddie blocks another GTS attempt and transitions right into the Camel Clutch. Punk counters into the Anaconda Vice and Eddie manages to escape into a few roll-up attempts, but Punk just rolls through right back into the Vice all in one fluid motion. Eddie has no choice but to tap out!
Eddie Guerrero goes on to be inducted into the hall of fame by his best friend, Rey Mysterio. Eddie Guerrero is a legend and leaves the company for a couple of years to enjoy his well deserved retirement. He returns to help train new wrestlers in NXT and goes on to stay with the company and enjoy married life with Vickie.
First, Eddie Guerrero obviously never passes away.
The Wrestlemania 22 main event would be Eddie Guerrero vs Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship.
He then moves over to raw to win MITB
He cashes in on Cena
Eddie leaves the company to wrestle AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and El Generico
He would win the Royal Rumble match in 2012 then main events against CM Punk so Punk never quits.
He gets inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013 by Rey Mysterio
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2020.11.22 11:52 bestevr4 What If Eddie Guerrero Never tragically passed away in 2005: Part 2

Build To Summerslam
On the SmackDown, Booker T becomes the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship by eliminating William Regal and Matt Hardy in a Battle Royal. Later that night, Booker and Queen Sharmell attack Eddie backstage, and execute a low blow
“I will beat this peasant (Eddie), and take the World Championship at the Great American Bash. I want it all. I want my entire kingdom to rejoice in my royal splendor. King Booker will soon be King of the world.”
The following week, on SmackDown! Eddie faces off against William Regal, a member of Booker's Court. Booker, who is providing commentary for the match, attempts to interfere and attack Eddie. Eddie is able to fend off Booker and pins Regal for the win. After the match, Eddie hits the 3 Amigos then the Frog Splash
Summerslam 2006
Eddie Guerrero vs Booker T
Booker pushes Eddie as they exchange some trash talk, and Eddie pushes back. They lock up and Booker works a wristlock, but Eddie rolls out and picks Booker’s ankle, but Booker kicks him off. Eddie gets caught in a headlock and pushes Booker off the ropes, but Booker comes back with a shoulder block, then does it again. Eddie gets 2 off a backdrop suplex. He takes Booker down with a headlock takeover and Booker backs him into the corner before he gets some shoulders and a chop. Irish whip and Eddie rolls under a kick and chops Booker down. Side headlock is applied by Eddie again as the crowd chants “Let’s Go Eddie!”. Booker shoots him off the ropes and gets a quick knee to Eddie’s stomach followed by some punches and chops against the ropes. Another chop and Booker gets a kick to the gut to set up a vertical suplex that gets a 2 count. Booker T gets a rear chinlock on Guerrero as the crowd cheers him to get out. Eddie tries to do so with some elbows, but Booker stops him with clubbing blows and gets another near fall with a sidekick. Booker tees off on Guerrero before they trade punches, but Eddie gets the worst of it. Eddie comes back with a one man flapjack, but Booker rolls out of the ring before Guerrero can come off the top with his Frog Splash.
Eddie is in control, elbowing Booker down twice before a scoop slam, then he goes out and comes back in with a rolling hilo over the top for a 2 count. Guerrero puts Booker down with a back suplex, but gets stopped when he climbs the top for the Frog Splash and Booker brings him to the mat with a superplex. That eventually gets a 2 count. He gets another 2 with a back heel kick and comes off the ropes with a delayed knee drop. That achieves another 2 count for Booker, who grabs a wristlock. Eddie gets out and grabs a quick 2, then gets a pair of chops. Booker sends Eddie off the ropes and catches him in a sleeper that puts Guerrero down to his knees. Eddie stands and tries to get out, but Booker stops him with a knee. Eddie ducks a sidekick and regains control with a standing dropkick. Booker low bridges Guerrero on a charge, then goes outside and throws Eddie face first into the steps. That gets a 2 count back in the ring, and they once again trade punches. Booker ducks a punch and gets the Book End, but Guerrero is too close to the ropes and is able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin at a 2 count. Booker goes back to a chinlock, but Eddie fights out again, and this time it’s for real. Eddie gets a jawbreaker and blocks a pair of punches, then gets more to take Booker down. Two more clotheslines do the same, and he gets a dropkick coming off the ropes, but it only gets 2 on Booker. Three Amigos set up the Frog Splash for Eddie, but Booker rolls out of the way and Guerrero crashes down to the mat, meeting nothing but canvas. Booker gets back to his feet via Spin-a-roonie, but Eddie ducks a sidekick that hits referee Nick Patrick, but he’s knocked out, so Booker can’t capitalize quick enough on his Scissors Kick, because Eddie is able to kick out at 2. One more chop by Booker and Eddie pushes him into the ref, then goes down and grabs his knee, but he sneaks up on Booker, but when he turns around Guerrero goes right back down and grabs his knee again. Booker sees Eddie on the titantron, thus allowing him to counter a vertical suplex, rolling up Guerrero with a school boy, and Booker grabs the tights to get the win.
Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero
Build To Survivor Series
After losing his title to King Bookah Eddie sets his sights on US Champion, Chris Benoit. After beating Chavo in a number 1 contenders match it is confirmed.
Survivor Series 2006
Chris Benoit Vs Eddie Guerrero
Long feeling out process to start. Eddie bails to think about things. They trade chops, which goes bad for Eddie so he goes to the eyes. We get dueling chants of “Let’s go Eddie!” and “Let’s go Benoit!”. Benoit counters a headlock to a backdrop suplex. Benoit elbows out of a chinlock. Eddie yanks the ropes, spilling Benoit to the outside. Eddie superplexes him back in. Eddie goes up but misses the Frogsplash. They trade chops again. Benoit clotheslines Eddie down and gets two off a Northern Lights Suplex. He gives Eddie a receipt with a superplex. ROLLING GERMANS! SWANDIVE HEADBUTT! ONE, TWO, TH-NO! Benoit goes for Rolling Germans again, but Eddie counters to a Petersen Roll for two. Benoit counters to a Crippler Crossface for the win!
Eddie Guerrero def. Chris Benoit
Build to Royal Rumble
After yet another loss Eddie teams up with Chavo as they set their sights on Paul London and Brian Kendrick. After they beat Deuce n Domino to become Number 1 contenders the both beat Paul London and Brian Kendrick in singles matches.
Royal Rumble 2007
Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Kendrick and Eddie start off the match, as they tie up and Eddie gets a headlock. He comes out and puts in an arm wringer and sweeps Kendrick down, but he kips up and hits an armdrag on Eddie. The lock up again, and Eddie ducks under and gets a snapmare for 1. Into a hammer lock, but Kendrick gets out with a flying snapmare, then monkey flips Eddie. Eddie tags out to Chavo. They lock up and Kendrick is backed into the corner. Chavo punches him down then brings him out, but Kendrick comes out of an Irish whip with a dropkick and he tags in London. Chavo and London square off and Chavo works in a hammerlock, and London reverses into one of his own. Chavo breaks out with an elbow and whips London into the corner. London blocks a charge with an elbow, then hits a flying crossbody from the second rope for a 2 count. Chavo hits a back suplex, but London holds on with a side headlock. Chavo gets out and whips London off the ropes, but London ducks a spin kick and gets one of his own. Eddie breaks up a 2 count but after a scoop slam to Chavo, London is able to tag in Kendrick. The Kendrick gets a 2 count for Kendrick, and London goes after Chavo, but gets tossed out. London goes for a sunset flip, but Eddie counters and catapults London outside with Kendrick. The challengers are standing alone in the ring.
Back in the ring,, Kendrick is in control of Chavo with some kicks to the leg. He whips Chavo into the corner, but Chavo dodges a charge and Kendrick slams shoulder first into the post. Chavo gets a sidekick to knock Kendrick down, and he tags in Eddie. Chavo hits a vertical suplex and Eddie springboards in with a flipping senton, and that gets 2. Eddie raises Kendrick up on his back with a hammer lock in, but London breaks up the submission hold. Eddie tags Chavo, whips Kendrick into the ropes and ducks down, and Chavo hits him with a spin kick and gets 3 near falls out of it. Chavo chops Kendrick against the ropes, and then punches London off the apron to prevent a tag being made. Eddie is back in and he punches Kendrick down, then picks him up for a back suplex, which gets 2. Another arm lock on Kendrick, but he punches out of it and nails a tornado DDT to turn the tides. Kendrick gets the tag and London comes in with a clothesline and a spin kick for Eddie, but Guerrero hooks the ropes to avoid another one. London gets a northern lights suplex for 2, and a monkey flip out of the corner leads to a dropkick to the face on Guerrero from Kendrick. London knocks Chavo off the apron and gets the 450 Splash for 2 as Chavo breaks up the count. London takes Chavo out of the ring, and Eddie moves away from a Kendrick charge, making Kendrick run shoulder first into the ring post. Tag back out to Chavo, and he keeps control on London. He chops him and punches him in the corner, but London punches out. A clothesline from Chavo blocks a tag to Kendrick, and a pump kick puts down London for 2. Eddie gets another tag in and hits the Three Amigos, but it only gets 2 before Kendrick breaks it up.
Another tag by the challengers, and Chavo kicks London in the ribs and gets a snapmare into a chinlock. London stands up and elbows out of it, but Chavo slams him down by the hair. Chavo hits the 3 amigos, but Kendrick runs in and stops the count at only 1. Chavo chops London, but London blocks a try to ram his head into the corner by hitting a superkick on Chavo. Hot tags for both sides, and London hits a seated senton coming into the ring on Eddie. He springboards off the middle rope and gets a moonsault armdrag on Eddie, a spinning leg lariat to Chavo, and finishes his jolt with a hurricanrana from the top on Guerrero for 2, but Chavo breaks it up. Kendrick throws Eddie out, and Chavo throws out London. Kendrick ducks a spin kick, but Nick Patrick is behind him, so the referee takes the hit, and he’s down. London jumps on Chavos’ shoulders and gives him a hurricanrana out of the ring, and Eddie takes a trip outside to grab a Tag Team Championship. He battles his conscience a bit, but finally decides to go through with his plan, and gets back in the ring to put the belt on Kendrick’s chest. Eddie lays down and plays possum, taunting Kendrick when referee Nick Patrick wakes up and accuses Kendrick of hitting Eddie. Guerrero gets caught doing it a second time, so he tries to play dead again, but Patrick isn’t buying it. He explains that Kendrick used the belt on him and raises his own hand in victory. Kendrick comes charging at Eddie who vaults him to the top rope, and Kendrick rebounds into a victory roll and wins!
Paul London and Brian Kendrick def. Los Guerreros
Build to Wrestlemania 23
After slumping into 3 title loses in a row Eddie sees another opportunity when several weeks before WrestleMania 23, it is announced that the Money in the Bank ladder match will be held again, as it was in the last two years. This year, however, there will be eight men involved, rather than six the two previous years had. Throughout the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 23, qualifying matches take place on all three shows. On an edition of Raw, Edge, the winner of the match held in 2005, defeats Rob Van Dam, the winner of the match held in 2006, to earn the first spot in the match. The next night on ECW, another cross-brand match takes place, with CM Punk defeating Johnny Nitro to qualify. On that week's SmackDown!, King Booker becomes the third man to qualify, defeating Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere match after The Great Khali interferes. On the next edition of Raw, Jeff Hardy pins Shelton Benjamin in a match to become the fourth man to qualify. The next night on ECW, Eddie defeats Sabu in an Extreme Rules match to earn the fifth spot. On the next SmackDown, two qualifying matches take place, with Matt Hardy and Finlay winning their respective matches to qualify when Matt Hardy defeats Joey Mercury and Finlay defeats WWE US Champion, Chris Benoit & MVP in a Triple threat qualification match. The final qualifying match takes place on Raw between Carlito and Ric Flair. The match is deemed a no-contest after The Great Khali interferes and attacked both men. The following week, on Raw, Randy Orton defeats Flair and Carlito in an elimination match to become the final man to qualify. After Edge and Orton split as a team, the two attempted to get the other taken out of the Money in the Bank ladder match. Both men fail however, as Edge wins a "last chance" battle royal to retain his spot and Orton wins a match on ECW to retain his.
Money In The Bank Ladder Match: CM Punk vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Finlay
Very tentative start as everyone just stares at each other. Eventually, everyone hits the floor to brawl, so Finlay comes off the top with a crossbody onto the pile. Edge takes this as a chance to sneak up a ladder, but Matt stops that. Now Finlay and Orton brawl on the ladder before it gets tipped. Jeff takes a go up the ladder and Eddie stops that. Booker pulls out a step ladder. Edge decides to use that as a weapon and destroys Punk with a sick shot with that step ladder. That draws juice from Punk. A ladder gets bridged from the apron to the barrier and that won’t be good for someone. Booker clears the ring and gives us a spin-a-roonie to a huge pop. The Hardys return and take King Booker out of the match. The Hardys set up Edge for the seesaw spot, but Finlay shoves Jeff off the top rope to the floor. Matt ends up getting suplexed onto the see-sawed ladders in a nasty spot. Eddie tries a Frog Splash onto Matt, but he moves and Eddie hits a ladder. Jeff comes back and hits the Swanton onto the prone Eddie. The Hardys head up the ladder and trade blows over the briefcase. Finlay tips over the ladder leaving both Hardys to crash and burn. Finlay tries to abuse everyone with the ladder, but Edge drops him with a spear. He goes spear crazy and lays out everyone except Punk, who gets out of the way with a leapfrog. Punk, your ECW rep in the match, goes Terry Funk with the ladder and spins around to take out everyone else in the match. Edge introduces the super sized ladder. Edge climbs, but his partner, Orton, tips the ladder over and Edge crashes to the floor. Jeff returns to take out Orton, Jeff climbs the insanely large ladder and delivers a SWANTON TO EDGE ON THE BRIDGED LADDER!! The paramedics come down to take Edge out on a stretcher. Orton gets things started again as he snaps off a RKO to anyone who comes near him. He makes the climb, but CM Punk stops that noise by tossing a ladder at Orton. Effective! Orton and Punk battle on separate ladders, and Punk ends up eating a RKO from the top of the ladder! King Booker looks to pick the bones and heads up, but Orton meets him. He looks for the RKO again, but Booker ends up hitting a Bookend from the top of the ladder! Now Matt Hardy stops Booker and that brings Sharmell into the ring. Matt threatens to give her the Twist of Fate and Booker opts to save his wife instead of grabbing the briefcase. Finlay comes back to deliver the Celtic cross to Matt on the ladder! Finlay is also sporting blood as it pours from the top of his head. He is the only one in the ring and struggles to climb. Hornswoggle enters and opts to climb the ladder for Finlay. Eddie returns and meets Hornswoggle at the top of the ladder. Eddie carries Hornswoggle down the ladder and drops him over the ropes. Punk returns and is the freshest man in the ring as he starts to climb. Eddie gets a shot in and they battle just below the briefcase. Eddie gets a finger, but Punk kicks him off and looks to get the win. Eddie kills him with a ladder shot to the face, and it's easy pickings from there as Eddie grabs the briefcase!
Build to Backlash
During the draft Raw drafts the Money in the Bank briefcase holder Eddie Guerrero. After he is drafted he is greeted warmly by Big Show with a chokeslam, setting up for a match at Backlash.
Backlash 2007
Big Show vs Eddie Guerrero
They fight over a lockup to start, and Show gets a clothesline. Eddie goes to the eyes to counter. Eddie tries a shoulder block, but it’s like running into a brick wall. Eddie hits an awkward dropkick. Show gets a press slam for two. He goes to a bearhug, then a chinlock, then a surfboard. Eddie knees out of a backbreaker stretch but takes a tumble to the outside. Show grabs another backbreaker stretch. He delivers a sort of chokeslam for 2. Eddie counters another Chokeslam by walking up the ropes into a reverse DDT. Eddie flurries back and delivers the Three Amigos. He misses a frogsplash. Show goes to a chokeslam but Eddie gets out and rolls him up for the win!
Build For Judgement Day 2007
Flair is still on his losing streak before Vince tells him he needs to retire. Eddie challenges Flair to an exhibition match and Flair hastily accepts.
Judgement Day
Lockup. Again. Flair with some sick chops and Guerrero takes a breather. Back and forth stuff, and Eddie again takes a breather after some stiff chops. Back in, and Eddie takes control. Dropkick to the knees. Eddie works on the legs of Flair. Eddie with some mat submission holds on the leg. Eddie puts Flair’s leg through the middle rope, then jumps over the top to the floor and smashes the leg on the way down. Eddie goes for the Figure Four. Flair is out of it, and Eddie continues to beat on Flair, slowly and methodically. Eddie stomps down Flair in the corner. Flair clotheslines Eddie and over the top rope to the floor. Eddie up on the apron and snaps Flair’s neck on the top rope. Back in, and does a belly to back suplex. Eddie up top for the frog splash, but Flair moves. Chop block by Flair. Figure Four by Flair. Eddie is out of it. Backslides and rollups and such all get 2s. Eddie with a Tornado DDT and gets a pinfall, but Flair’s leg is on the bottom rope so the pin is broken up. Eddie sends Flair to the floor, and hits a suicide dive! After Eddie gets Flair into the ring he hits the Frog Splash for the win!
Build for Vengeance Night of Champions
On Raw, Los Guerreros defeat The Hardy Boys but after the match, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, the tag champs attack Chavo and injure his leg. This caused Chavo to blame Eddie for the injury. On the next episode of SmackDown, Chavo is attacked again and he blames Eddie. This continues when Eddie helps Chavo in defeating Cade in a one-on-one match. Chavo blames Eddie for stealing the spotlight that Chavo needed. After the match, Los Guerreros finally end when Chavo attacks Eddie and causes him to bleed. As a result, Chavo turns heel.
Vengeance Night of Champions
Lockup goes nowhere for a while as it’s even. Eddie gets pissed and shoves Chavo. Chavo responds by smacking him. Nice facial expressions to accompany this. Eddie bull rushes him into the corner but Nick demands a break. Eddie with a hammerlock into a drop toe hold and a chinlock. Beautiful sequence. Chavo powers up and chops in the corner. Eddie’s pissed. Another lockup goes nowhere and now Eddie with a chop in the corner. Chavo gets the side headlock and is sent off but hits a shoulder block. They do it again with the same result. Chavo hits the “orale” taunt and Eddie gives him the finger and it ignites into a chop war. Eddie gives him a thumb to the eye but allows a clean break in the corner. Eddie with a single leg and works a reverse armbar. They do the Greco-Roman test of strength pinning sequence and Chavo hurricanranas Eddie to the floor. Chavo Sr. cuts off Eddie on the floor and drops him into the stairs. Chavo smashes him into the table and goes on the offense. He mounts and hits some crossfaces. Eddie reverses but still won’t strike. Chavo tries a single leg but gets caught into an armbar. He crawls and gets to the ropes. Chavo with a high angle back suplex and the arrogant dick heel cover for 2. Chavo hits 2 of the 3 Amigos. Eddie counters and slides out. He sends Chavo into the corner but runs into a back elbow. Chavo tries a tornado DDT but Eddie counters and hits a few headbutts and hits all 3. Eddie taunts and goes up top. He hits the Frog Splash for the 3!
The Great American Bash 2007
Eddie doesn’t have an opponent for the Great American Bash so he lays out an open challenge which Shelton Benjamin answers.
Shelton Benjamin vs Eddie Guerrero
Side headlock by Eddie to start and a take over before Eddie does it again. Shelton trips Eddie up for Benjamin to hit the T-bone suplex for 2. In the corner, Benjamin punches away before Eddie reverses gears and chops away at Benjamin. Corner whip by Eddie and a monkey flip before the high back body drop. Benjamin with the Irish whip and Eddie holds on to the ropes, causing Benjamin to charge and sail over the top. Back in the ring and Eddie with the Irish whip and a back elbow before locking the abdominal stretch Benjamin flips Eddie over and charges in the corner but Eddie sidesteps and Benjamin takes the post to the shoulder. Benjamin still comes out with a powerslam before hitting a side suplex. Stomps by Benjamin before an Irish whip and a high faceplant gets 2 for Benjamin. Benjamin punches and taunts Eddie, but Eddie’s pissed now~! Eddie with the Irish whip and a clothesline before another high back body drop. Eddie gets the Rolling Verticals, but Benjamin floats out at 2 and picks Eddie up, clocking the referee in the process. Eddie grabs his briefcase, Eddie with a beltshot on Benjamin before spotting the ref making his way to his feet. Eddie drops the case on the unconscious Benjamin and plays dead, prompting the referee to do the standing 10 count. Eddie “beats” the count and goes up top to nail the Frog Splash for 3.
Summerslam 2007
Eddie is left off the cart but he says he has big plans lined up for the night.
John Cena and Randy Orton put each other through absolute hell. After a superplex off which sends both down we hear “VIVA LA RAZA” EDDIE IS CASHING IN! He throws Orton out of the ring and hits a frog splash on Cena! EDDIE WINS THE TITLE!
Build For Unforgiven 2007
The following night on Raw, Cena demands a rematch for the title, but his request is declined by General Manager William Regal. Cena proceeds to demand to Mr. McMahon, who also refuses to give him a rematch unless he proves himself. The following week, Cena beats Orton in a number 1 contender match.
Unforgiven 2007
John Cena vs Eddie Guerrero
Eddie starts off quickly with right hands and dumps Cena to the floor. Eddie stomps on him and rolls Cena back in. Eddie tries for a cover but it only gets 2. Eddie picks Cena back in and hits a back suplex. Eddie starts dropping the boots on Cena and then the forearm shivers Eddie whips Cena into the corner and charges but Cena moves. Cena takes over with some offence. Cena whips Eddie into the corner and starts stomping a mudhole in him. Cena picks Eddie up and hits a standing suplex for 2. Cena picks Eddie backup and hits a short vertical suplex for 2. Cena pulls a Scott Steiner and does another vertical suplex but it only gets 2. Cena hits a delayed sidewalk slam for 2. Cena slaps on a chinlock, but Eddie counters out of it and slugs Cena. Eddie hits a rudo dropkick and kicks Cena in the ribs. Eddie goes off the ropes but Cena gets a back body drop. Cena goes up to the top rope Eddie runs up and throws him down then hits the Frog Splash.for the 1-2-3.
Build to No Mercy 2007
Following their match at Unforgiven, on Raw Jonathan Coachman makes a rematch between the two at No Mercy in a Last Man Standing match. On the October 1 episode of Raw, Cena legitimately tears his right pectoral muscle during a match with Mr. Kennedy, though the injury is blamed on television by a post-match attack by Eddie. Vince McMahon states that Eddie would have a challenger and reveals it as Triple H
No Mercy 2007
Hunter starts to win a slugfest, but Eddie goes after the ribs. The brawl spills to the floor where Hunter goes for a Pedigree. Eddie flips him onto his back, though. Back in, Eddie continues to go after the ribs. He backdrop suplexes Hunter on the railing. Eddie sends Hunter into the steps, but Hunter keeps getting up. Hunter breaks the momentum with a facebuster, but Eddie comes back with a Stretch Backbreaker. He chokes Hunter out with a spare TV cord. Hunter makes it up at nine. They take it to the floor where Eddie sets up for the three amigos through the announce table, but Hunter shoves him through the ECW table. Eddie is up at nine. Hunter hits a spinebuster on the floor! Hunter tosses the steps into Eddie's head. Eddie makes it up at nine again, looking like Superman thanks to JR’s call. Back in, Hunter introduces a chair, but Eddie goes low and DDTs him on it. 3 AMIGOS ON THE CHAIR! Hunter makes it up at nine and tells Eddie to suck it. He tosses Eddie to the floor and goes for the Pedigree. Unfortunately, he drags Eddie right over to the ringpost, Eddie counters to a catapult and sends Hunter right into the post. Eddie picks up the steps, but Hunter goes low and hits him with a chairshot. Eddie is up at eight, so Hunter sets up for the Pedigree on the announce table. NO! 3 AMIGOS! THE ANNOUNCE TABLE ISN’T BROKEN YET BUT IT DEFINITELY IS AFTER A FROG SPLASH! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, EIGHT, NINE, TEN!
Build to Royal Rumble
On Armageddon, Jeff Hardy had defeated Triple H to earn the opportunity to face Eddie at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. On the December 17, 2007 edition of Raw, Orton teamed up with Shawn Michaels to defeat Eddie and Mr. Kennedy after Orton pinned Eddie. Two weeks later on the last Raw of 2007, Orton and Eddie have a face-to-face confrontation. Later in the night, during Eddie’s match with Santino Marella, Orton appears on the Raw TitanTron and states that he had kicked Jeff's nephew Chavo where his appendix used to be, proceeding further to punt him in the head. The following week on a special "Raw Roulette" edition of Raw, Eddie agrees to face Orton that night with his WWE Championship on the line. However, as soon as the bell rings for the match, Orton immediately low-blows Eddie, getting himself disqualified. Orton tries to deliver an RKO to Eddie on the concrete floor outside, but Eddie retaliates and the two begin to brawl up the ramp. When Orton looks set to kick Eddie in the head, the Champion counters and backdrops Orton onto the arena floor below. Eddie then climbs 30-feet above on the Raw set, and then hits a frog splash off the side of the set onto Orton below. The following week on Raw, Eddie and Orton are scheduled to "shake hands", but Eddie Instead shakes the hands of "people he respected more than Orton", like Lilian Garcia, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and several fans in the crowd before re-entering the ring to confront Orton. A frustrated Orton orders Eddie to shake hands with him, but Eddie performed the Three Amigos instead.
Royal Rumble 2008
Randy runs right into a dropkick, and Eddie corners him with a series of forearms. Randy catches him with a backdrop and…brace yourselves, grabs a side headlock. Eddie counters to a cradle for two before forcing to his feet. Eddie goes to the eyes and chokes Randy out with the tag rope. Randy avoids a charge in the corner and hits Eddie with a standing dropkick. We come back from commercial to Orton hitting a stretch backbreaker for two. Eddie battles out of a chinlock and hits a backbreaker. Eddie gets tripped up and bounces off the ropes, giving Randy a chance to score a two count. Randy fires away with lefts and rights in the corner. Eddie roars out of the corner, but Randy tosses him to the outside and slams his face off the table. Back in, Randy gets two before Eddie gets his foot on the rope. Randy with a sleeper. He really is influenced by Triple H. Eddie Latino Heats up and punches his way out of the hold. THREE AMIGOS! Eddie goes up for the Frog Splash, BUT ORTON HITS AN RKO!! One...Two...Three!
Build to Wrestlemania 24
After returning at the Rumble and winning Cena sets his sights on Orton, who is in a feud with Eddie and Triple H. At Wrestlemania a fatal four way is set up.
Wrestlemania 24
Wisely, Orton leaves the ring, leaving his three challengers to fight. He sneaks in for a cover after Triple H takes down Cena. He ends up in between his challengers and is used as a pinball, getting hit from every angle. Cena and Eddie team up on Triple H as Orton escapes to rest outside. Eddie and Cena turn their attention to Orton but the partnership ends when Cena breaks Eddie’s pin attempt. Things get hardcore as Orton clears off the announce table, with intents on putting Triple H through it. Triple H counters though and we go back in the ring. Orton is still trying to get pins at every turn. Triple H starts to get in control, hitting everything in his path. He goes for a spinebuster but Eddie tries to interrupt, only to eat a boot. Eddie then the spinebuster. Orton goes to a sleeper hold on Cena, but Eddie brings out a ladder to a pop. He takes out Triple H with it before going inside. It doesn’t come into play though as Cena rallies and nails everyone. AA connects on Eddie for two. The brawl goes outside where Orton powerbombs Cena on the table, but it nearly goes back as he gets tied up in cables. Orton uses an elbow to put him through the table instead. Triple answers by hitting a Spinebuster through the other table on Orton. Eddie plays possum in the ring, so Triple H goes after him, but it fails as Triple H catches him with a facebreaker anyway. He goes for the Spinebuster, but Eddie blocks it by nailing him with the title. He hits two Frog Splashes but Cena breaks it up. Eddie begins to do his old WCW beg spot before using a low blow. Eddie uses the ladder again, before climbing it and hitting a third Frog Splash. He hurts his knee though and can’t cover in time. When he does, Orton pulls the official out of the ring. A third ladder shot sends Trips outside before Eddie sets it up in the corner. Orton charges, but eats the Three Amigos only for Cena to break things up. AA on Orton but Triple H stops the pin. It’s his turn for a close call now. He decides to spinebuster everyone before signaling for the end. Orton pulls off a low blow then crawls over to cover Cena for two and the same happens with Eddie. He tries it on Triple H for the same result. Triple H throws Cena out of the ring and hits a pedigree on Eddie! Orton breaks up the pin with a punt to the head, giving him the victory
Build to Survivor Series
Eddie takes some time off after Wrestlemania as he is getting older, has some nagging injuries, and just needs a break. Eddie returns on the Go Home episode of Raw and is revealed to be the final contestant.
Survivor Series 2008
Eddie Guerrero, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth & Matt Hardy vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin & William Regal
Punk hits Regal with the Go 2 Sleep!
William Regal is eliminated
Kofi and Shelton renew acquaintances. Lots of quick tags, but Cody ducks out as soon as Eddie gets in. Orton gets a big pop for tagging in, but Matt gets the better of him for a bit. Matt misses the moonsault, and Randy tags Henry in to let him get a piece. Cody tags in, but he and Matt clothesline each other. R-Truth and Shelton tag in The Bicycle Kick misses, and Shelton hits Pay Dirt to eliminate him.
R-Truth is eliminated
Kofi explodes with a crossbody and the Bo-Bo Leg Drop for two. Mark Henry slugs him from the outside, though. Kofi is helpless, so Orton tags in and stalks him.. He toys with Kofi before stomping him down and finishing with the rope-assisted DDT to eliminate him.
Kofi Kingston is eliminated
Cody shoves Punk to the mat and finishes with the DDT.
CM Punk is eliminated
Matt and Mark Henry come in. Matt gets the Side Effect for two and reverses a worlds strongest slam with a roll up.
Mark Henry is eliminated
Matt Hardy is eliminated
Eddie walks away and loses via countout, giving Team Smackdown the win.
Build to Wrestlemania 25
Eddie takes on more of a part time schedule and starts a feud with Dolph Ziggler. Dolph is an up and comer who thinks that Eddie is washed and should retire. Eddie does not believe this and challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania 25.
Wrestlemania 25
Ziggler hits a shoulder tackle, but Eddie fires back with a back elbow. Eddie misses a corner splash allowing Ziggler to hit the dropkick for 2. Ziggler grounds the action, and then hits a neck breaker for 2. He grounds things again, and then cradles him for 2. Eddie fires back, but Ziggler lays the boots to him. The elbow drop follows for 2. Ziggler again grounds the action, laying in elbows, and keeping control. Eddie tries to fire back, and whips Ziggler to the buckles. They trade strikes, zigzag countered and Eddie follows with chops, the dropkick, and a clothesline. Eddie goes for the 3 Amigoes but Ziggler cuts him off with a DDT for 2. Ziggler posts Eddie and then rakes the eyes. He looks for a superplex, but Eddie fights back and knocks him to the mat. The high cross follows but Ziggler rolls through and covers for 2. They trade pin attempts; rollup by Eddie and that gets 2. Ziggler gets dumped and Eddie heads up top and hits a coffin drop as Ziggler catches him. Ziggler slams him to the barricade and then the steps. Eddie fires back and they work back in the ring. Eddie misses 3 Amigos and Ziggler cradles him for 2. Ziggler sets up for a superkick but Eddie dodges however ZIggler is one step ahead and hits the Zigzag for the win.
Build to Summerslam 2009
Edge is in the prime of his career beating opponents left and right, Eddie is on a career downfall and tries to pull it together against Edge.
Summerslam 2009
Edge opens things with a flapjack. Eddie sells the monkey flip like a man as usual before Edge gets a near fall. Eddie gets tied up in the ropes and Edge hits a Spear but crashes outside when he tries another. Edge seems to have a hurt arm, so Eddie goes right after it by throwing him into the steps. The next few minutes involve Eddie targeting Edge’s shouldearm. Edge’s shoulder ends up bleeding and he rallies with some right handed offense. A facebuster gets him two so he decides to suplex Eddie to the outside. Instead of resting, he flies off the top and takes out Eddie. They go to the second rope and Edge hits a sitout front suplex for two. He starts to call for the Spear but Eddie dropkicks him right in the injured shoulder. Eddie’s Frog Splash gets blocked by Edge getting the knees up and he plants Latino Heat with the Edgecution for two. Northern lights suplex and neckbreaker from Eddie who goes back to the top. Edge stops him but Eddie headbutts him like 15 times and Frog Splashes the injured arm! Edge somehow kicks out! Edge manages to hit a Spear from out of nowhere and win.
Build to Survivor Series
Eddie wants one more shot at the WWE championship and he wants it against Hardy. Everyone including Eddie is wondering if he still has what it takes to be champion.
Survivor Series 2009
Eddie grabs a headlock and gets a one-count. Jeff goes for the arm, and gets a lariat for two. Headscissors and Eddie bails. Back in, Eddie Pulls a Muto, drop kicking the knee and pounding away. Dropkick and backdrop suplex set up the slingshot senton, but it misses. Jeff’s leg drop gets two, but Eddie knocks him down and gets a brainbuster. Eddie goes up, but gets knocked off by Jeff, and he gets a fisherman’s superplex and comes back. Jawjacker and flying forearm, but Eddie sends him to the corner. Jeff leg drops him low again and goes up, but gets crotched. Eddie’s superplex is blocked, but Jeff misses a swanton. Jeff recovers with a corkscrew, but only gets two. Eddie charges which Jeff turns into a small package for the win! After the match Hardy tries to shake Eddie’s hand but Eddie goes ballistic and absolutely destroys him.
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2020.11.22 08:12 J12ich The Franchise vs The Devil III

The Franchise Thaddeus Hemmingway steps out onto the balcony of his hotel room, with a glass of bourbon in hand. He takes a small sip of it and takes in the moonlight in the night sky. Thad takes in the bright lights of the city from his hotel room, and glances down the road, towards the arena. He sees a giant LED screen on the side of it, flashing a promotion for FBE: Final Stand, with the main event being Desmond Caid vs Thaddeus Hemmingway for the World Championship. Thad takes another sip of his bourbon, closes his eyes and finally, the thoughts in his mind become clear.
At long last, our third encounter has been made official. I’ve been thinking about what you said about me the other day Desmond. And while you said a few true things, I think there were a lot of falsehoods spoken as well. You say that I’m getting arrogant or that I’m getting cocky and that this will lead to my inevitable downfall. And you talk about how the last 2 times we’ve faced each other how you weren’t at the top of your game because it wasn’t a main event spot. Those two matches were exhibitions and your eyes and you claim that now that the World Title is on the line, things will be different. You claim that this time, you will be a different competitor than I’ve seen before. While that very well may be true, that with these raised stakes I may see a different side of the Devil, I think on the whole, your promo was just covering up your insecurities. I think maybe you're nervous about getting in the ring with me because deep down, you know for a fact I can beat you, even if you refuse to admit it.
Thad takes another sip of his drink
Funnily enough, our little feud reminds me a lot of one from my childhood. Triple H and John Cena. On one side you had the Game. The King of Kings. One of the most dominant champions from the Attitude Era and most decorated wrestlers of all time. And he did whatever it took to win and to remain champion. He surrounded himself with their fierce stables like DX and Evolution to help him win his matches and hold onto his titles. He talked shit and tried to intimidate his opponents. More often than not, even when he lost, he still found a way to win back his precious championship eventually, until one man came along that he just couldn’t figure out. The hottest up and comer in wrestling, John Cena.
Cena was young at the time, and inexperienced when compared to Triple H. And Cena wasn’t the fastest, he wasn’t the biggest, he didn’t have the friends or political allies or the career Triple H had, but he was the one guy that The Game just couldn't figure out. And with the title on the line in the Main Event of Wrestlemania 22, Cena made him tap out in the middle of the ring. And Triple H challenged him again and again but each time, Cena kept coming out on top. Despite everything Triple H said or did. Despite all the opponents he dominated during his reign of terror. Despite all the others he buried with his golden shovel, he came across the one man that simply couldn’t be beaten.
The first time we faced all those months ago Desmond, it was close, but I beat you to win the Intercontinental Championship that I still hold to this day. After our last encounter, we came to a time limit draw, but as much as you may not want to admit it, it could have gone either way. Make all the excuses you want about not being 100% or it only being an exhibition match in your eyes, but you and I both know it's all just a facade even if you refuse to admit it. It's been the talk of the town. Everyone can hear it in the tenor of your voice. Hell, even your old rival Ape came out of his retirement just to crap all over you in an interview. You don’t know if you can beat me. And that doubt has been sitting in the back of your mind since you first stepped in the ring with Thaddeus Hemmingway.
Thad finishes off his bourbon and places his glass down on the balcony’s ledge.
I haven’t lost in 6 months and just look at the caliber of talent I’ve faced in my past few matches. I’m not doing this against a bunch of Junior Heavyweight rookies. I’m in the ring with some of the toughest men in FBE history. Skarsgaard, Scott, Cassidy, Nate Matthews and even Inferno. Nobody has had my number. I’m not going to be ignorant enough to say that a victory over you at Final Stand is a lock. There are no guarantees in life. You’re a dangerous competitor and one of the best in FBE history. There is no denying that. But we both know damn well I’m more than capable of pinning you flat down on the mat, just like I have with so many others. I’ve never had a World Title match before. While you say you're going to up your game this time around, you have no idea what I’m willing to dig out of my heart, or how far I’m willing to go, to walk out of Final Stand as the World Champion.
Once upon a time, you asked me why I thought I had what it takes to step into the ring with the Devil, and told you point blank, I was because I was man enough to stare the Devil in the eyes and show him that I’m not afraid. Because there isn’t a fucking thing in this world the Devil can throw at me that is gonna keep me down. So hide behind all the insults and excuses that you want Desmond. It’s not going to change the fact the fact that in this story, you’re Triple H and I’m John Cena, and as much as you dread it, or as much as you want to run from it, your time is nearly up and my time is now.
Caid versus Hemmingway III. The Devil versus The Franchise III. The World’s Champion versus the Intercontinental Champion. Pick whichever tag line you like best because in the end, it won’t matter one iota. I plan on this match ending the same as all others have over the past 6 months, with me standing above my opponent with a championship raised high above my head. And if I’m wrong, I'll be enough of a man to shake your hand after the match as you did for me all those months ago. But I’ve yet to come up short in a big match and I sure as hell don’t plan on starting now. So as you like to say, see you in the Asylum Desmond.
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2020.11.22 03:39 SEAProductions When would you say John Cena's peak was?

I've seen some other threads about certain wrestler's peaks recently and it got me thinking about Cena. I feel he had many peaks and valleys in his career, but what peak is his highest? Wikipedia has his eras like this:
- Thuganomic Cena ('03-'04)
- WWE Champ Cena ('05-'07)
- WHC Champ Cena ('08-'10)
- Nexus Cena ('10-'11)
- Punk/Rock Feud Cena ('11-13')
- Multiple World Title Runs ('13-'15)
- US Open Cena ('15-'16)
- AJ Feud/Free Agent Cena ('16-'18)
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2020.11.22 00:23 Cheesetorian Old Tagalog Food and Cooking Terms from Historical Dictionary Pt. 1

I'm just gonna post this now because I keep adding more stuff...I'll post the second part in the next couple of days. EDIT: I guess there's waaay too many to post, the next half ie 4-6 will be in a couple of days.
Many of what we know as “Filipino food” really are foreign recipes adopted by Manileno’s from Spanish, Chinese and other Asian neighbors. Pancit for example is a S. Chinese type of dish that really only took off after the Spanish ended Galleon Trade and opened Manila, creating a huge surge of immigrants from China to Manila in the late 18th and early 19th c. Just like how Manila Tagalog (and other cultural trends) propagate its influences, these cooking methods become representative of the larger “Filipino” cuisine and were copied by other regions in the PH today.
But if you’ve ever lived outside Manila or had been exposed to dishes by other groups (my experience is Ilocano from my family in Hawai’i) you’ll notice how different and unique “native” cooking styles really are. The dishes outside of the what is considered generally as “Filipino food” today ie “Manila recipes” retain more of the native aspects of traditional Filipino cooking. You will notice that some of the terms here are not used any longer on “mainstream Filipino recipes” ie “Manila dishes”, but many are retained in food culture outside of this region.
Because of the lack of true historical (although there are some accounts relating to food in colonial manuscripts) books about Filipino cuisine, it’s hard to really research the evolution of Filipino dishes because there are not a lot of social historical writing in regards to food. Many Filipino cooking books that are available for most people are only published from after WWII, and many don’t really talk about historicity of each recipe, most merely put conjectures from oral and urban myths or many still just list the recipe themselves.
Because I spent a whole lot of time reading dictionaries (which IMHO are one of the best sources of day to day ie social history of Filipinos), I decided to scroll through Delos Santos’ Tagalog dictionary for clues (again). I translated many of the terms to illuminate what food and cooking styles would’ve looked like in 16th-17th c. During the early colonial period (and probably pre-colonial since many of these terms were likely in existence before coming of the Spanish).
In this post, I decided to keep it short so I took out some of the stuff I originally wanted to add for example units of measurements (obviously that’s important for cooking and trading food) but I’ll probably create a separate post regarding ancient Filipino units of measurements for brevity’s sake as well as so I can put all distance and volume units in one post. I also left out many species of animals and medicinal herbs (unless mentioned specifically for eating or seasoning) etc. Because this whole thing is already long as it is.
Anyway, I left out many things. If you have suggestions of questions or comments, just put it on comments. This list ended up being really long...so I might put them in two different posts.
The general format of my entries: Orig. Tagalog entry-Spanish definition/my English translation of definition. Eg. Orig Tagalog example in entry “My translation of orig. Spanish trans. Of that Tagalog example sentence”.
Sources and Guides:
Delos Santos’ Dictionary (1825, orig. 1703)
I also used several other historical Filipino dictionaries for comparison. Eg. Bergano’s (1860 orig. 1732) Kapampangan, Lisboa’s Bicolano (1754, orig. 1600’s) , Buenaventura’s 1610’s older Tagalog, and the latter Sanlucar et al’s 1860 Tagalog dictionary. I think I sourced them a few times here in the sub. All of these are in Google Books for free.
Also used 2 cookbooks. First, I found Ruperto de Nola’s (1568, orig. ~1525) book “Llibre del Coch” “Book of the Cook” aka in Castilian more properly known as “Libro de guisados, manjares y potajes …” “Book of Stews, Delicacies and Potages/Soups…”, republished in Toledo (this is the copy). I tried to compare medieval Spanish dishes with the terms used in this dictionary (which was written close to the same time-frame) to understand what the author likely meant when he used medieval Spanish recipes/cooking terms. Free on Google Book if you’re hardcore into primary sources lol (Much of it is not in regular Castilian much is still in Catalan. Lots of the spelling are still late medieval ie gotta change q and d with a line to ‘que’, ‘de’ etc., beginning ‘f’ to ‘s’, c with a tail to z or s or c, etc.) http://estudiosindianos.org/en/publications/book-of-stews-delicacies-and-meals-titled-cookbook-by-ruperto-de-nola/
Second cookbook I used Diego Ganado’s (1614, orig. 1599) book “Libro del arte de cozina” “Book on the Art of the Kitchen”. This books is a lot easier to read thanks to it being naturally in Castilian and the orthographic improvements in Spanish writings this being published in 17th c. I did not find this on my own; I found this in the course of writing this via researchers articles ie modern day folks that were eager to find the origin of adobo. It is also free on Google Books. It was useful for a lot more than that. https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=1DlXAAAAcAAJ&rdid=book-1DlXAAAAcAAJ&rdot=1
Noli Soli’s blog post “Banli, busa, sangkutsa, and other essential Filipino cooking terms you need to know” (Aug 2019). I found this when I was researching some of these old terms online. It has good visuals. Not sure where they got the sources, but seeing they’re the only ones that popped up when I searched for these terms, seem they got a good source because it lists many of these very old not so common cooking terminologies. https://nolisoli.ph/65839/filipino-cooking-methods-guide-csanjose-20190813/
General terms related to food
Cacanin (kakanin)-manjares todo genero de potajes/delicacies of all kinds of stew. Eg. Marlang cacanin ang ynihayin sa amin. "Many kinds of delicacies were offered to us."
Note: From this dictionary, it seems most terms related to cooking rice is a general term for “food”. Words like cacanin (kakanin) and canin (kanin) is translated as ‘food’ or ‘types of food’. Ie ‘canin’/’cacanin’ is equivalent to today’s ‘pagkain’ (thinking about it ‘kanin’ and ‘kain’ seem like cognates). Of course these terms have specific meaning today (kakanin are ‘rice confectioneries/cakes’, while kanin is ‘cooked rice’), but in the past it seems they were meant to mean ‘food’ in general (canin is also translated as ‘cooked rice’, but cacanin I could not find the same meaning as today, only as ‘food’ or ‘types of food’). It’s likely related to the history of our ancestors relationship with rice as the main source of food (earliest ancestors of Filipinos that emigrated to Taiwan were from S. China; per genetic analysis of civilizations in S. China that mostly started rice cultivation, they are related more to Southeast Asians ie history of Filipinos and rice, goes way back). Even the term ‘saing’ ‘to cook rice’, is a general term ‘to cook’ (see entry ‘saing’). I’m sure ‘rice’ and ‘food’ have same cognate in PAn or at least Pph. Per Reid many of northern PH language also translate ‘rice’ simply as ‘food’. https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/bitstream/10125/33028/1/A38.1994.pdf
Panis-acedo cosa guisada: y guardada de un dia para otro/”acidic”, boiled and stored overnight.
Note: The term ‘acidic’ is terminology due to fermentation. It is from the sourness ie ‘acidity’ that the process creates in food.
Dorog (durog)- podrido carne or pescado/putrid meat or fish.
Lamas-fruta podrida/putrid fruit.
Note: Modern Tagalog ‘bruised’ ‘mushed’ or ‘crushed’ fruit. Also as a slang ‘manhandled’ implying strong manual/hand stimulation.
Boloc (bulok)-cualquiera cosa podrida/anything that’s old/rotten except clothes.
Boog (buog)-prodrida, cualquiera cosa de hojas o fruta, por haberlo cojido sin sazon, o por haberse mojado/leaves or fuits that have turned putrid because it wasn’t salted or spiced (lit. trans ‘seasoned’), or got wet (during storage).
Ala-rancio de tocino o carne que tiene cebo/rancid fatty meat like bacon. Eg. Maalang babuy “Rancid pork.”
Bogoc (bugok)-guevo huero o podrido. Metaf: 'Namomogoc ca' 'Andas descolorido, de color de guevo guero'/rotten or putrid egg. Metaphor: "You're getting dark (skin) like a brown/rotten egg."
Note: I think this is cognate with Kapampangan ‘baguc’ see entry notes: ‘patis’.
Ytlog na bago (bagong itlog, itlog na bago)-huevo fresco/fresh eggs.
Basag, lansag-quebrar cosa de loza con las composiciones/break earthenware into tiny bits.
Catay (katay)-quentas que echan cuando compran, o venden haciendo montocillos, o manojos, para vender, cada manojo por tanto. cojido el pescado, dicen los pescadores. estos cien pescados reduciodos a veinte atados, les toca a cinco; cada uno de estos. es Sangcatay na isda, un atado pescado/How they count when they buy or sell (meat/fish in marketplace). What they put in bundles, each bundle therefore (is called a catay). One hundred fish, bundled by twenty, creating 5 bundles, each of these (is called catay). Sangcatay (isang katay) na isda, is (a bundle of…) tied fish.
Note: Per research online, term is borrowed from Hokkien ‘ka-thai’ ‘to cut open (a carcass) together’. Modern Filipino it also means ‘to butcher’.
Sensations Related to Eating
Pita-apetecer algo como cosas de comer...(Metaf:) a mi se endereza su apetencia; que me querra/to crave something to eat ie food. Metaphor: ‘Pinagppitahan niya aco, at cun anong ibig niya sa aquin‘ ‘His appetite is directed at me; (meaning) that he will love me.’ Eg. Uala acong pinpinata or Uala acong pita. “I’m not craving anything.”
Lasap- gusto que uno recibe acordandose de lo que hiz o comio/ pleasure that one receives remembering what he did or ate. Eg. Nalalasap co yaong quinain co cahapon. “I like remembering what I ate yesterday.”
Masarap- gustoso cosa de comer o bebeenjoy something eaten or drank. Eg. Masarap itong alac. “This wine tastes great.”
Hanghang (anghang)-picar el chile/to be ‘stung’ (by the spiciness) of chilies. Eg. Mahanghang yaring lara (lada) “The chilies are very spicy.”
Asim-acedo, cualquiera licoacidic (sour) liquor. Eg. Maasim na suca. “This vinegar is sour.”
Tamis- endulzar, vase endulzando o va quedando dulce/sweeten, to gradually sweeten or become sweet.
Alat-agua salada del masalty water from the ocean.
Pait- amargor, de cosa que lo es/things that are bitter. Eg. Ualan cahalimbaua ang capaitan nang apdo. “There is nothing like the bitterness of livebile.”
Magotomin (magutumin), mahoyongin-hambriento/hungry.
Note: Other related entries: gotom (gutom) and hoyong (huyong),
Lang-ap (langhap)-tragar algo de priesa; como purga, o cosa amarga/swallow something in a hurry; like purgative, or anything bitter.
Sagapsap-desabrido, usase con la negativa. Metaf.: palabra sin sal, ni sazon/bland, used as a negative term. Eg. Metaphor: Uicang walang sagasap. “Word without salt or seasoning”.
Sagapsap-aspero al gusto por no estar sazonado. usase siempre con la negative/Finding food distasteful because it is not properly seasoned, always used in the negative context. Eg. Ualan sagapsap ytong canin. "I don't like this food because of how distasteful it is."
Note: Per online dictionaries in Cebuano ‘fibrous and dry to chew’, in modern Tagalog ‘tasteless, insipid’.
Buray-bondad de cosas de comer o vestigoodness of things to eat or wear. Eg. Ang buray nitong canin ay! “How good is this food!”.
Note: ‘Ay’ or ‘oy’ per this author used to be quiet common in Tagalog at the end of the sentence, to add emotional meaning to the phrase...this seems to be lost or not as common in Tagalog today, but I hear this in other languages like Ilocanos when speaking.
Tamasa, mapagtamasa-deleite en comer y bebedelight in eating and drinking. Eg. Nagtatamasang comain. “He delights in eating.”
Masarap-gustoso cosa de comer o bebepleasant thing to eat or drink.
Bosog (busog)-diome de comer lo necesario/give what is enough to eat. Eg. Houag can magpacabosog na lubha. “Do not each too much.”
Hilab-Metaf: de este verbo que es crecer el pan cuando se cuece y el que esta ahito por haber comido mucho, parece que le crece la comida en el estomago./Metaphor: this word which means “to grow bread when it is cooked” (is similar to the phrase) “one that is full from eating too much” and (seems to imply that…) ‘food grows in the stomach’. Eg. Hinihilaban aco “I’m fed up, because I ate too much”.
Note: Another entry, ‘nalubhaanan nang bosog’ ‘you’ve had enough (food)’.
Malacoco (malakuko)-liquids that are lukewarm. Eg. Malacocong alac...tubig. “Tepid wine...water.”
Saclap (saklap)-aspereza que se halla en el gusto/roughness in taste of food. Eg. Masaclap yaring canin sa aquing bibig. "How rough is this food in my mouth."
Pangibi (pag-ngibi)-astio que tiene a la comida. unas vezes procede de enfermedad, y otras por estar mal hecha/Disgust one has for a certain food. Sometimes it is (brought by) being sick, or because the food is poorly done.
Note: Ngibi in modern Tagalog is when a child purses its lips right before it cries. This entry obviously means ‘the face one makes when tasting a food he doesn't like’ esp. when doesn’t have an appetite when sick or if its cooked badly.
Hayo-tener indispueto el cuerpo, por causa del mal olor del lugar en que esta y por eso no puede comeThe body becomes unwell because of the smell of the place and therefore cannot eat.
Note: Not sure if this is ‘loss of appetite due to bad smell’ or simply lack of appetite due to sickness ie in medieval times, prior to acceptance of germ theory, Europeans use to think miasma ie the air or ‘bad air’ ie stench makes the body sick…
Suya-empalagado o enfadado del olor de comida/to feel disgust at the smell of (certain) food.
Malamlam-suave cosa de comida. comida blando/soft type of food, soft food. Eg. Malamlam canin yeri. "How soft is this food..."
Tinga (tingga)-meterse la comida entre los dientes, quando es correoso/food bits stuck between your teeth, esp. when they're chewy/fibrous.
Pangilo-dentera por cometo cringe when eating ie due to ‘dental sensitivity’.
Niig-empalagado por haber comido mucho/to feel a sense of disgust from eating too much.
Note: I had to look up what ‘empalagar’, which in English ‘cloyed’, mean...it’s the sense of disgust from eating something too sweet. In modern Spanish, it’s for food to be ‘too sweet’.
Onga, sonoc (sunok)-empalagado por comer dulces/to be cloyed ie to be disgusted of something too sweet. Eg. Nacaoonga iyang calamay. “That preserve/jam is making me feel disgusted (because it’s too sweet).”
General eating/drinking terms
Tiquim (tikim) or tiping-provar la comida/taste the food. Eg. Timiquim ca niyan "Taste the food."
Sila- cometo eat. Eg. Ang pinasila co,y, usa. “I ate deevenison”.
Cain (kain)- comer…y los Tingues, nacain/to eat, or with highlanders, ‘nakain’. Eg. Napapacain siya sa mga ducha “He feeds the poor.”
Quinain (kinain)- cada uno lo que es suyo/to eat one’s own food. Eg. Papagquinainin mo siya. “Let him eat what is his.”
Olam (ulam)-condumio, carne o pescado. Metaf.:/food, meat or fish. Eg. Metaphor: hamac man yaring biyaya co, ay ang caolam, ay ang magandang loob. “Although what I give is of little substance, the will with which I do it is great.”
Note: Obviously from this metaphor, ‘kaulam’ is synonymous with ‘kasama’ ‘that which goes with something…’ which is what ‘ulam’ is ie ‘what goes with rice’.
Aga, ungmaaga (umaaga)- la comida principal/to eat the first meal of the day. Eg. Anong inagahan mo? “What did you eat for lunch?”
Note: Today in Tagalog, ‘agahan’. See entry below why trans. is ‘lunch’.
Bahao (bahaw)-almuerzo...almorzar de lo que sobro de la noche. Metaf.: "Aun tengo enojo contra ti, vuelves a darme ocasion?"/lunch...to eat what is left over from the night before. Metaphor: "May-bahao pang galit aco sa yo, ay ooli can naman?" "I'm still angry at you, and you're at it again?" Eg. Pabahao ito sa aquin ni nono. "This is the lunch (meal) my grandfather gave me." Nagbabahao aco gab-y gab-y. "I keep cold cuts for lunch every night." (lit. Sp. Trans.) ie “I preserve leftover meat at night to eat for the next day.”
Note: Bahaw obviously means ‘stale cooked rice’ ‘cooked rice that had gone cold’ ‘cooked rice that isn't fresh’ ‘left over cooked rice’---likely meant that rice was cooked and then ‘baon’ ie taken along to eat (it seems the ancient version of ‘baon’ is ‘bahaw’ as well, clearly from the metaphorical example), likely because during midday ie lunchtime most folks were working in the fields. Or at sea, fishing. It seems, traditionally the meals (ie rice) would be cooked in the morning as breakfast, left overs sent with workers for lunch and then another batch of rice will be cooked in the evening for dinner.
Almuerzo’ (lunch) or ‘almorzar’ (to eat/have lunch) is where Tagalog ‘almusal’ ‘breakfast’ came from, likely because it means ‘to eat what is leftover from night before’. Europeans didn't really eat breakfast. First meal did not happen until noon; the traditional European meals were at midday and night. In another entry, bahao is called ‘scabbing’/’scab', likely because even today bahaw also mean ‘dry crusty rice left over at the bottom of pot.’
Haponan (hapunan)-cena, comida de la noche/dinner, evening meal. Eg. Paqui haponan mo aco niring paniqui. “Help me eat this bat for dinner.”
Bauon (baon)-matalotage/provisions for the journey. Eg. Sinong nagpapabauon sa amin? “Who will give us supplies for the road?”
Papac (papak)- comer carne pescado sin pan/to eat meat or fish without bread.
Note: Bread ie ‘carbohydrates’ ie ‘rice’; rice was sometimes referred to by early Spanish writers as ‘their bread’ in many accounts.
Diim- comer el arroz crudo o tostado o cosa de grano/eat the raw or roasted rice or grain. Eg. Dingmidiim yaong bata “Look at that boy who keeps eating the rice raw.”
Aloc (alok)-dar de comer al enfermo o nino/to offer food to the sick or to a child ie ‘one who cannot feed themselves’. eg. Mag aloc ca diyan sa may sacit. “Give that sick person something to eat.”
Caomiran (kaumidan)-cortedad del vergonzoso en hablar etc./to do less because of being embarassed including in speaking (sic and eating) etc. Eg. Ang laqui nang comiran mong comain. “You didn’t really eat…” lit “You’re really bashfulness to eat eating in front of us...”
Note: There are historical (and still modern) cultural considerations in regards to eating ie etiquette. In PH, even today, to appear to eat too much or too fast is considered ‘shameful’ esp. as a guest at someone’s home. It is also ‘shameful’ to show quickness to accept food, to take a bite before everyone has started, and if in a queue to go to very front of the line, and to eat the very last piece/bit of food. Etiquette both show considerations for others well-being before one’s self and also not to show willingness to be a ‘burden’ to everyone else. When someone is offered food one has to ‘pretend’ not to accept, and only do so after much invitations. This is to show a sign of respect for the host.
The term ‘patay gutom’ (although I did not find on this dictionary) stems from this; lit. ‘to die from hunger’ but metaphorically ‘uncouth’ or ‘uncultured’. It’s form the idea of ‘eating so fast as if food is gonna run out’ or ‘will die if one hungers even for a second...that one has to eat fast as not to die’. Ie ‘uncultured person’ = ‘one who eats too fast’.
Baya, hinay-despacio en hablar etc/slow down with speaking (sic) and in eating etc. Eg. Nagpapacabaya can comain. “You go on eating too slow.”
Note: In entry 'gana' ‘loob’ ‘to have excitement’: ‘Hindi co loob comain’ ‘I don’t feel like eating.’
Masolong, matacao (matakaw), or palacain (palakain)- comedo(lit. trans “eater”) gluttonous. Eg. Matacao cang comain or Palacain ca “You’re a glutton.”
Note: Another term ‘gula’ ‘cayamoan’ ‘glutton in eating or drinking’.
Catacauan (katakawan)-vicio en comer o bebevice of eating and eating (too much).
Malubha-demasia en comer, dormir, etc./to do excess of eating and sleeping etc. Eg. Malubha sa pagcain. “(You do) Too much eating.”
Note: An example from 'esforzado' ‘enthusiastically doing something’: ‘Aacassacas siya cung cacain, at maysaquit cung otosan nang anoman’ ‘He is enthusiastic when it comes to eating, but sending him to do something he finds it wrong’ ie ‘...but when it comes to chores he doesn’t want to do anything.
Palangoya (palanguya)-voraz vicioso en comer, que en mascavoracious, viciously eating, chewing.
Note: other terms, calamonan, calagcoan, manlalamon to mean ‘guzzler’ and ‘swallower’ (both obviously mean glutton) and malalagoc for drinking.
Mapitahin-deseoso de golosina/eager for candy ie sweet toothed
Moal (muwal)-tener la comida atravesada en la garganta, y la boca llena como puerco/Having food in your throat and your mouth full like a pig. Eg. Houag mong moalan iyang bata. “Don’t fill that boy’s mouth (with) so much (food).”
Hirin-atravesarse el bocado en la garganta, por comer acceleradamente/to get food stuck in the throat (by) to eating quickly. Eg. Ang lucban ang nacahirin sa caniya. “Orange was what got stuck (in his throat).”
Bol-on (bulon)-atraversarse en la garganta algo duro/for something hard to be stuck in the throat.
Biquig (bikig)-atraversarse alguna espina en la garganta/for a thorn/spine ie a fish bone to get stuck in the throat. Eg. Ano ang nacabiquig sa lalamonan mo? “What got stuck in your throat?”
Bulalo-atravesarse algo en las tripas, que no deja proveerse/for something to be stuck in the guts and cannot be defecated.
Note: This is the only entry for ‘bulalo’, which here means ‘gastronintestinal blockage’...‘utak’ is the translation of bone marrow in this book.
Yacag (yakag), yaya-convidar a cometo invite to eat. Eg. Yumacag ca sa caniya “Invite him/her (to eat)”.
Piguing (piging), tauo (tao)-convidado para come(people) invited over to eat. Eg. Maytauo aco “I have a guest”. Ilan ang piguing mo? “How many guests do you have?”
Salo- comer juntos en un plato o mesa/eat together on a plate or table. Eg. Naquisalo siya sa amin “He jumped in to eat with us.”
Note: Guiit (giit) ‘to meddle or go in the middle of things that are too tight together ie little space’ has an example: ‘Guiitan mo sila’ ‘Come in to eat with them (despite the tight space)’.
Bangal, samual (samuwal ???)- bocado grande de cualquiera comida/big bite of any food.
Mama, nganga-come buyo/to eat buyo/betel nut.
Nganga-abrir la boca, mascar buyo/to open mouth, to chew buyo.
Note: Chewing betel nut ie ‘buyo’ is historically one of the most known tradition of Filipinos. This habit can be likened to smoking a cigarette (in 17th onward, when tobacco was introduced, in fact they added all kinds of stuff in it, like spices and tobacco). It is found all over Southeast Asia. There are several ‘theories’ how and where this culture began, one of the theories per genetic analysis of the plants used, is the PH. Likely though, this is an ancient practice that most SE-Asian have through shared ancestry. Regardless of origins, there are MANY examples of how important it was to early and colonial PH. Teeth staining were partially done through this habit. Buyo production and sale was important job for colonial women; several paintings by Lozano in 19th supports this. Beautiful metal boxes were used by wealthy colonial Christians and carried around by animistic Lumads as well as Muslims, similar to intricate boxes that in Europe served to carry tobacco and cigarettes. Buyo boxes were sometimes given as gifts or dowries, esp. those intricately made in silver. It was a very important ritual for social event and visits: to be offered to chew is similar to being offered a cigarette or being offered a cup of coffee today as a guest in someone’s house. The link below is of Lozano’s painting of a buyo seller “India Buyera” from Gironella album. http://bdh-rd.bne.es/viewer.vm?id=0000025750
The process of making/consuming buyo: “Buyo is the form in which betel is used in the Philippines. A leaf of betel-pepper (Chavica betel) is spread over with lime, and rolled together from both sides towards the middle, one end of the roll being stuck into the other so as to form a ring, in which is inserted a flat piece of areca-nut of corresponding size. The cigars are rarely used for smoking, but are cut into pieces and chewed with the buyo. Women also consume both tobacco and buyo, but usually only to a very moderate extent.” F. Jagor 1870 https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/3014423.pdf
Casoboan (kasubuan)-bocado qlo que de una vez se mete en la boca/a biteful (of morsel) that at once gets into your mouth.
Caocaban (kaukaban)-bocado que se da en fruta pan a persona/a biteful of fruit or bread.
Calotaban (kalutaban)-bocado anima a otro, o a lo que come/for an animal to bite into anything
Cacolitan (kakulitan)-bocado dado en algo/a bite take from something.
Note: These terms and their root words subo, ukab, lutab, kulit respectively implies a measurement of ‘bite size’ that for some reason is distinguished between animals and things being eaten/bitten. Kulit seems to be a bite into a fruit. Ukab, for fruit and bread other food. Lutab is for an animal (in an entry a monkey was used in example) to take a bite (of fruit, example santol). There’s even distinction for different types of animals’ bite: halab is shark’s bite, while kabkab is a pig’s and other land animal’s bite. Kagat is a general term, applied to humans also. Alligator’s chomp (simbad which signifies speed) is even noted as different. It seems from the number of terminologies relating to physically eating something have a lot to do with ideas and etiquette for eating. As you can read in other terminologies, there are bunch of terminology for gluttons...implying importance of etiquette and propriety (therefore distinction) in manners regarding eating...I’m not an anthropologist or a linguist, so this is just my impression.
Ypip (ip-ip), sipsip, Ytit (hit-hit)-to suck such something with your mouth. eg. Yngmiipip siya nang tabaco "He is sucking on that tobacco".
Hacab (hakab), hacat (hakat)-to suck water or wine with a "tiny cane"/bamboo straw. Also applies to sucking blood (ie what we now call "cupping").
Sipsip, hithit (hit-hit)-to suck in.
Ngol-ngol-to suck on rock sugar (most likely piloncillos, but today in Hispanic countries applies to 'rock candies').
Pangos-to suck on sugar cane.
Salauola (salaula)-puerco en comer y en hablar, palabras feas/messy eater (lit. Sp. trans. “like a pig when eating and speaking with ugly words”. Eg. Salauola cang cumain. “You’re messy when you eat.”
Panlimir (panlimid)-comer a escondidas, como goloso/to eat secretly in a hiding place, as if with sweet tooth/a glutton. Eg. Nanlilimid ca. “You’re eating secretly.”
**Sipa-**ayuno o abstinencia, que hacian, cuando se les moria algun pariente, de no comer tal cosa. Puede ser lo usen en alguna parte/fasting or abstinence that they practice when a relative died, of not eating such a thing. Eg. Singmisipa ca yata sa hinlog mong namatay. “I believe you're fasting for your relative who just died.”
Pahiyin (pamahiin)-abstinencia de cosa vedada, entre dicha, por via de culto o superticion. Como no comer en tal plato, o no entrar en tal casa etc./abstinence from something forbidden by way of worship or superstition. How not to eat from such a plate, or not to enter such a house etc.
Solot (sulot)-alzar la mesa despues de comer. y usando de este verbo tiene provecho el que levanta. lo cual no hai en, ‘alis’ ni el ‘ligpit’. y si usan de ligpit es guardar lo que sobra, para otra vez. quien os mando alzar la mesa/to lift the table after eating; the one that lift the table is the one who benefited (ie the one who ate at the table). It is not the same as ‘alis’ (to leave, to take away), or ‘ligpit’ (to put away). When they use ‘ligpit’ they usually mean to save the leftovers for later.
Note: See note on ‘dinolang’, these tables are small and are easy to put away. I’m kinda confused what this is saying, but I think this is a cultural thing regarding who and why they ‘put away’ the table after a meal, although I don’t understand the context of it entirely…
Agar (agad)- comer cualquiera que ha a las manos sin reservar para manana/to eat what is on hand, without waiting (for tomorrow). Eg. Balang paquinabang co,y, inaagad cong canin. “Whatever I find, I eat right away.”
Pispis-barrer con escobillas migajas de la mesa despues de comebrush crumbs off the table after eating.
Sabic (sabik)-desear comer carne o pescado/For want of eating meat or fish. Eg. Aco,y, nasasabic nang usa. “I want to eat deer.” lit. “(The thought of) eating deer, makes me excited”.
Pita-apetecer algo como cosas de cometo crave something, like food/things to eat. Eg. Houag mong pitahin ang uala. “Don’t crave what you don’t (have)”.
Ybig (ibig)-apetecer con antojo algo de comecraving something to eat. Eg. Ano caya ang pinagiibigan mo? “What do you want?” Lucban ang pinag iibigan co. “Orange is what I’m craving.”
Note: Obviously this is the native word for ‘desire/want’, which also trans. to ‘love’ ie 'to desire someone'. ‘Mahal’ ‘precious’ is a terminology borrowed from Sanskrit via Malay.
Halon-parar los que caminan a la hora de come o por la noche/to stop those who are walking/on the road (ie those who are busy) or at night (for them to eat). Eg. Saan quita hahalon nang pagcain? “Where should we stop to eat?”
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2020.11.21 09:01 RBree2 Brian Quotes 11/20/2020

Ninety-eighth installment.
"Apparently HAMGROD is a thing now, instead of Hagrid."
"I'll do my best, sometimes you just gotta take a bite out of it."
"You cannot pawn my teeth anymore, I'm sorry."
"he is Prince Plinko"
"It's shamrock. It's oirish."
"The candle is the light of hope...and chat eats that hope."
"I'll give you advice: go beat up the bad guys!"
"I'm gonna report everyone in this chat!"
"I can't keep track of time anymore because it's all relative and not real and in my brain."
"oh shit balls ass"
"(singing) I'm gonna pee I'm gonna pee I'm gonna peeee"
"oh my pee, the hit new series"
"ohhh fuck my bum!"
"Ohhhh nooo I'm dinner..."
"ohhhhhh doggiessssss"
"Why is his hat a ballsack?"
"He can't see me, I'm John Cena"
"Oh shit my butt"
"(singing) I'm gonna peeeee in my own pantsssss in a secondddd"
"Sometimes you gotta sit ass to ass with your bud as you take a shit."
"oh brothers and sisters of the world do I hate this a lot"
"ohhhhhhhh my goddddd dammittttt"
"(singing) Oh my hands are so sweatyyyyyyyy"
"Why are there so many sausages though?"
"we're gonna make a stairway of sausages"
"I'm gonna pee a little bit more, as I do"
"Excuse me, I've got the fear burps."
"(singing) I don't knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what to do~"
"We're like Arbies, we've got the meat."
"(singing) ohhhh boyyyy am I gonna get jumpscared and peee a little? Probablyyyyy."
"(singing) I hate everything in my liiiiifetiiiime! Movie awardddd"
"d'aaaaaahhh I'm gonna pee"
"ohhhh my sweet sally jimbo"
"oh the plunger of safety"
"we're in the poop place!"
"I just want toooo...not deal with this shit."
"Like the worst version, of team rocket, of all time"
"absofartinglutely not"
"what the frickfrackhackeysack dude???"
"this sucks ass"
"And then I gotta--AHHHHHHHHHH"
"Yeah take that stubby arm bitches!"
"That scared the farts out of me."
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2020.11.21 07:09 YeetAway00 wtf (what the fr*ck) ???? John cena based and bothpilled???!!! 🤯

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2020.11.21 00:39 OneWingedDevil28 Re-Booking American Alpha on the Main Roster (Part Two)

With the Wyatt Family becoming a force to be reckoned with in the SmackDown brand going into the new year, they have now extended their tight grasp of the black-and-blue brand into the tag division, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships from American Alpha at TLC to cap off the year. Gable and Jordan’s miracle run to start their main roster had gone up in flames, and with the road headed to Orlando for WrestleMania, they’d have to take every opportunity as they come.

Re-Booking American Alpha on the Main Roster (Part Two)

SmackDown – 3rd January 2017
The month of January sees the first SmackDown of the year have American Alpha initiate their rematch clause on the Wyatt Family duo of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Orton and Wyatt won relatively convincingly at TLC, showing no signs of weakness. American Alpha seem to be much more focused tonight, Gable and Jordan have struck gold against the odds before, however the threat tonight seems a slope a little too steep.

American Alpha vs The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton) © for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The match takes an entirely different tone to their last encounter, with American Alpha coming out of the gates swinging here. They go straight after Wyatt, despite their tempt to use dirty tactics, such as ramming Wyatt into the barricade and sweeping Orton off the apron, they stick to their true tag team roots. However, their innocence acts as a silent burden, Wyatt is able to counter a Jordan Slam into a Uranage, with both men down after an intense encounter, Jordan goes for the hot tag to get the crowd riled up, but Orton sweeps Gable off the ropes and catches him with an RKO mid-air.
Back inside the ring, Wyatt and Orton pick apart Jordan, who shows a valiant mentality, he tries to mount a comeback to no avail, Wyatt orders Orton to finish it, Orton goes for the RKO, but Gable pushes Orton into Wyatt, he goes for the roll up pin, 1…2… Kick out, that was American Alpha’s best shot so far, with both men on their feet, Orton connects a sudden RKO! He goes for the cover, 1….2.. Jason Jordan breaks up the pinfall!
Orton turns around and stares in the eyes of an alarmed Jordan, Orton chases Jordan, both men slide back in the ring, Jordan runs straight into Wyatt, who gets him in position for the Sister Abigail, Gable springboards in, Orton CATCHES HIM WITH AN RKO! WYATT CONNECTS THE SISTER ABIGAIL, HE GOES FOR THE COVER, 1….2…3!
The Wyatt Family © def. American Alpha (22 minutes)
So close, but yet so far. Jordan and Gable aid each other, while Wyatt and Orton scramble to the outside of the ring, celebrating with their championships on the ramp. Yet again, Wyatt and Orton have come out on top, and while this match wasn’t as convincing, American Alpha relied on lucky breaks and going out of their code of conduct to have a shot at the championships tonight. A great effort, Gable and Jordan are applauded.
Their chances at regaining the SmackDown Tag Team Championships blown, American Alpha stay quiet for the rest of the month, the 10th January show sees American Alpha both declared for the Royal Rumble Match at the end of the month, the 17th January show sees American Alpha get back to winning ways with a much needed victory against the unlikely duo of Apollo Crews and Kalisto. On the 24th January episode, the final episode before the Royal Rumble, American Alpha are confronted backstage by The Usos, who warn American Alpha to stay out of their way in the Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble – January 29th 2017
After a superb night, one of the better WWE PPVs of the decade, we reach the main event, the 30 Man Royal Rumble match to decide who will be facing a world champion of their choosing at WrestleMania. Chris Jericho holds the Universal Championship, John Cena holds the WWE Championship. After the announcement is made, Number One enters…
And it is none other than Jason Jordan. He receives a lukewarm pop, as he marches down to the ring, riled up and motivated. However, his expression is quick to change, as he realizes who Number Two is… His own partner, Chad Gable. Gable walks down to the ring, stern expression, almost regret, as Gable and Jordan are both perplexed when they enter the ring. They are going to start the Rumble together – this is a scenario they did not plan for.

2017 Royal Rumble Match
The bell rings, and Gable is shrugging, while Jordan is emotionless. They both circle the ring and enter a tie up, and it is full steam ahead as both men take the fight to the mat, where they both excel most, and this is where we get a real showcase of their abilities, they’re both in their natural element, and there is a sense of civility in the ring to start the match. When Jordan goes for a sneaky elimination on Gable, that’s where the floodgates open, as both men go for more ambitious moves before the next man enters the match, that man being Braun Strowman.
Gable and Jordan are now forced to team back up against Strowman, we see their unparalleled synergy and also the strength of Strowman, it takes a lot out of both men to just get the Monster Among Men on his knees, let alone out of the match. At one point, Strowman holsters Gable up, going for an elimination, but Jordan comes in with a Missile Dropkick from the top rope, they both contribute to decking Strowman with a suplex, they unsuccessfully go for the elimination.
Both Gable and Jordan are able to survive throughout the early goings of the match, we then see the Usos enter, Jimmy Uso at Number 6, and Jey Uso at Number 8. With everyone down, we get a mini-match between both of these two teams, catch is they’re all in the ring at the same time and neither of them can go outside, which makes for a fast-paced showcase segment between both of these teams.
They connect the Grand Amplitude on Jimmy Uso, ending the sequence, but out of nowhere, CHAD GABLE GRABS JASON JORDAN AND LOBS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE! Jordan has his head in his hands, disappointed with Gable, they both make telling eye contact, as if they’re both communicating with each other without saying a single word. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso are even impressed at the actions of Chad Gable, who reminds himself that it is a Royal Rumble match, every man for himself, every opportunity matters.
Shortly later, we see Gable get an even bigger pop as he eliminates both Jimmy and Jey Uso in quick succession, as he is really becoming a star of this Royal Rumble Match, something Jason Jordan is guaranteed to be displeased about. However, his momentum is quickly stopped by The Miz, who eliminates Gable to get a cheap boo from the crowd and build up some momentum. Gable is ashamed in the elimination, but he understands that he’s done very well tonight, as Kevin Owens goes on to win the Royal Rumble to close out the night.

SmackDown – 31st January 2017
Backstage, we see American Alpha discuss the Royal Rumble Match with each other. Jordan is frustrated at being eliminated by Gable, to the extent that the two are near arguing, it concludes with Jordan pushing Gable away and supposedly leaving him, the fate of American Alpha lying in the balance. It is announced that next week, we will get Chad Gable vs Jason Jordan as a follow-up to the events of the Royal Rumble Match. Meanwhile, The Usos begin their program with the duo of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

SmackDown – 7th January 2017
On the go home show before the Elimination Chamber show, the final stop for SmackDown on the Road to WrestleMania, while the rest of the Locker Room are building their matches for the show this Sunday and preserving energy, the main event slot is given to Gable and Jordan, who are settling their differences after Gable eliminated Jordan in the Royal Rumble and they had a backstage altercation last week. Both men make their entrances, Gable emitting babyface vibes.
Jason Jordan vs Chad Gable
Gable goes for a handshake early, but Jordan shakes his head and goes back into his corner, as the tension is at fever pitch tonight. Early on, we see that Jordan is on his game, he dominates the mat affair, a conservative start to this main event bout. The action eventually turns to the outside, with Jordan throwing Gable into the steel chairs, Gable leaps over them and comes back with a dive off the stairs, forearm smash.
The action the turns to the apron, Gable goes for a german suplex off the apron onto the concrete, but Jordan hangs onto the ropes for dear life, he breaks free of it and connects a belly-to-back suplex on the apron, Jordan begs for Gable to not get back in the ring for the refs count, Gable does indeed get back in the ring. Jordan then connects the Jordan Slam on a defenceless Gable, who is able to kick out at 2, getting the crowd invested into the match.
Jordan urges Gable to stay down, but with the help of the crowd, the latter is able to power to his feet, resisting every strike of Jordan. Gable suddenly locks in the Ankle Lock, and the tide of the match has turned completely, Jordan goes for the ropes but Gable drags him back in and reapplies the lock, Jordan flips Gable over, who does a cartwheel to stay on his feet, he connects a THUNDEROUS discus clothesline! Gable looks to the top rope, wanting to finish it, he goes up there, the crowd on their feet, he GOES FOR THE MOONSAULT, BUT JORDAN MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!
Jordan goes for the Belly-To-Back into the Neckbreaker, but Gable slides out of it, he connects the Chaos Theory, 1…2… JORDAN KICKS OUT! The two enter an emotional striking exchange, Gable goes for a german suplex, Jordan lands on his feet, he gets Gable up, BELLY TO BACK INTO THE NECKBREAKER! He goes for the cover, 1…2…3!
Jason Jordan def. Chad Gable (20 minutes)
These two have stole the show in this unorthodox main event match on the go home show of SmackDown before Elimination Chamber. At Royal Rumble, Gable got his moment to shine, and now, it’s Jason Jordan who has reaped the spotlight in this well-crafted and often emotional match which had the crowd engaged, it was civil and also told a clear story, a valiant effort from both men tonight.
After the match, Jordan regrets fighting Gable, who slowly recovers. Jordan exits the ring, and while he is halfway up the ramp, The Usos come sprinting out. Jordan watches on as the Usos, who have unfinished business with Gable after the Royal Rumble, slide into the ring and begin beating him down. Jordan is visibly conflicted on the ramp, but he can’t tolerate it, he turns around and sprints down the ramp, slides into the ring and scares The Usos away, who retreat into the crowd.
Jordan helps Gable to his feet, and with all of their hard feelings thrown out during the match, the two re-unite after their brief stint of tension. With The Usos in the crowd and American Alpha in the ring, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, come out on the stage and hold up their championships to end the show. It is shortly later announced that at Elimination Chamber, it will be The Usos vs American Alpha vs Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Elimination Chamber – 12th February 2017
During the night, we see the culmination of the feud between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss which has dominated the SmackDown Women’s division since its birth, and in the main event, John Cena is took out of the match by a returning Undertaker, meaning that a new WWE Champion is guaranteed. It goes down to the wire, with AJ Styles regaining the WWE Championship before being attacked by Neville, who makes his SmackDown debut.
In the semi-main event, the SmackDown Tag Team Championships are up for grabs, with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt defending against The Usos and American Alpha. Before the match, we discover that Luke Harper will be competing with Randy Orton, a decision heavily disputed by the rest of the Family. Harper goes ahead with it anyway, guaranteeing that he will retain the championships for the Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt sits on the side, as he prepares to participate in the main event of the night in the Elimination Chamber Match.
The challenging teams make their entrances, and it’s clear that American Alpha have built their synergy back up after their fall-out which started at Royal Rumble. It concluded last Tuesday on SmackDown in a superb main event, with Jason Jordan returning the favour. He couldn’t bear to watch his tag team partner turned rival get beat down, so he rescued Gable, and the tag team reformed, and they are coming into tonight with a lot of momentum.

The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) vs American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan) vs The Wyatt Family (Randy Orton and Luke Harper) © for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Jordan, Jey and Harper start in the ring. American Alpha are the team that come out of the gates swinging, they show tremendous, unlikely synergy coming away from their match on SmackDown, forcing the Usos and the Wyatts to work together to get American Alpha temporarily out of the match. We see The Usos, Harper and Orton go at it, with the Wyatts going for a roll-up pin, Jey kicks out, Orton goes for an RKO, with Jey pushing Orton into Jimmy, who connects a superkick. Shortly later, Luke Harper goes for a Discus Clothesline, with Jey hitting a superkick on Harper. With everyone out of the ring, The Usos connect a beautiful stereo leap to the outside, connecting on the crowd.
Back inside the ring, Jey lays Gable out, Jimmy goes to the top rope, supposedly going for a Frog Splash, however, Harper pushes Jimmy off the top rope, and the Wyatts retain momentum, the champions asserting their dominance. However, we see Harper and Orton miscommunicate, giving way for American Alpha to mount a comeback, Jason Joran gets a tag on Chad Gable who destroys the competition, he connects the Ankle Lock on Jimmy Uso, right as Jimmy is about to tap, Jey grabs the hand of Jimmy.
Gable keeps it locked in, however, while he stands, Orton comes in and CONNECTS AN RKO! He goes for the cover, 1…2.. JASON JORDAN BREAKS IT UP WITH A MOONSAULT! Everyone gets into the ring and pure carnage unfolds, until we reach the final stretch of the match. Chad Gable lunges from the top rope towards the Usos, with Randy Orton connecting a mid-air RKO. Marvelling in momentum, Orton is tagged out, he argues with Harper, who demands to finish the job. Orton eventually complies, but Jimmy Uso goes up to Harper and goes for the roll up, Luke kicks out, he goes for a Discus Lariat, Jimmy ducks and JEY CONNECTS A SUPERKICK!
Jason Jordan goes for a Belly to Back into Neckbreaker, he connects it, 1…2… JIMMY BREAKS UP THE PIN! They hit double superkicks on Jordan, Jimmy goes up to the top rope while Jey lunges for Orton, they both go tumbling to the outside, Jimmy connects a FROG SPLASH on Luke Harper, he goes for the cover, 1…2…3!
The Usos def. The Wyatt Family © vs American Alpha (17 minutes)
A tremendous tag team affair concludes with new champions, The Usos win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships finally, a huge moment for the team, their first time winning the belts. Jimmy and Jey hug each other in the middle of the ring, while Jordan and Gable retreat to the outside of the ring, gutted, but they put up a valiant effort, and most importantly, they were never pinned.
Back inside the ring, The Usos celebrate before leaving. Orton confronts Harper after the match, an altercation begins, Bray Wyatt steps in to simmer the tension, but eventually he turns on Harper, as Wyatt and Orton beat down Luke Harper in a huge turn of events in the night. Elimination Chamber sets up many story threads for WrestleMania.
These include John Cena vs The Undertaker, Shane McMahon vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, Neville vs AJ Styles for the WWE Championship and the Wyatts will conclude their long-term story in Orlando. The fate of the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, however, lie in the balance.

SmackDown – 14th February 2017
The Usos’ SmackDown Tag Team Championship celebrations are interrupted by none other than American Alpha, who firstly congratulate the Usos on the title win, there is a sense of civility and respect for both teams, and that is made clear. However, American Alpha then stake their claims for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, referring to their last 2 on 2 encounter, and also mentioning how they never got pinned, Luke Harper was the one pinned, and American Alpha were so close to winning.
“We’re not asking for much. You guys can brag about your championship win as much as you like, but until you defend those belts against us, you’ve got no credibility and every statement you make is a lie.” Despite American Alpha’s best attempts to encourage a tag team match, The Usos claim that American Alpha need to ‘step in line’ saying that they’ve been involved with the championship since the Draft, and they need to let the other teams in the spotlight.

SmackDown – 21st February 2017
Tonight, Jason Jordan faces Jimmy Uso in a Singles Match. In response to their altercation last week, this match was set up, with Chad Gable facing Jey Uso next week. If American Alpha can win both of these bouts, then they will get a shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. Both men make their entrances, Jey and Chad in their corners.
Jason Jordan vs Jimmy Uso
The Usos interfere commonly, which takes centre stage in the match, as they rob Jason Jordan of a win numerous times. Both men put up a good fight, showing off how good they can be in singles action, as the bout extends past the ten-minute mark, American Alpha putting their everything into their matches to ensure they have a shot at the belt they believe is rightfully theirs at WrestleMania. When Jey Uso gets ejected from the match, it gets wide open, a late effort from Jimmy rounded out with a Frog Splash attempt fails, as Jordan gets his knees up and connects the Belly-To-Back into Neckbreaker for the 123.
Jason Jordan def. Jimmy Uso (12 minutes)
That is half of the job complete. Jordan and Gable celebrate in the ring, perhaps a little less celebratory and more relief. Only part of the job has been done tonight, as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions find themselves on the backfoot in this storied feud. Is American Alpha the bane of the Usos?

SmackDown – 28th February 2017
Tonight, in a heavily anticipated match, Chad Gable and Jey Uso will face off. It’s simple, if Chad Gable wins, he and Jason Jordan go to WrestleMania to challenge the Usos for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. If Jey Uso wins, then American Alpha get back in line and it’s the ground up for them. As an added stipulation, neither Jimmy nor Jordan can be in either man’s corner tonight, encouraging a fair fight.
Chad Gable vs Jey Uso
And a fair fight is what we get. The Usos have to own up to their responsibilities at their table, and that’s exactly what happens here, as Jey and Chad have a well-orchestrated match which gets the crowd hot. Their match is a lot more clean and enjoyable than the one last week between Jason Jordan and Jimmy Uso, but just like last week, this one goes down to the wire, until Jey Uso is able to roll up Gable and put his feet on the ropes for leverage, the ref counts to 3 and American Alpha’s dreams are crushed on the spot.
Jey Uso def. Chad Gable (15 minutes)
Jey Uso immediately rolls out of the ring and celebrates the result, relieved Jimmy meets with Jey on the ramp to celebrate, while Gable is sitting in the middle of the ring, devastated. American Alpha make it clear in a post match backstage interview that they are not done, however.

SmackDown – 7th March 2017
The Usos waltz down to the ring and brag about Jey’s win against Chad Gable last week, and how everyone was doubting the Usos, saying they can’t beat American Alpha, and the Usos can’t win clean, and American Alpha are the next in line for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, and now all of those claims have been debunked. This time, American Alpha take a more rigorous approach, as they brawl with the Usos, increasing the stakes of the feud.

SmackDown – 14th March 2017
Shane McMahon definitively announces that this week, a Tag Team Gauntlet will take place, with the winners going to face the Usos at WrestleMania for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The Usos like the idea already, until they hear the last team to be announced into the match, American Alpha. The Usos demand that American Alpha start the match, and Shane implicates it, as Gable and Jordan are faced with their toughest challenge yet.
Tag Team Gauntlet Match
The first team that American Alpha knock down are The Vaudevillains, American Alpha dispose of them relatively easily. The next team out are The Ascension, who batter a fatigued American Alpha, who look completely out of it, they use the help of the crowd, who rally the duo, who are completely behind the team who are going for the miracle run. American Alpha build a wonderful comeback and knock down the Ascension, with two more teams to go. The next team out are Breezango, who have a more civil match with American Alpha, with Gable and Jordan on the top of their game after defeating the Ascension, it goes to show here as they are able to capitalize on their momentum and defeat Breezango, leaving one more team…
The Usos. The tag champions take matters into their own hands, as they march down the ramp, Gable and Jordan in complete despair, they have already endured the rest of the division, and now they have to face the Aces of the division? The Usos don’t want to play around either, they are assertive as they have a fantastic main event affair with American Alpha, who are able to pick up the win and secure their place for WrestleMania.
American Alpha win the Tag Team Gauntlet (25 minutes)
The fans rise to their feet and pop at the count of 3, American Alpha have finally booked their ticket for WrestleMania, at times it looked unlikely, at times they questioned whether what they were fighting for was worth it, they found themselves fighting each other at one point, but they have made it, and it’s a feel-good moment to close out the show. The Usos retreat to the ramp, they hold their belts up as if to say ‘We’re still the champs’.

SmackDown – 21st March 2017
As we close in on WrestleMania, this SmackDown show confirmes a lot more matches for the black-and-blue brand, including the unlikely duo of Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose facing the Wyatt Family duo of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. As for the tag championship scene, tonight, there is a video package, outlining this near year long feud between these two teams, as it is also announced that at WrestleMania, American Alpha will challenge The Usos in a Best 2/3 Falls Match.

SmackDown – 28th March 2017
On the go home show of SmackDown before WrestleMania, the main event is a tag team match reminiscent of something on a Road To Tokyo Dome card, as this six man tag will set up two matches. Tonight, AJ Styles teams with American Alpha to face Neville and The Usos. Neville challenges AJ Styles this Sunday for the WWE Championship, and this Sunday, American Alpha challenge the Usos in a Best 2/3 Falls Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.
AJ Styles and American Alpha vs The Usos and Neville
We don’t see a lot of direct wrestling regarding the matches we are going to see at WrestleMania. For example, Neville and Styles don’t share the ring often, and Usos and American Alpha are very conservative in their approach. The bout unfolds into six-man carnage, with everyone getting in a piece of offence and the fans in for a treat for the go home show before the biggest show of the year. In feel-good manner, Chad Gable is able to pin Jimmy Uso for the win, further solidifying their claim for the championships and shedding light on one of the more personal WrestleMania matches.
AJ Styles and American Alpha def. The Usos and Neville (27 minutes)
After the match, American Alpha and The Usos stare down, they leave before Neville attacks AJ Styles one more time, the stage is set for a thrilling WrestleMania event in Orlando!
WrestleMania 33 – 2nd April 2017
The biggest show of the year, the granddaddy of them all. A spectacle like no ever, the WrestleMania in Orlando lives up to the thrill ride name it’s been given, with a plethora of great matches, iconic moments, sentimental returns and everything in between. The 2/3 Falls Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship is the second match of the night. The challengers, American Alpha, make an eccentric WrestleMania entrance with pyro and special gear.
The Usos are out next, their entrance is intimidating, they march down the ramp, a firm grip of the titles they desire to hold at the conclusion of the night. This will be a test of endurance, the Usos want their WrestleMania moment, however, they are going to have to beat American Alpha twice to get that moment. With everyone in the ring, Gable and Jimmy start for their respective teams, the bell rings and we are underway.

American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable) vs The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) © for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships
The first fall is conservative, these four men are inexperienced on such a big stage, the floodgates open when The Usos begin to work the psychological game, even trying to get American Alpha to form tension within each other at one point. However, we know that Gable and Jordan have a lot of mental fortitude, they rally back into the match with the help of the crowd. In a significant spot in the match, Jey goes for a superkick, but Jordan catches it and throws the leg into Jimmy. Jordan then connects a german suplex on Jey, he tags in Gable, they connect the Grand Amplitude and go for the cover, American Alpha PICK UP THE FIRST FALL!
American Alpha win the first fall (9 minutes)
The question looms large – do The Usos just not have what it takes to defeat American Alpha? As the second fall starts, we see American Alpha in full force, firing on all cylinders against a staggered team. The tide turns when Gable goes for a Moonsault on Jey, with Jimmy catching Gable with a mid-air Moonsault. Jimmy Uso ascends to the top rope, going for the Frog Splash, but he is thrown off the top rope by Jason Jordan, the action turns to the outside, where they are able to hit their signature spots.
The outside sequence concludes with Gable getting Jey Uso into a DDT, leaping off the apron, kicking Jimmy and planting Jey with a Spike DDT on the concrete. Back inside the ring, Gable goes for the Grand Amplitude yet again, but Jimmy fights out of it, he pushes Gable into Jey, SUPERKICK! The action now devolves into a full on WrestleMania spectacle, with The Usos taking the second fall with a roll up.
The Usos win the second fall (15 minutes)
It wasn’t convincing, but that’s exactly what the Usos needed, a fall against American Alpha just so they can reassure themselves that they have what it takes to defeat the Number One Contenders tonight. The final fall is when the grand spectacle really emerges, both teams showing why they are the best tag teams in the world at the time.
In one specifically emotional point in the match, Gable locks in the Ankle Lock, Jey Uso has to hold the hand of Jimmy to reassure him and to make sure he doesn’t tap. The two teams trade finishers, at one point, Jimmy goes to the top rope, Gable springboards and hits a hruricanrana on Jimmy. They connect a Grand Amplitude, Jey is able to break up a pin.
After an amazing final fall, with all of the emotions on show, it is The Usos who power through, they are finally able to get the win over American Alpha, and they have done it in clean, respectful fashion, the Usos achieve their WrestleMania moment as they connect the Samoan Drop followed by the Frog Splash for the 123.
The Usos win the third and final fall (26 minutes)
The poetic moment just wasn’t meant to be for American Alpha tonight, who are devastated, but proud of their efforts. The Usos shake the hands of American Alpha after the match, both teams showed their worth tonight, a worthy culmination to a storied feud, that each man will remember for the rest of their careers. American Alpha’s venture to regain the championships weren’t for nothing, however, there can only be one winner in war, and that winner tonight was deservedly the Usos, who finally get their WrestleMania moment.
However, this feud would be a catalyst for a great stint on the main roster for American Alpha. Now a proven tag team and a legitimate contender in the division, they would win over the hearts of fans and hold the Tag Team Championships numerous more times. Their main roster arrival was an impressive one, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan had much more to do.
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2020.11.21 00:23 hhhfan92297 Firestorm LVIII: How WWE Should Have Booked Cesaro in 2014 - Part (2/3)

The Night after Money In The Bank: Paul Heyman & Intercontinental Champion Cesaro make their way to the ring. Paul grabs a mic & talks about Cesaro’s epic performance last night at Money In The Bank. He says that he’s seen a lot of great performers in this ring but he’s never seen anyone perform quite as awesome as The Swiss Superman, Cesaro. His performance was one of, if not the best, performances that Paul Heyman has ever seen in his entire life. Even though Cesaro did not win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, he will one day go down as one of, if not, the greatest performers of this business. But they get interrupted by Rob Van Dam who also puts Cesaro over by saying that after last night, he’s officially earned his respect. But he also wants to challenge him to a match for the Intercontinental Championship & prove that RVD can still hang with the top guys in WWE today. Cesaro tells RVD that he watched guys like him during his heyday & is one of the reasons why he wanted to become a WWE Superstar. So, therefore he accepts the challenge but will prove that this is not ECW anymore & has no problem sending him to retirement.
Next Week: Cesaro defends the Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam. This will last 12 minutes & this will be a really good match. Both RVD & The Swiss Superman are giving it their all. Rob Van Dam almost dethrones Cesaro but Cesaro hits the Neutralizer in the middle of the ring & retains the title in one hell of a thrilling match.
Battleground 2014: Cesaro puts the Intercontinental Championship on the line against Chris Jericho, The Miz, & Dolph Ziggler in a Fatal 4 Way Match. This will be another thrilling match as 3 men want to walk away as the new Intercontinental Champion. Cesaro just wants to prove that he is the best Intercontinental Champion of this era. This match lasts about 16 minutes & this could very well be a candidate for match of the night. Just to let everyone know I put Jericho in the match because he wants to attempt to break his own record & become a 10-time Intercontinental Champion. Anyway, there’s gonna be a lot of high spots in this match. After 16 minutes, Dolph Ziggler hits Chris Jericho with a Zig Zag but Cesaro throws him out of the ring & pins Chris Jericho to once again retain the Intercontinental Championship. This will give Cesaro some form of heat from the crowd because everyone was pulling for Dolph Ziggler to win. Anyway, Ziggler is not too happy about this as he was inches away from victory until Cesaro took it away from him. But this will lead to…...
Summerslam 2014: Dolph Ziggler gets a one on one shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Cesaro with Paul Heyman in his corner. This match will be the 1st match of the night & this will last about 13 minutes tops. Both Cesaro & Dolph Ziggler are pulling high spotty moves on each other & this may even be a candidate for match of the night. During the match, Cesaro hits him with the Neutralizer & covers Dolph Ziggler but Ziggler somehow kicks out. Cesaro is legit shocked & stunned that Dolph kicked out. Cesaro pummels him some more & gives him some more punishment before giving Dolph another Neutralizer & goes for the cover again but Ziggler again somehow kicks out. Now, Cesaro is legit getting pissed off because he cannot put him away. He grabs Ziggler & yells at him to just stay down. But that ends up costing him as Ziggler superkicks him & knocks him out. Long story, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Cesaro & covers Cesaro but ends up getting a 2 count. They battle it out again for a couple more minutes before Dolph hits Cesaro with another Zig Zag & pins him “1-2-3”. Dolph defeats Cesaro & WINS the Intercontinental Championship. Paul Heyman looks almost visibly disappointed but he picks up Cesaro, goes back, & returns later on when Brock Lesnar DESTROYS John Cena to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in the main event.
Night of Champions 2014: Cesaro gets his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler. This will last 15 minutes & Cesaro will do just about anything to get back his title. Long story, it’s a really competitive match but in the end, Dolph Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Cesaro to not only get the 3 Count, but retain the Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Paul Heyman looks a little more visibly disgusted than at Summerslam but nonetheless, he grabs a microphone & tells Cesaro that he is legit one of the best athletes that he’s ever had the privilege to manage. He even goes as far as saying that he will go down as one of the greatest athletes of all time & more importantly, as his 2nd favorite client next to Brock Lesnar. Cesaro just looks at Heyman like “Bitch, WTF?!”, takes the microphone from Paul & cuts a shoot promo on him saying this “Your 2nd favorite?! Are you kidding me?! Is Brock more important than me?! Well, let me tell you something Paul, during my reign as Intercontinental Champion, I put on some of the best matches that these fans have ever seen. What did Brock do since he beat The Undertaker?! Huh?! What exactly did he do since WrestleMania 30, I’ll tell you what he did, NOTHING! HE DID NOTHING, But since he returned a few weeks ago, he gets a WWE World Title Match because he’s a big attraction & he’s legit. I’ve been in this company for 2 years & I’ve done more things than Brock Lesnar has ever done in his entire life. The only thing that’s legit about him is he hides behind his short term contracts because Lesnar knows if he had gotten a long term contract, he would’ve taken his ball & went home like he did 10 years ago. So, you know what, I’m sick of this treatment, I’m sick of you reminding everyone that Brock beat The Undertaker, & I’m tired of you mentioning The Streak. I’m gonna prove to you that you made a very big mistake & I am going to show Brock Lesnar why I am the better wrestler here in WWE because as of right now, this partnership between us is over & more importantly, Paul, you can kiss my ass!” Cesaro throws the microphone out of the ring & walks angrily to the back as Paul Heyman is SHOCKED & STUNNED by the harsh words by Cesaro. The crowd is now more than ever behind Cesaro after witnessing the pipebomb & for the treatment that Paul gave him during his run as IC Champion as this will officially turn Cesaro babyface & gets a BIG POP from the crowd after that.
Later that Night: After Brock Lesnar once again DESTROYS John Cena to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, He proceeds to beat down Cena as he is unable to fight back at this point. Brock then proceeds to give him one final F5 but Cesaro comes out & puts a stop to it. They actually tease that they’re going to fight but Lesnar just gets out of the ring as he wants none of The Swiss Superman. The show ends with a stare down between Cesaro & Lesnar.
The Next Night on Raw: Cesaro comes to a BIG POP from the crowd after unleashing a pipebomb on Paul Heyman 24 hours earlier at Night of Champions & he is taking on Alberto Del Rio (I don’t know if he was released by this point btw). After 10 minutes, Cesaro gets the win after hitting Del Rio with a Neutralizer but after the match, Cesaro grabs a microphone & talks about the events that transpired last night at Night of Champions. He says that he meant it when he said that his partner with him & Paul Heyman is officially over. During his reign as Intercontinental Champion, Paul was always talking about Brock ending the 21-0 Undefeated Streak of The Undertaker & he just like the WWE Universe is sick of hearing it over & over again. But more importantly, it felt like Paul actually cared more about Brock than him. Well, last night, Cesaro got in Brock’s face & actually dared him to hit him. But Paul somehow convinced him to walk away & that basically proved that Brock Lesnar is nothing more than a coward who always hides behind his fat walrus & his big fat paychecks. But one day, he & Brock will go at it & Cesaro will prove who actually brings real legitimacy to WWE & more importantly, who the better wrestler is. He throws the mic down & walks to the back again with big cheers from the crowd.
Hell in a Cell 2014: Cesaro takes on Randy Orton, Kane, & John Cena in a Fatal 4 Way Hell in a Cell Match to determine who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This will last about 17 minutes & this will be a brutal match but Cesaro will show what he can actually do inside that big demonic structure. There’s gonna be a lot of near falls in the match & Cesaro even comes SUPER CLOSE to actually winning. But in the end, John Cena will get the win & will get another crack at Brock Lesnar. Cesaro gets a well deserved big standing ovation for his performance in this match.
Survivor Series 2014: Cesaro joins Team Cena to take on The Authority in the traditional 5 vs 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match in the main event. All I’m gonna say is Mark Henry does get eliminated by Big Show the way he did in real life. But here’s where things will change, Cesaro will be the marathon man along with Dolph Ziggler in the Survivor Series Match. Cesaro will eliminate Luke Harper while Dolph Ziggler will eliminate Kane (who is the demon in this booking btw). This leads to Seth Rollins being the only man in The Authority left. So, this battle lasts about 15 minutes & during that time, Dolph Ziggler gets eliminated by Seth Rollins thanks to a distraction from Triple H. I know, I know. This is just to give Triple H a ton of heat from the crowd & it will give Dolph Ziggler a little more sympathy from the crowd. Anyway, both Cesaro & Rollins duke it out for a few minutes before the referee gets knocked down. After that Triple H beats down Cesaro & hits him with the pedigree. He then calls out Scott Armstrong to make the 3 count but after he makes the 2 count, we hear a crow, & see the creepy images on the titantron. “STING IS HERE”, Sting nails Scott Armstrong on his way to the ring & Triple H is shocked like he has seen a ghost. He’s really confused as to why Sting is actually in a WWE ring. He goes to attack him but Sting dodges & gets kicked in the gut. After a brief moment, The Icon hits The Cerebral Assassin with the Scorpion Death Drop. After Sting leaves, Seth Rollins gets up & looks at Triple H laying on the floor like “WTF?!” He then gets hit from behind by Cesaro with the European Uppercut & Cesaro hits Rollins with the Neutralizer, gets the 3 count & WINS the Survivor Series Match. The WWE Universe goes crazy at what they have just seen. Cesaro is the sole survivor in this Elimination Match. More importantly, The Authority is OFFICIALLY done. They’re out of power & they STAY out of power.
The Next Night on Raw: Cesaro & the rest of Team Cena come out to BIG POPs from the crowd. They talk about the big win last night & how they overcame everything thrown at them. They also put over Cesaro by saying he is one hell of a talent & one hell of a partner. But their careers almost ended last night. They would’ve ended if it wasn’t for one man. One man who has never stepped foot inside a WWE ring until last night. He is the man known as Sting. He is the reason that they still have their careers in WWE & they are grateful for that. That’s John Cena saying all of that btw.
So, Vince McMahon comes out & basically tells everyone that since his daughter Stephanie McMahon & his son in law, Triple H are no longer in chart, he will announce a new General Manager. That person is Theodore Long & the crowd POP’s crazy at that announcement. Basically, they’re going to have a face in charge of WWE instead of a heel. So, Theodore Long makes a few changes & makes a main event for tonight. As you guessed it, it will be a TAG TEAM MATCH. Cesaro teams up with John Cena to take on J&J Security.
Later that night: Cesaro & John Cena team up to take on J&J Security in the main event. All I’m gonna say is that J&J Security take a little bit of control. Other than that, Cesaro & John Cena just destroy J&J Security to end Raw & send everyone home happy.
TLC 2014: Cesaro takes on The World’s Largest Athlete, Big Show. This will be a true test to The Swiss Superman & this will last about 12 minutes. Big Show takes most control of the match but Cesaro makes his comeback in the end. Also, Cesaro struggles during the match to lift Big Show up for the Neutralizer but actually does in the end & gets a BIG POP for the effort. Cesaro is struggling to get to his feet but does & just walks painfully to the back.
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2020.11.20 19:42 bestevr4 How WWE Should've Booked Cesaro after Wrestlemania 30: Part 3

February 16, 2015, Raw
After taking time off to heal his injuries Cesaro comes out to address the WWE Universe. He says that the Authority won't let him not defend his title on back to back pay per views. He then goes on to say that he is not medically cleared to compete and he isn’t sure when he will be. With Fastlane fast approaching he needs to be cleared by February 22 or he will be stripped of his title.
Bad News Barrett def. Dean Ambrose to become number 1 contender.
Fastlane 2015
Barrett fires away to start and Cesaro comes back with a crossbody. Barrett bails and back in, Cesaro overpowers Barrett. Elbow drop by Cesaro gets 2 and he stomps away on Barrett in the corner. Big boot by Barrett knocks Cesaro to the floor and back in, he covers for 1. Knee lift in the corner by Barrett gets 1 and he grabs the chin lock. Cesaro fights out so Barrett catches him with a big boot, knocking Cesaro back to the floor. Barrett rams Cesaro against the apron and Cesaro comes back with a rebound lariat as Barrett tries to toss him in. Back in, Cesaro hits a Tornado DDT and he throws jabs at Barrett. Cesaro hits a bulldog on Barrett. Cesaro goes up and leaps but Barrett moves. Cesaro blocks Winds of Change and gets a small package for 2. Shotgun dropkick by Cesaro and he goes up. Standing elbow drop off the top by Cesaro gets 2. Barrett blocks the Gutwrench Suplex and he hits Wasteland for 2!!! Cesaro counters the Bull Hammer with a roll-up for 2. Gutwrench Suplex by Cesaro and Barrett bails to block a Neutralizer. Back in and Cesaro stomps away on Barrett in the corner. Barrett goes for Wasteland but Cesaro dodges and hits a Neutralizer for the win.
Cesaro def. Wade Barrett
February 23 2015 Raw
Daniel Bryan says that he is sick and tired of Triple H’s BS and says at Wrestlemania they will settle it once in for all. Every match on the card is Team WWE vs Team Authority and if Authority wins, Bryan will quit. If not Triple H has to resign as COO.
March 2 2015 Raw
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro def. R-Truth
March 7, 2015, Raw
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro def. Dean Ambrose
March 16 2015 Monday Night Raw
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro def. Dolph Ziggler
Wrestlemania 31
Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro(WWE) vs Bad News Barrett(Authority) vs. Dolph Ziggler(WWE) vs. Dean Ambrose(WWE) vs. R-Truth(None) vs. Stardust(Authority) vs. Luke Harper(Authority)
A brawl erupts right from the start, and Ambrose dives to the outside to take out Harper. R-Truth dives onto Barrett, and Stardust launches himself at all four men. Harper heads back into the ring and tosses Ziggler on to everyone on the outside. Ambrose scales a ladder on the outside and drops an elbow on the other competitors. R-Truth is the first to bring a ladder into the ring, but Barrett grabs the ladder and drives it into Truth’s gut. Barrett uses the ladder to knock Ambrose off the apron, but Bryan connects with a top rope dropkick to Barrett and the ladder. Cesaro traps Stardust and Barrett in the corner and delivers a volley of dropkicks, but Harper slams the ladder into Cesaro’s face. Harper sets up a ladder and tries to climb, but Cesaro ties him up in the tree of woe and lands multiple kicks to the gut. Ziggler, Truth, and Ambrose all try to climb, but Stardust hits a top rope dropkick to tip the ladder and send all three men tumbling to the mat. Stardust picks up the ladder and drops it on Harper on the outside. Stardust heads to the outside and retrieves his own Bedazzled ladder from under the ring. Barrett steals the ladder from Stardust, destroys it, and uses the shattered rungs to beat Stardust down to the ground. Stardust tosses a ladder into the ring, but Harper quickly follows with a ladder of his own. Harper launches his ladder at Ambrose before leveling Ziggler with a straight right hand. Harper sets the ladder on Ziggler and catapults them both into the bottom rope. Harper wedges the ladder between the turnbuckles and tosses Ambrose head-first into it. Harper takes out multiple men with the old Terry Funk Three Stooges spinning ladder spot, but Truth drops Harper right onto the ladder. Stardust and Barrett climb a massive ladder and BARRETT SUPERPLEXES STARDUST OFF THE GIANT LADDER! Cesaro and Ziggler set up a new ladder and climb, but Ambrose tips the ladder. Ambrose sets it up again and climbs, but Harper drags him back down to the mat. Ambrose clotheslines Harper and begins to climb again, but Harper pulls him down once again. HARPER POWERBOMBS AMBROSE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND THROUGH A LADDER BRIDGING THE RING APRON AND BARRIER! Ziggler locks in a sleeper on Harper, but Harper climbs the ladder with Ziggler on his back. Harper eventually fades and crumbles back down to the mat. Ziggler climbs the ladder all alone, but Barrett makes the save at the last instant. BULL HAMMER TO ZIGGLER! BULL HAMMER TO STARDUST! Truth climbs, but Barrett delivers a Bull Hammer up top. Cesaro knocks Barrett off the ladder and connects with the running knee shot. Cesaro climbs all alone, but suddenly Ziggler climbs the other side. Cesaro and Ziggler brawl up top. CESARO POWERBOMBS ZIGGLER OFF THE LADDER AND WINS THE MATCH!
Cesaro Retains WWE-1 Authority-0
Seth Rollins def. Randy Orton WWE-1 Authority-1
Sting def. Triple H WWE-2 Authority-1
The Bella Twins def. Aj Lee and Paige WWE-2 Authority-2
Rusev def. John Cena WWE-2 Authority-3
Undertaker def. Bray Wyatt WWE-3 Authority-3
Daniel Bryan def. Brock Lesnar WWE-4 Authority-3
March 30 2015 Monday Night Raw
Daniel Bryan comes out limping after his match with Lesnar. Sheamus comes out to congratulate him and then he challenges him to a non-title match. Bryan accepts. As soon as the match starts Sheamus lays into Bryan with a chair until he gets the DQ. https://youtu.be/SKlAV7EMQmc SETH ROLLINS COMES OUT WITH MONEY IN THE BANK! HE SHAKES SHEAMUS’S HAND! SETH ROLLINS CASHES IN! CURB STOMP!! ANOTHER!! SETH ROLLINS COVERS 1...2...3!!!!
April 6, 2015, Raw
No 1 IC Contender: John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler
Extreme Rules 2015
John Cena vs Cesaro
Lock up to begin, and Cesaro with a roll-up for 1. Back to the lock-up, hammerlock by Cesaro. Cesaro into the side headlock, counter by Cena into a headlock takedown. Cesaro to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cena. Off the ropes again, counter, hip toss by Cena. Cesaro back in, they lock up again and Cena takes Cesaro down. Kip up by Cesaro and he works the arm and then into the side headlock takedown. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Cesaro. Tilt a whirl backbreaker follows for Cesaro connects. Double stomp by Cesaro and a cover gets 2. Cesaro back to the arm, Cena works to his feet and hip tosses his way out. Cena charges, but Cesaro sidesteps him and sends Cena to the floor. Cesaro then tosses Cena to the barricade, back in and Cesaro allows the ref to count. Cena to the apron, stuns Cesaro off the ropes, back in but runs into a dropkick, and Cesaro covers for 2. Cesaro back to the side headlock, Cena again works to his feet, goes for the AA, but Cesaro to the apron and stun guns Cena off the ropes. Elbow drop off the ropes by Cesaro, and a cover gets 2. Knee to the chest of Cena, but Cena comes back with a pop-up neck breaker and a cover gets 2. Cesaro shoots Cena to the corner, he hits hard and drops to the mat. Baseball slide dropkick by Cesaro sends Cena to the floor
Cesaro is in control, but Cena is firing back with rights. RANA by Cena! Crossbody caught by Cesaro, Powerbomb into a pinning combo by Cesaro for 2. Rights by Cena now, boots follow. Off the ropes, counter and a sleeper by Cesaro. Cena has him on his back and slams him to the corner. Cesaro back with a clothesline and covers for 2. Back to the grounded headlock by Cesaro, trying to keep Cena down, but he gets to his feet. He slams Cesaro to the corner, off the ropes, and a shoulder block by Cesaro. Another. Cesaro counters the proto bomb tries the swing, but Cena gets the STF, countered by Cesaro and up into the gut-wrench suplex! Cesaro covers for 2. Punches in the corner by Cesaro, an uppercut follows. Cesaro shoots Cena to the corner, misses the charge and the proto bomb connects. Five-knuckle shuffle by Cena connects. Looks for the AA, countered and POP UP UPPERCUT by Cesaro and a cover gets 2. Cesaro calls for the giant swing, and here we go, no Cena pulls himself up into a DDT and covers for a close 2! Both men are down now, Cena to his feet and heads up top. Cesaro over and UPPERCUTS CENA TO THE FLOOR! The ref counts, Cena tries to get back in and to the apron. Cesaro grabs him and gets the DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! 1…2…NO! Cover again for another 2. Cesaro talks smack, but Cena then locks in the STF. Cena pulls him back, but Cesaro kicks him away, GIANT SWING! Cover for another close 2. Cesaro to his feet, neutralizer try, countered, AA by Cena counters, and a big boot by Cesaro! Off the ropes, and a clothesline by Cena takes Cesaro out of his boots. Cena then rolls onto Cesaro, picks him up into the AA and that is all.
John Cena def. Cesaro
April 27 2015 Monday Night Raw
John Cena does an IC open challenge instead of a US one.
It is announced the King of the Ring tournament will determine the Number one contender for Seth Rollins’s title.
KOTR Qualifier: Wade Barrett def. Dolph Ziggler
KOTR Qualifier: Cesaro def. R-Truth
KOTR Qualifier: Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus
KOTR Qualifier: Neville def. Luke Harper
King Of The Ring 2015
KOTR Semifinal Match: Neville def. Dean Ambrose
KOTR Semifinal Match: Cesaro def. Bad News Barrett
KOTR Finals Match: Cesaro vs Neville
Neville is selling the ribs from his encounter with Ambrose, and after some shine early, Cesaro takes over and works the back and midsection. Neville misses the red arrow, rolls through but then runs right into a clothesline then a Neutralizer for the win and Cesaro is the king. Neville nearly had this won and when he got overzealous, the more experienced performer scored the win.
May 4, 2015, Raw
Cesaro and Neville def. Dean Ambrose and Bad News Barrett
May 11, 2015, Raw
Seth Rollins and Cesaro have a contract signing and Kane chokeslams, everyone, after as he is mad at Rollins but still wants him to win.
Payback 2015
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins
Rollins attacks to start and he dropkicks Cesaro. Rollins clotheslines Cesaro to the floor and he leaps off the apron onto Cesaro!!! Back in, Rollins snaps Cesaro’s neck off the ropes and he goes up. Crossbody off the top by Rollins gets 2. Sunset flip by Rollins gets 2 and Cesaro knocks him down with a sledge. Cesaro blocks a superkick and throws an elbow to the knee of Rollins, forcing Rollins to bail. Back in, Cesaro stomps away, and he suplexes Rollins back into the ring. Rear chin lock by Cesaro but Rollins fights out. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Cesaro gets 2. Cesaro stomps away and he goes back to the rear chin lock. Rollins breaks with a jawbreaker and Cesaro charges but misses and he eats the post shoulder first. Rights by Rollins but Cesaro ends that with a knee. Corner dropkick by Rollins and he works over Cesaro in the corner. DDT by Rollins gets 2. Rollins throws some knees at Cesaro in the Corner. Sheamus bails and back in, Neutralizer misses and Ziggler hits the Avada Kedavra for 2!!! Cesaro blocks the Pedigree and Rollins hits some punches in the corner. Cesaro comes out with a sit-out powerbomb for 2. Running power slam by Cesaro gets 2. Powerbomb by Cesaro and he grabs the Cloverleaf. Rollins makes the ropes to break. Rollins throws a head butt and catches Cesaro with a superkick for 2 as Cesaro is busted open!!! CURB STOMP FROM ROLLINS GETS HIM THE WIN!!
May 25 2015 Raw
Dean Ambrose and Cesaro def. Seth Rollins and Kane
Elimination Chamber 2015
Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose
June 1 2015 Raw
Cesaro def. Sin Cara
June 8 2015 Raw
NXT Title Match
Kevin Owens def. John Cena
Money in the Bank 2015
Money in the Bank Ladder Match-Randy Orton vs. Neville vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Miz vs. Cesaro
Everyone brawls to start and Kofi is the only one who sets up a ladder. Everyone stops him from climbing and everyone attempts to race up the ladder. Miz climbs but Kane stops him and brings him down. Ziggler catches Kane with a DDT and he climbs. Miz stops him and catches Ziggler with a DDT of his own. Miz catches Cesaro coming in with a knee lift and he rams a ladder into Orton and Kane. Kofi climbs but Miz knocks the ladder over to bring him down. Kofi throws some kicks at Miz and he springboards but Miz catches him. Springboard dropkick by Neville to Miz but runs into a flying forearm from Kofi. Trouble in Paradise to Miz and Neville hits a corner enzuigiri. Kofi climbs but Neville follows and both are pulled down by Cesaro. Cesaro powerbombs Kofi onto a ladder!!!! Cesaro blocks a hurricanrana attempt and he powerbombs, Neville, onto Kofi!!! Cesaro climbs but Kane stops him and follows up. Kane chokeslams Cesaro off the ladder! Kane climbs but Orton stops him and hits the RKO. Orton climbs but Kofi stops him so Orton hits an RKO on him. Neville springboards onto the ladder but Orton pulls him off into the RKO!!!!! Orton climbs but Miz follows up. Orton brings Miz down and hits the Orton backbreaker. Orton climbs but Miz follows again. They slug it out and Miz catches Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz climbs but Ziggler follows up. Ziggler fires away at Miz and they trade blows on top of the ladder. Ziggler catches Miz in the sleeper and he brings Miz down with the Zig-Zag!!!! Neville goes up and hits Red Arrow on Miz. Ziggler and Neville climb and they trade blows on top of the ladder. Neville knocks Ziggler off but Kane brings Neville down. Superkick by Ziggler to Kane and Kane hits a big boot driving a ladder back into Neville and Ziggler. Kane baseball slides a ladder into Ziggler but walks into A CLOTHESLINE FROM CESARO~!!!! SUICIDE PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR BY CESARO!!!!! The New Day come out and helps Kofi back into the ring. Kofi climbs as New Day cheers from the floor but New Days eat a dropkick from Cesaro. Cesaro stops Kingston and HE POWERBOMBS KOFI ONTO EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR!!!! Cesaro catches Orton with a Clothesline and he climbs but Miz stops him AND PUTS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Miz climbs but Neville follows up. Neville fires away on Miz but Miz rakes his face and tosses Neville off by the hair. Miz grabs the briefcase!!!
Miz wins MITB
Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose
June 15 2015 Monday Night Raw
NXT TITLE MATCH: Kevin Owens def. Dolph Ziggler
Sheamus def. Neville
June 22 2015 Raw
NXT Title Match: Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns
June 29 2015 Raw
Sheamus def. Kofi Kingston
The Beast in the East
NXT TITLE MATCH: Finn Balor def. Kevin Owens (Owens is called up)
July 6 2015 Raw
Cesaro def. Bo Dallas
July 13 2015 Raw
IC Title No 1 Contender: Rusev def. Cesaro, Neville
Battleground 2015
Cesaro vs R-Truth
The winner gets Cesaro’s crown. Truth fires away in the corner and he hits an Avalanche for 2. Cesaro works over Truth and Truth gets a wheelbarrow roll-up for 2. Dropkick by Truth forces Cesaro to bail and he follows up with a slingshot Pescado. Cesaro snaps Truth’s neck off the ropes and he hits a big boot for 2. Leg lariat by Truth and he hits the Scissors Kick for 2. Neutralizer from Cesaro gets him the win!
Cesaro def. R-Truth
Seth Rollins def. Brock Lesnar
July 20 2015 Raw
The Undertaker makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. After looking around for a bit, he informs us that he stands here a remorseless, cold-blooded, vengeful, grim reaper. “Streaks are made to be broken, that is the painful truth, but Lesnar, you had to continuously, week after week, month after month, remind everyone of your greatest accomplishment. And now, I say enough. You have taken what once was smoldering ashes and turned it into a raging inferno. Last night was my true resurrection. You see, you can’t kill what won’t die. Our careers will now head towards new destinies, and I will challenge your mortality, I will conquer what has yet to be conquered. And in the end, just like all living things, be it man or beast, you will rest in peace”.
August 3 2015 Raw
Seth Rollins def. Neville
Cesaro def. Fandango
August 17 2015 Raw
Randy Orton and Cesaro def. Sheamus and Kevin Owens
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins
Lockup and a go behind from Seth. Cesaro breaks it with a right hand and bends the fingers back. Seth escapes and works the arm from behind. Cesaro switches, goes for the foot, then hooks under the arm and locks it up. Cesaro bends the fingers back then Seth escapes. Some stomps in the corner from Seth leave Cesaro seated and beat. Seth with a chop. Another. Cesaro pushes Seth into the corner, tries to use the ref, but gets blocked. Cesaro with a kick. Suplex onto the ropes!
Cesaro has an abdominal stretch. Seth is about to escape so Cesaro hits a knee. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Cesaro drives some knees into the side of Seth. Cesaro gets Seth on the top of the corner. He hits a right. Cesaro is up. Gutwrench. Seth blocks. Seth with some elbows to the thigh. Seth shoves Cesaro off. He stands on the top rope. Crossbody but Cesaro catches him like nothing, tilt a whirl and backbreakers, Seth, down hard! Cover for 1..2…NO! Another pin! 1..2…NO!! Cesaro pulls on the legs of Seth and slams him down for 1..2…NO!!! Cesaro with a clutch from behind. Cesaro goes for a suplex, Seth escapes, Cesaro shoulders the back, SUPLEX. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Cesaro drops an elbow. Seth shoves him away. Cesaro with a headbutt to the gut. He ducks a hold looks for the stretch, but Seth reverses! He gets the stretch in, but Cesaro just hip tosses out of it! Seth hits an elbow to Cesaro. Big Boot to the face. Seth with a Blockbuster! Seth hits the ropes. Cesaro sends him over the ropes. Seth lands on his feet. Cesaro goes for a shoulder. Seth with a leg drop! Cesaro tumbles outside. Seth with a suicide dive! Seth hits a Falcon Arrow! Sick. Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Seth working with the ref in the corner. Cesaro with a rollup for 1..2...NO!!! Cesaro shoots the legs! Swing!!! SHARPSHOOTER! Seth reaches for ropes. Cesaro pulls Seth into the middle of the ring. Seth reaches the ropes yet again, and gets to them! Cesaro breaks the hold. He drags Seth in and beats him down then locks up for The Neutralizer. Rollins rolls out. Kick to the chin. Cover from Seth. 1..2….NO!!! Both men on their knees. Right from Cesaro. An uppercut to Seth! They’re standing. Another uppe—no!! Seth rolls it into a backslide for 1..2..NO!!! Cesaro hits the ropes. Springboard, but Seth hits a kick to the chin! CURB STOMP! Cover for 1..2….3!!!
August 24 2015 Raw
Stephanie notes that it is Vince McMahon’s birthday today, and asks the fans to sing happy birthday. Triple H and the commentators join in and it is as horrible as possible in the best way. Triple H then says Vince is so pissed in the back, and he’s likely right. He then puts over Rollins and goes on to say that Rollins deserves to be immortalized as the man, and he then brings out Rollins. Rollins thanks Steph and Triple H, and puts his honor over bigger than the hall of fame. He then proclaims that after last night he is a legend due to his victory over Cesaro. They then unveil the statue, only to reveal Sting was there all along! Sting runs wild and clears Rollins from the ring. Sting then holds the WWE title up and dares Rollins to return to the ring.
August 1 2015 Raw
Rollins comes to the ring and says that before last week he had no issues with Sting, he thought of him as a legend, an icon in the ring. He is nothing like Sting, he doesn’t hide in the shadows and is here to call Sting out. He wants Sting to apologize and take back saying that Triple H was better than him because that is not true, he is just as good and maybe even better one day. Secondly, he wants his statue back. That statue means more to Rollins than Sting could ever imagine because it represents the greatest champion in WWE history. He challenges Sting to come to the ring, and here comes Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie advises that he stops talking about Triple H. Rollins says that Triple H was compared to Ric Flair because he was the man; that time has passed and now he is the man. Stephanie cuts him off and says Sting is in his head and messing with him. Stephanie reminds him that he is a champion and that he is the man. Rollins says she is right and demands Sting arrive and tell him where the statue is. Here comes Cesaro. Rollins says Cesaro has no business out here, Cesaro puts Rollins over as a talent and then calls him an idiot. He tells Rollins that the Authority is not his friend, he is expendable. The Authority does what is best for business, and why the Authority doesn’t like him.
September 7 2015 Raw
The Authority come out to the ring and are once again stopped by Cesaro. Triple H brushes him aside and tells him to move. Cesaro says no. Triple H pushes him hard and tells him to leave. Cesaro says no. TRIPLE H HITS CESARO WITH A CHAIR. Cesaro climbs his way up and Triple H tells him to move before he breaks every bone in his body. Cesaro says no. PEDIGREE! CURB STOMP FROM ROLLINS! STEPHANIE PUTS A CHAIR AROUND CESARO’S NECK!! PHOENIX SPLASH FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!! As Cesaro is being stretchered out of the ring, Triple H mockingly waves at him.
November 9 2015 Raw
Triple H kicks off the show. He talks about how Seth Rollins was on his way to having an all-time title run but it was stolen from him. He announces a tournament to end at Survivor Series
World Title Tournament First Round: Roman Reigns def. Big Show
World Title Tournament First Round: Kevin Owens def. Titus O'Neil
World Title Tournament First Round: Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz
Sheamus is shown backstage and is talking to Vince he then asks who his opponent is. Vince says that information is only known by Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon and he will not disclose it. Sheamus whines about it but Vince says that he can cry all he wants and he can even go to Hunter but that will not change anything.
World Title Tournament: First Round: Dean Ambrose def. Tyler Breeze
World Title Tournament First Round: Sheamus vs ???
Sheamus comes out to the ring and throws his hands in the air. He hears some strange theme music. CESARO IS BACK!!
Cesaro controls early, out wrestling Sheamus and connecting with uppercuts. Sheamus then fights back with a backbreaker and clubbing shots in the ropes as we head to a break. Post break Sheamus is in control. Cesaro eventually fires up and makes his comeback, but Sheamus is able to fight off the swing. They then do a spot where Sheamus suplexes Cesaro to the floor, as they both topple over the ropes and land hard. They tease a double count-out, but they beat the count and continue. Cesaro does a springboard, looking for the uppercut, but Sheamus catches him and then hits the white noise for a near fall. Cesaro hits a slick counter to the brogue kick into a sharpshooter! Cesaro picks up the win in the middle of the ring.
November 10 2015 Smackdown
World Title First Round: Sami Zayn def. Alberto Del Rio
World Title First Round: Kalisto def. Ryback
World Title First Round: Neville def. Wade Barrett
November 16 2015 Raw
World Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Kevin Owens def. Neville
World Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler
World Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Sami Zayn def. Kalisto
World Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Cesaro vs Roman Reigns
They do some really nice things early, including some back and forth stuff where they try to one-up each other. Cesaro tries to make Reigns wrestle his style in the opening stretch, and then Reigns tries to use his power game, which doesn’t work as well because Cesaro is a freak when it comes to being strong. Cesaro makes so many things look easy, and it makes him so much fun to watch. Reigns misses a charge, and then Cesaro dropkicks him, posting him again before hitting a running uppercut as we go to break. Cesar works the arm post-break; Reigns fights back but is having issues with the right arm. Cesaro lands some uppercuts and Reigns tries to answer with clotheslines in the corner, but the arm keeps slowing him down. Cesaro then counters the drive-by kick and pulls Reigns in the ring for the swing and then into the sharpshooter and then transitions into the cross face. Reigns powers out, and then sends Cesaro to the floor where Cesaro hits his arm off the apron. He then starts selling the right arm. Reigns controls from there and then hits a single armed powerbomb for a near fall. Cesaro connects with the toss-up uppercut but can’t cover because of his arm. Reigns counters the neutralizer, but Cesaro dodges a spear! NEUTRALIZER FOR THE WIN!!
Survivor Series 2015
Cesaro def. Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens def. Dean Ambrose
A slow feeling out process early, but Owens goes after Cesaro’s left arm early on with a single-arm DDT. Cesaro has some tape on the arm from his match with Reigns. Owens tosses Cesaro into the ring post and then does an arm wringer to work on the arm. Owens applies an armbar. Owens misses a running corner attack, but Cesaro nails an uppercut. He hits four more uppercuts in a row followed by a dropkick for two. Cesaro with a rollup that Owens kicks out of and then Owens sends Cesaro shoulder first into the steel post. Cesaro fights back in and reverses a dropkick into a backbreaker. Cesaro takes Owens onto the ropes GUTWRENCH SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!! Cesaro hits some forearms followed by a double foot stomp for a two count. Cesaro is grabbing at his left shoulder. Cesaro with a boot to the face, then a cross-body block off the top and Owens rolls through with an armbar. Cesaro is able to counter into a rollup for two. Cesaro applies a Sharpshooter on Owens, but it was near the ropes, so KO breaks it up. Owens nails a superkick! Owens goes to the top rope and connects with the Frog Splash for two. Owens goes for the Popup Powerbomb, Cesaro lands on his feet, jumps off the ropes, and hits a spinning uppercut to knock Owens down. Cesaro with the Cesaro Swing for about five spins, but then he stops due to the shoulder injury. Owens sends Cesaro into the middle turnbuckle. Owens goes for the Popup Powerbomb, Cesaro rolls through into a hurricanrana and then CESARO HITS THE NEUTRALIZER!! ONE...TWO...THREE!!! CESARO IS THE CHAMPION!!!
After the match, pyro and confetti go off for Cesaro and Triple H comes out. He raises Cesaro’s hand in victory and he wants a handshake. Cesaro hits Triple H with a Neutralizer but MIZ COMES OUT AND HITS A SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! MIZ IS CASHING IN! MIZ IS CASHING IN!
Cesaro vs Miz
November 23 2015 Raw
Cesaro def. Rusev
November 30 2015 Raw
New Day comes out to kick off the show, complete with confetti. Miz thanks the Authority, of course. They then dance. Miz then mocks the Cesaro celebration from Survivor Series, which allowed Miz to cash in.
December 7 2015 Raw
Miz and Cesaro have a contract signing in the ring surrounded by tables, ladders, and chairs. After they sign the contract Cesaro tosses Miz out of the ring onto a ladder and stands tall.
TLC 2015
Cesaro vs Miz
Cesaro fires away to start and Miz comes back with a knee to the midsection. Knee lift by Miz but Cesaro comes back with a clothesline. Rapid lariats by Cesaro and they head to the floor where Cesaro backdrops Miz into the timekeeper’s area. Cesaro takes a while setting up a ladder bridge on the floor so Miz chucks a chair at the back of Cesaro. Back in, Miz catches Cesaro with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Cesaro catches Miz with the Cactus clothesline taking both men down to the floor. They fight in the entranceway and Cesaro tosses Miz into a pile of tables and chairs. Miz catches Cesaro with a backdrop through a table and he hits a release suplex through a second table!!! Miz chucks a ladder at Cesaro and Cesaro sends Miz into the steps to come back. Miz blocks the Swing with a clothesline and he hits Skull Crushing Finale off the steps through the table!!!!! Back in, Cesaro rolls through a rolling senton and powers Miz into a deadlift powerbomb on a ladder!!! Leaping clothesline by Cesaro and Miz bails. Cesaro leaps off the steps and drives a chair into the head of Miz. Back in, Miz counters a powerbomb into a DDT... Miz clubs away on Cesaro but Cesaro comes back WITH A GUTWRENCH SUPLEX THROUGH THE LADDER BRIDGE!!!!! Back in, Cesaro climbs the ladder but Miz pulls him off to save. Miz climbs but Cesaro stops him. DEADLIFT POWERBOMB!!!! Cesaro climbs but Miz tips the ladder over to bring him down. Miz climbs but Cesaro follows up. NEUTRALIZER OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER SENDING MIZ THROUGH A TABLE~!!!! Cesaro climbs but the League of Nations stops him. Cesaro tries to fight back but Del Rio catches him with a superkick. Rusev locks Cesaro in the Accolade on the floor as Sheamus helps Miz climb. Cesaro is able to fight out of the hold and hits the NEUTRALIZER ON RUSEV~!!! DEADLIFT POWERBOMB ON DEL RIO~!!! Cesaro is able to bring Miz down but Miz knocks him out of the ring with the Skull Crushing Finale! MIZ CLIMBS AND RETAINS THE TITLE!!!
December 28 2015 Raw
Neville def. Kevin Owens
Owens beats down Neville post-match and Cesaro makes the save
January 4 2016 Raw
Kevin Owens def. Neville
Owens tries to abuse Neville some more post-match, but Cesaro makes the save and they brawl. Owens tries to put him through the table, but Cesaro puts Owens through the table with an elbow drop off the barricade.
January 11 2016 Raw
Cesaro def. Sheamus
After the match, Kevin Owens appears and superkicks Cesaro. Owens stands tall at the end of the segment after beating down an exhausted Cesaro.
January 18 2016 Raw
Everyone declared for the rumbles rushes the ring at the end of the show and it ends with Roman standing tall.

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🐸🐸 🐸НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ🐸 🐸🐸 🐸 ❓❗️👟👟❓❗️ 🐸 ♊️ ♊️ ♊️🐸🐸Good memes 💩🐃💩🐃💩🐃💩🐃💩🐃 bull shit bull sHit💩 thats ✖️ some bull💩💩shit right💩💩th 💩 ere💩💩💩 right✖️there ✖️✖️if i do ƽaү so my self ‼️ i say so ‼️ thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ‼️ 💩💩 💩HO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ💩 💩💩 💩 ‼️ 💩 🐃 🐃 🐃 💩💩Bull shit do NOT sign me the FUCK up 👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀 bad shit ba̷̶ ԁ sHit 👎 thats ❌ some bad 👎👎shit right 👎👎 th 👎 ere 👎👎👎 right ❌ there ❌ ❌ if i do ƽaү so my self🚫 i say so 🚫 thats not what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ 🚫 👎 👎👎НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ 👎 👎👎 👎 🚫 👎 👀 👀 👀 👎👎Bad shit 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shitposting go౦ԁ sHitpOsting👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shitposting right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shitposting wife me the FUCK up 👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀👭👀 gay shit gⓐy sHit👭 thats 💍 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some m'
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2020.11.20 17:25 bestevr4 How WWE Should've Booked Cesaro after Wrestlemania 30: Part 2

September 22 2014 Monday Night Raw
We open RAW with Dean Ambrose. He says that the one moment that has continued to go through his mind is the assault on him last month. We get a recap of Ambrose’s head going through some cinder blocks. Ambrose says he’s flattered that The Authority would go through such great lengths to get rid of him, but he is not dead or satisfied and can hold a grudge. He’s sick of The Authority, and he’s not leaving this ring until he gets his hands on Seth. He’s doing the ol Show Takeover, complete with a chair.
The music of Cesaro hits. Cesaro is angry. Ambrose says that he’ll be real honest, he doesn’t like the fact that Cesaro is standing in the ring right now. Tells him that he’s flying real close, and not to give Ambrose a reason to not like him.
Cesaro says that this is an unfortunate turn of events. They both have a similar agenda. Rollins tried to take Ambrose out, but last night he prevented Cesaro from winning the US Title. Cesaro should be champ right now, but he’s not. Ambrose tells Cesaro that he warned him once. Ambrose removes his jacket.
The Authority is here now. Trips says that Rollins won’t be fighting anyone. Tonight –Nope, Cesaro cuts him off and he and Ambrose run down the ramp. They attack Orton, Kane, and Sheamus to get to Rollins. Rollins heads into the ring while Orton and Kane distract, but it's short-lived. Ambrose and Cesaro head to the ring. Ambrose chases Rollins all the way to the back. Cesaro follows suit.
Ambrose is backstage attacking Rollins. Cesaro is here to join in on the fun. Seth ends up escaping both men and steals a car. Ambrose tries to hop on the trunk but doesn’t have a good grip. Cesaro and Ambrose stare each other down, mad that they couldn’t get their hands on Rollins.
Cesaro def. Kane
Dean Ambrose def. Randy Orton
September 29 2014 Monday Night Raw
We go backstage with Cesaro. Cesaro says that he wants Rollins and in comes Dean. Dean says that Rollins is his. Cesaro says if Rollins shows, Cesaro will make sure that he gets a beat down from him. Ambrose then laughs and tells Cesaro that no one takes food off of his plate, and that includes him. We go to commercial.
Dean Ambrose and Cesaro vs Randy Orton and Kane
Cesaro and Orton start the match off. Cesaro starts off with a running bulldog, but Orton grabs Cesaro and tags in Kane. Kane then tries to get some offense in, but Cesaro fights back with a shoulder block. Cesaro then goes for the Neutralizer, but Kane’s weight is too much for Cesaro. Orton is tagged in and is in control as we go to commercial break.
We return with Orton in control over Cesaro. Orton hits a power slam and then Orton poses. Orton then calls for the RKO, but Cesaro reverses it. Orton however immediately hits his signature backbreaker, and then tags in Kane. Kane puts Cesaro in a headlock. Cesaro gets out and hits a dropkick, but Kane hits a sidewalk slam right away and then tags in Orton. Orton begins to stomp away on Cesaro and then locks in another headlock. Cesaro however finally gains space and tags in Dean! Dean begins his comeback, taking out both Kane and Orton! Dean then hits Dirty Deeds but outcomes Rollins.
Cesaro and Ambrose finally get their hands on Rollins, but both men begin to fight over who can get their hands on him. Cesaro throws Ambrose onto the ground, and Ambrose comes back and throws Cesaro out of the ring! The bickering between Cesaro and Ambrose gives the Authority enough time to get back in it. Cesaro and Ambrose both take an RKO, Chokeslam, and a Curb Stomp on the Briefcase. Rollins and the Authority stand tall to close Raw.
No Contest
October 10 2014 Smackdown
During Smackdown it is announced that Cesaro vs Ambrose will be a contract on a pole match at HIAC and the winner will face Rollins Later in the night.
October 13, 2014, Raw
Ambrose on the mic. There’s nothing he would love more than to be locked in a cell with Seth. Just Dean and Seth inside a cell where he can pummel him so bad that he wishes he never even met Ambrose. Before he gets there, though, there is something that is really pissing him off. Another matter to deal with. He’s gotta get through Cesaro first. He tells Cesaro he has no problem dropping him where he stands, and that’s what he did on RAW. It’s quite clear what The Authority wants them to do; tear each other apart. There’s only one way to do this, though. He’s going to Hell in a Cell, grab the contract, and beat Cesaro senseless with it. Then he’s going to the cell and he’s going to toss Seth’s head all around the cell like a basketball, and there’s nothing Cesaro or The Authority can do about it.
Cesaro’s music hits. He says everyone is excited! He tells Dean to relax. They know Dean and Cesaro have a chance to see who finally will be able to get their hands on Seth Rollins. Dean is out here trash talking and chest-beating, why? Maybe he walks out, maybe he doesn’t.
Triple H’s music hits. He tells Cesaro and Ambrose to calm down. He says wait till their match where they can rip each other apart. Steph says she wants to see them in tag team action. Ambrose and Cesar as partners? Triple H doesn’t think they can get along for five minutes before they attack each other. Triple H and Steph make a bet. Tonight there will be a triple threat tag team match. Cesaro/Ambrose vs Goldust and Stardust vs The Usos.
Cesaro and Dean Ambrose vs The Usos vs Goldust and Stardust
Cesaro and Ambrose’s lack of chemistry as a team shows here as they get doubled by the pairs of brothers multiple times. Overall raw talent wins out as Cesaro and Ambrose win after a Dirty Deeds to Jimmy.
Cesaro and Dean Ambrose def. Goldust and Stardust, and The Usos
The music of Trips hits, and he comes out to tell Steph that she was right. He hands Steph a dollar. He hates to lose. Maybe the guys lacked the proper motivation, maybe they need that…spark He brings up Rollins and says why wait till next week to see who gets it. Let’s do this: Let’s hang a contract on a pole in the corner, and No Holds Barred Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose. Only one will get the chance to face Rollins and it will be the man that takes the contract down….
“Tonight, Hell starts for both of you.”
Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose
Both guys run straight up the corner for the contract, then link up for some right hands. Ambrose hits the ropes and splashes into Cesaro then gets a beat down on him in the corner. Ambrose tries for the contract, but Cesaro grabs him and hits a back suplex. Cesaro hits a Fisherman’s suplex. Cesaro With another suplex. One more!! Cesaro sends Dean into the corner, whips him again, goes for the bulldog, but Ambrose sends Cesaro out of the ring!!! He paces around the ring then heads to the outside and fights Cesaro up the ramp! Dean with a knee to the face of Cesaro! They are atop the stage now. Cesaro looks for the Neutralizer, but Ambrose gets out and hits a suplex on the stage!! Ambrose grabs his back and heads down the ramp. He makes his way to the ring, selling his back. He’s midway across the ring. He heads up the corner. Cesaro is here. Electric Chair Drop to Ambrose!! Cesaro Goes for the contract. Ambrose pulls him down. Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer. Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits Cesaro. Dean sets up for the Dirty Deeds, but Cesaro reverses and locks in the crossface. Dean bites Cesaro! Cesaro rolls onto the apron. Ambrose with a dropkick, knocking Cesaro off the apron. Dean runs to the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE!!!
Cesaro is able to get the upper hand, sending Dean into the steps. He tosses him aside then ends up close to The Authority who are by the announce tables. Dean whips Cesaro into the barricade. Orton asks Dean what the hell is he doing, the contract is on the pole! Ambrose attacks Orton!! Cesaro from behind knocks Ambrose on his ass. The Authority talks trash. Cesaro tosses Ambrose into all three men! Cesaro comes into the ring to grab the contract. Orton runs in and attacks!!! Ambrose heads in and attacks Orton. Rollins and Kane are in! They get Ambrose in the corner. Orton and Cesaro are fighting. Ambrose sends Rollins to the outside! Kane looks to chokeslam Ambrose, but Ambrose gets out of the hold. Cesaro with the Neutralizer to Kane! Ambrose is up top! HE GRABS THE CONTRACT!
Dean Ambrose def. Cesaro
October 20 2014 Monday Night Raw
Handicap Street Fight: Cesaro and Ambrose vs. Kane, Rollins, and Orton
We have our main event tonight. The 5 of them go all out with kendo sticks just lay into each other. When they see HIAC above the ring and already partially lowered at the start, they drop the cell and give us a preview of Sunday’s PPV. They do a finisher buffet, and Ambrose Pins Kane clean after Cesaro takes out Rollins and Orton. Rollins then curb stomps Orton and stands tall on top of the cell to close the show.
Cesaro and Ambrose def. Kane, Rollins, and Orton
Hell In a Cell 2014
Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose
John Cena def. Sheamus
Number 1 Contender Match: Cesaro vs Randy Orton Hell in a Cell
The winner gets a title shot against Brock Lesnar. Orton attacks to start and Cesaro fights back. Orton catches Cesaro with an elbow and Cesaro bails. Orton follows out and he attempts to send Cesaro into the cell but he blocks. Orton finally succeeds and back in, he covers for 2. Back in, Cesaro blocks a chair shot, and he suplexes Orton. Cesaro charges with the chair but Orton blocks and knocks Cesaro down. Orton drives a chair into the midsection and back of Cesaro for 2. Orton catches Cesaro with a DDT for 2 and Cesaro bails. Orton drives Cesaro's face against the cage and back in, he covers for 2. Clothesline by Orton gets 2. Orton sends Cesaro hard into the corner for 2. Cesaro catches Orton with a clothesline for 2 and Orton catches Cesaro with multiple corner clotheslines for 2. Orton sends Cesaro into the cell and back in, he covers Cesaro for 2. Orton goes to the chin lock but Cesaro begins to power out and he cleans up. Cravate by Cesaro and Orton blocks the Swiss 19. Powerslam by Orton gets 2 and Cesaro blocks the hanging DDT by backdropping Orton to the floor. Cesaro rams Orton into the cell a few times and he goes for the Neutralizer but Orton blocks. He crotches Cesaro against the post and hits a hanging Orton backbreaker. Back in, Orton covers for 2. Orton knocks Cesaro off the apron, sending him crashing into the cell. Cesaro sends Orton into the cell a few times and back in, Cesaro sets up a table in the ring. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Orton escapes and dropkicks Cesaro for 2. Orton sends Cesaro into a chair set up in the corner for 2. Orton drives a chair into the midsection of Cesaro and Cesaro goes for a leaping shoulder block but Orton catches him with the RKO for 2!!! Orton sends Cesaro through a table in the corner for 2. Orton brings the steps into the ring and goes for the RKO but Cesaro blocks with the Cravat onto the Steps!!! Money Dive by Cesaro and he goes for the Neutralizer but Orton escapes. Orton goes low and covers for 2. Orton goes for the Punt but misses and Cesaro grabs the Sharpshooter. Orton pulls Cesaro into the ropes, choking Cesaro and forcing him to unlock the hold. Cesaro goes to toss the stairs at Orton but Orton moves out of the way in time. Orton sends Cesaro into the post and back in, Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for 2!!! Cesaro goes for a second one but Orton counters into the RKO for 2!!! Neutralizer by Cesaro gets 2!!! Cesaro sets up a table and puts Orton on it. Cesaro goes up but Orton crotches him and follows up. Cesaro blocks a super RKO and Orton goes back up. Cesaro catches him with a Super Neutralizer through the table for 3!!!
Cesaro def. Randy Orton
October 27, 2014, Raw
Cena comes out. Stephanie McMahon arrives. She talks about Survivor Series, noting that there will be a traditional Survivor Series tag team match. But then she goes into trying to get Cena to do what is right for business. She questions why he does what he does for the people, and says that he could join the Authority where he’d be loved and appreciated. Cena refuses to sell out to the Authority even though Stephanie says that Cena will be left beaten and forgotten. Triple H arrives, telling him that he cannot stop the future and that they will have Team Authority vs. Team Cena at the Survivor Series. Triple H says that the Authority is the future and that they always win.
We see Cena recruiting Cesaro for his Survivor Series team. When we come back from the break, Kane accuses Cesaro of threats against the Authority and makes a match between them for later
Cesaro vs Kane
This was set up earlier when Cesaro talked with Cena about the Survivor Series match. Kane felt that this was a declaration of war, and abused his power to set up the match. Cesaro works really hard here and shows off not only his strength but his speed and picks up the win. Rollins attacks him post-match and Cena makes the save.
Cesaro def. Kane
November 3, 2014, Monday Night Raw
During Raw Dolph Ziggler makes his way out for a match, but Triple H, Stephanie, Kane, Rollins, Noble, and Mercury all come to the ring. Triple H and Stephanie try to temp Ziggler to come to their side and join Team Authority. Since Cena isn’t there, they play that card and note that Ziggler works hard but will never get the credit if Cena’s team wins, because Cena takes all of the glory. In the end, he stands up to the Authority, which leads to him taking a beating.
Mark Henry def. Big Show via Authority Interference (sides with authority)
Ryback def. Titus O'Neil (Team Authority is scouting)
Big Show says that if Cena needs him that he’d be on his Survivor Series team. Show wants to knock Henry out of his life but also misses his friend.
November 10, 2014, Raw
This week’s opening talking segment is all about courting Ryback onto a Survivor Series team. Cena opened the show and discussed the Survivor Series battle, and asks Ryback to come to the ring. The Authority make their way to the ring and make their case for him. Cena reveals that Cesaro is on his team, and Triple H laughs at that. Cena tries to give one of his passionate speeches about the fans picking the right guys, but Ryback gives him a spine buster because Cena doesn’t sign the big guy’s checks!
Rollins meets with the Big Guy backstage. He says he knows they had their issues in the past, but that they were on the same team now and ready to destroy team Cena.
Cesaro and Cena meet, Cena offers Cesaro a chance to jump ship and worry about the title and career, but Cesaro says that they were on the same page and that they need to beat the Authority. Triple H then appears and bans Cena from ringside during Cesaro's next match.
Cesaro vs Mark Henry
Henry tosses a chair into Cesaro’s face and then tries to give him the world’s strongest slam on the steps. Big Show makes the save, and announces that he is joining Team Cena.
Show talks with Cena, Ziggler, and Cesaro. They talk about needing two more guys to fill out the team. Erick Rowan says that he doesn’t know what is going on with Harper but he will step in even if Harper is on team Authority.
Kane, Rollins, and Henry complain that Ryback isn’t a team player. Ryback arrives, and Triple H calms the waters and tells Ryback that he doesn't have to be a team player during the main event, all he has to do is destroy.
John Cena def Ryback by DQ
The Authority causes the DQ and Ryback turns his back on them. Harper comes in and takes out Rowan, making him the final member of Team Authority.
November 17 2014 Monday Night Raw
The show starts properly with Team Authority coming out in full force. Tonight, Team Cena will be decimated either figuratively or literally, and at the end of the night, there will be the biggest contract signing in the history of WWE. Whoever is left, and whoever has the guts to sign their name next to Cena will be there.
Cesaro def. Luke Harper
Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler
Sheamus def. Erick Rowan
After the match the Authority pilminizes Rowan
John Cena def. Mark Henry
Cena comes out alone. Triple H is looking for the rest of the team. He says he can’t see the rest of Cena’s team. Cena says Trips has jokes. The jokes stop this Sunday. Cena sees it, the most important day of their lives is coming. Everyone will be watching, and they will see them lose. Steph says Cena has no army. Rowan is at the hospital. No one else is standing with Cena. There’s really only one choice here, Johnny boy. Cena tells Steph he sees their dream team, sees their underhanded tricks. They got every man. Every man except one. Cena says every decision they make is what’s best for them. He’ll pick four people out of the crowd if he’s got to. He asks for volunteers, and there’s plenty of people who want in. Cena high fives a kid. He needs one more, and some five-year-old is now on the team. Cena says there is a difference between his team and theirs. Every member of his team has a passion for WWE. His team is a bunch of suck-ups and sellouts.
John Cena wants to give a preview of what’s going on. On Sunday, the King and Queen will saunter down to the ring, watch their dream team try to destroy John Cena, take their ringside seats, and think that this is all but a formality and that’s when Team Authority will fall one by one. Kane will be the first. Former fire-breathing monster, controlled by the magical urn…now a super butt-kissing bootleg Drew Carey.
Cena says Harper will fall. Cena then says Sheamus won’t be able to get the job done either. Henry will be destroyed.
This leaves one more person; Seth Rollins. When this guy finally gets his attitude adjusted, Triple H will sit there and watch as the ref counts to three, and they will feel like three years. Every person that Trips stepped on to get to the top….it’ll be fitting that Trips spends the rest of his time clea—, Steph slaps John Cena. DOLPH ZIGGLER IS HERE!! But Trips still isn’t scared. Big Show lumbers down the ramp to make his presence felt. A slight pause and the music of…Cesaro comes on! Steph on the mic: She says that’s a big surprise, but there are still only four of you numbnuts. Cena is still one man short. If they compete with only four, it’s tantamount to career suicide, so she is giving them one chance to reconsider.
Ryback is here! The Big Guy!! He joins Team Cena, and we get a big brawl. Everyone leaves the ring except for Seth and Cena. Seth hits a roundhouse, but Cena no-sells and sets up for the AA. Triple H is in, and he kicks Cena then hits a right. He sets up for The Pedigree, but Ryback is in the ring!!!! Cena turns Triple H and hits an AA through the table!
Survivor Series 2014
5v5 Elimination Match Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Ryback, Big Show) vs Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Sheamus)
Henry and Show start. HHH gives Henry some advice from the apron and Show catches him with the KO punch for 3!!!!!! Mark Henry is eliminated. Team Authority is stunned at that turn of events.
Mark Henry is eliminated
Harper distracts Show, allowing Rollins to attack from behind. Rollins leaps off the second rope but Show chops him on the way down. Rollins bails to recover and back in, Kane tags in. Show hammers Kane in the corner and Cena tags in. Rights by Cena and he hits a dropkick. Uppercut by Kane and Harper tags in. Cesaro tags in as well to face up with Harper. Rollins blind tags in before we can see the confrontation. Cesaro drives Rollins’ head into the turnbuckle and he slams Rollins. Tag to Ryback and he rams Rollins into the corner a few times. Blind tag from Harper and Ryback overpowers him. Delayed suplex by Ryback and Kane tags in. Thesz press by Ryback and he hits a big splash for 1. Tag to Sheamus and they slug it out. Sheamus works over Ryback and Ryback comes back with a spine buster. Meat Hook by Ryback and he goes for the Shell Shock but Sheamus escapes. Big boot by Kane and both teams brawl. Rollins hits the Curb Stomp on Ryback and Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for 3.
Ryback is eliminated
Big Show comes in and Sheamus works him over in the corner. Sheamus charges in the corner but eats a boot. Shamus escapes the Chokeslam and Harper tags in. Dropkick by Harper and Rollins tags in. Rollins hits a basement dropkick for 2. Tag to Kane and he stomps away on Show. Basement dropkick by Kane gets 2. Tag to Harper and he grabs the side headlock. Show breaks with a back suplex and Ziggler tags in. He cleans house and hits a swinging neck breaker. Truck Stop by Harper gets 2. Tag to Rollins and he hammers Ziggler in the corner. Tag to Sheamus and he stomps away on Ziggler for 2. Tag to Kane and he hits an Avalanche in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Kane gets 2. Chinlock by Kane but Ziggler fights out. A big boot by Kane gets 2. Tag to Harper and he knocks Ziggler down for 2. Tag to Sheamus and Ziggler fights back. Sheamus throws some knees to end that and he hits a fall-a-way slam for 2. Tag to Rollins and he works over Ziggler. Ziggler fights back again and Rollins hits a flatliner into the corner to end that comeback. Rollins covers for 2 and Sheamus tags in. Cobra Clutch by Rusev but Ziggler fights out and hits the DDT on Sheamus for 2 as Harper saves. Cena hits the AA on Harper. Chokeslam by Kane. Chokeslam by Show. Flying superkick by Rollins. Rollins blocks a Cesaro powerbomb attempt and he charges but Cesaro backdrops him onto everyone on the floor!!!! Spinning heel kick by Sheamus to Cesaro and Ziggler goes for the Fameasser but Sheamus blocks by POWERBOMBING ZIGGLER ONTO EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Sheamus takes apart the announce table and he puts Ziggler on the table. Sheamus goes for a big splash off one table but misses and crashes through the other table!!!! Ziggler gets in but Cesaro flips the table onto Sheamus and he can’t reach the count of 10.
Sheamus is eliminated
Ziggler escapes a chokeslam attempt and tags Cena in. Cena cleans house and hits the Blue Thunder Driver on Kane. Five Knuckle Shuffle~!!!!! AA by Cena but Rollins catches him with a Curb Stomp immediately after. Tag to Cesaro and he slugs it out with Harper. Cesaro tosses Harper into the corner and he hits an Avalanche in the corner. He throws some head butts at Harper but Harper catches him in the sleeper. Cesaro backs him into the corner to break and he hits a German on Harper. Tag to Ziggler. Springboard superkick by Rollins to Ziggler and Harper hits the lariat for 3.
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated
Harper hits a Lariat onto Cena! Curb-Stomp from Rollins! CHOKESLAM FROM KANE! HARPER ELIMINATES CENA!
John Cena is eliminated
Big Show is eliminated
Team Cena is down to just Cesaro. Kane tosses Cesaro into the barricade and back in, he covers for 2. Tag to Rollins and he toys with Cesaro. Tag to Kane and he puts Cesaro on top. Kane follows up but Cesaro fights him off. Crossbody off the top by Cesaro gets 2. German by Cesaro and he hits the Neutralizer for 3!!!
Kane is eliminated
A big boot by Harper knocks Cesaro to the floor. Suicide dive to the floor by Harper and back in, he hits a superkick for 2. Sit-out powerbomb by Harper gets 2. Roll-up with the tights by Cesaro gets 3!!!
Luke Harper is eliminated
Rollins stomps away on Cesaro and he dumps Cesaro to the floor. Rollins sends Cesaro into the barricade and back in, Cesaro gets a small package for 2!!! DDT by Cesaro gets 2. Buckle Bomb by Rollins gets 2. Rollins hammers Cesaro on the mat and he goes up. Cesaro follows up but Rollins fights him off. Top rope curb stomp misses and Cesaro hits the European Uppercut for 2!!! Rollins blocks the Neutralizer and Cesaro knocks Noble and Mercury off the apron. Rollins charges in the corner but misses and Cesaro hits the Neutralizer for 2 as Triple H pulls the ref out of the ring!!!! Triple H nails the ref as Mercury and Noble attack Cesaro. Cesaro fights back and hits Germans on both. Buckle Bomb by Rollins and he goes for the Curb Stomp but misses. Neutralizer gets 2 as Triple H attacks the new ref!!!! He dumps that ref to the floor and Triple H hammers away on Cesaro. Clothesline by Triple H and he hits the Pedigree. Triple H puts Rollins on top of Cesaro and brings out Scott Armstrong. He counts 2 as we hear crows and a video appears on the titantron. STING IS HERE!!!! Sting nails Armstrong on his way into the ring and he and Triple H stare down. The crowd is going crazy and Triple H can’t understand why Sting is here. Triple H goes to attack but Sting blocks and hits the Scorpion Death Drop!!!!! CESARO PUTS A SHARPSHOOTER ON IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! ROLLINS TAPS! TEAM CENA WINS!
Team Cena def. Team Authority
November 24 2014 Monday Night Raw
Renee Young is here with John Cena and Cesaro. She calls the past 24 hours extraordinary. Cesaro says that jobs were on the line and he promised them if it took every last breath, he would do whatever he needed to survive. They needed a miracle, and that miracle was a man named Sting. He helped change the course of history. Cena is here saying because of Sting, the course of the WWE has changed.
Cesaro and John Cena def. Seth Rollins and J&J security
December 1, 2014, Raw
John Cena, Cesaro, and Ryback def. Seth Rollins, Kane, and Luke Harper.
December 8 2014 Monday Night Raw
Seth Rollins def. Cesaro
Tlc 2014
Mark Henry def. Erick Rowan
WWE Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match: Cesaro vs Luke Harper
Harper goes for a powerbomb early but Cesaro escapes. They both go for ladders and Harper tosses Cesaro into a ladder. Harper tosses Cesaro into the timekeeper’s area and back in, he sets up the ladder. Harper climbs but Cesaro stops that. Big boot by Harper and he places a ladder between the apron and the announce table. Harper goes for a powerbomb but Cesaro escapes. Truck Stop on the floor by Harper!!! Back in, Harper climbs but again, Cesaro blocks. Harper tosses Cesaro into the ladder and he dumps the ladder onto Cesaro. Harper charges but Cesaro blocks him with a ladder. Cesaro goes up but Harper kicks the ladder, knocking Cesaro all the way to the floor. Harper chucks a ladder from the ring onto Cesaro on the floor. SUICIDE DIVE ATTEMPT BY HARPER BUT CESARO BLOCKS WITH THE LADDER!!!! Back in, Cesaro climbs but Harper stops him. Cesaro fights him off and continues to climb but Harper tips the ladder over, bringing Cesaro down. Cesaro escapes another powerbomb attempt and he dropkicks Harper onto the ladder. Harper blocks a German and he finally connects with a powerbomb onto the ladder!!!! Harper slingshots Cesaro against a ladder placed against him. Cesaro is busted open as Harper begins to climb. Cesaro follows up and they slug it out on top of the ladder. The ladder tips over, sending both men crashing to the mat. Cesaro blocks another powerbomb attempt and drives Harper’s face onto a ladder. Cesaro climbs but Harper stops him again. Cesaro leaps off the ladder and catches Harper with a DDT. Harper swings a ladder at Cesaro and Cesaro comes back with a superkick driving the ladder against Harper. Cesaro drives a ladder against Harper, knocking Harper off the apron onto the ladder bridge on the outside. Cesaro climbs but Harper tips the ladder over sending Cesaro crashing to the mat. Cesaro goes up and rides a ladder against Harper which also causes him to land on the second ladder!!! Cesaro climbs but Harper stops him once more. Harper sets up a second ladder and Cesaro catches Harper with a Neutralizer. Cesaro climbs and grabs the title!!!!
Cesaro def. Luke Harper
Ryback def. Kane
Seth Rollins def. John Cena to be in Royal Rumble Triple Threat with Cesaro and Brock
December 15 2014 Monday Night Raw
Mark Henry and Luke Harper def. Cesaro and Erick Rowan
Lesnar destroys Cesaro after the match leaving him in a heap
December 22 2014 Monday Night Raw
John Cena and Cesaro def. Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins
December 29 2014 Monday Night Raw
Edge and Christian are out to kick off the show. But the fun times are cut off by Heyman and Lesnar, which leads to Heyman cutting a promo, noting that Lesnar was not there to take out men that were already injured and retired. Heyman discusses Lesnar being ready to kill Rollins and Cesaro which brings out Cesaro. We have a brief scuffle, Cena stands tall as Cesaro retreats
January 5, 2015, Raw
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro vs Wade Barrett
Wade works the arm but Cesaro reverses. Cesaro turns it into a side headlock. Wade sends Cesaro into the corner with a kick and a few stomps. Middle of the ring and Wade hits a suplex and a cover for 1…NO! Wade lifts Cesaro, goes for a back suplex, but Cesaro hops over, lands on his feet, and hits a dropkick. Elbow to the chest and a pin for 1..NO! Cesaro in the corner with some right hands then a whip, it’s reversed. Cesaro locks the legs around Wade’s head, but Wade pushes up and kicks the gut of Cesaro. Cover for 1..2..NO! Cravat from Barrett. Barrett goes for a cover, gets a 2, then locks in the hold again. Cesaro stands, turns out of the hold, and hits some rights, but Wade goes for a side slam! Cesaro reverses and rolls up Wade! Pin for 1…2….3!!!
January 12, 2015, Raw
Cesaro vs Seth Rollins Lumberjack Match
The lumberjacks are Kane, Show, Barrett, and the rest of the heel roster like Fandango, O’Neil, Axel, Gabriel, and Kidd. The lumberjacks would attack Cesaro and not attack Rollins because, heels. Cesaro has the match won, but of course, gets pulled to the floor for the lumberjack beat down. Cesaro fights back, but after J&J Security & Kane’s interference and a KO shot by Show, Rollins wins the match. The Authority not only gets to see Cesaro lose, they get to see him beaten down and also embarrassed.
January 19 2015 Monday Night Raw
The Beast Incarnate is here! Heyman is about to talk, but Brock cuts him off. He grabs the mic and says he is here to fight, baby. That’s right when Brock shows up, it’s business time. He calls out Rollins, says he has 10 seconds to get his weasley ass out here.
Instead of Seth, we get the music of Triple H. Triple H is out solo. Maybe everyone should calm down, go in the back, get him a nice steak while Heyman and H talk about this like businessmen, and put it behind them.
Brock wants to know if Triple H is here to fix this or to fight. Heyman tries to stop him, calling Triple H our meal ticket. “He pays the bills, Brock!”
Steph’s music hits. She, Kane, and Big Show head out. She tells Brock this is not what he wants to be doing, not right now. She tells him to think about this. Kane and Show stand behind Triple H. Steph tells Heyman to speak reason to Brock. Brock and Heyman are in the corner. Brock isn’t showing fear. Brock eyeballs The Authority, looking like he wants to fight. He has his back to the ramp.
Rollins shows up on the tron! He says Brock’s name a number of times then says that he is always just two steps behind. He tells Brock that he’ll get Seth’s shot at him right before he takes his title at the Rumble. Heyman says that this will be between the adults if Seth doesn’t mind – and even if he does. Heyman tells Triple H to put a leash on his puppy before Brock fixes this all by himself. If Triple H fixes it, Brock can be happy, but if Brock fixes it, there will be a lot of bodies and that’s worse for business. Regardless, what you’ll hear come the Rumble is that Brock is still the champ—CESARO IS HERE! Cesaro tells Seth to shut up. He says this Sunday, they’re going to settle it. Steph is not impressed.
Cesaro says they have no fire, they just use their false sense of authority. Cesaro doesn’t talk for much longer as Brock attacks! Brock lays into Cesaro with germans but CESARO HITS A TEXAS PILEDRIVER! Cesaro holds the title above his head.
Royal Rumble 2015
WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins
Lesnar goes after Rollins but he bails. Cesaro attacks so Lesnar catches him with a release German suplex. A second release German suplex by Lesnar and Rollins comes in to attack. Lesnar catches him and goes for the F-5 but J&J saves. DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX TO J&J!!!! Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Lesnar escapes and Rollins hits an enzuigiri from the apron. Lensar pulls Rollins into the ring and hits a release German suplex to Rollins. Release German suplex to Cesaro and he hits a suplex. Another release German suplex to Rollins and he hits another release suplex to Cesaro. Release suplex to Rollins and Lesnar goes for the Kimura on Cesaro. Cesaro powers up and Rollins breaks with a springboard knee strike to both. Kicks to the leg by Rollins and he and Cesaro hit a double suplex to Lesnar. Neutralizer by Cesaro and Rollins dumps Cesaro. He covers Lesnar for 1. Lesnar fights back and hits a release suplex to Cesaro.
They go to the floor and Rollins catches Lesnar with a dropkick. Back in, Cesaro cleans house on Rollins and hits the European Uppercut. Rollins blocks the Money Shot so Cesaro hits another European Uppercut. Release German suplex by Lesnar and he goes for the rolling German suplexes but Rollins breaks with a superkick. Knee to the back by Rollins knocks Lesnar to the floor. Michinoku Driver by Cesaro to Rollins gets 2. Blockbuster by Rollins to Cesaro gets 2 as Lesnar saves. Lesnar dumps Rollins to the floor and Cesaro fires away on Lesnar. Three clotheslines knock Lesnar down and Rollins pulls Cesaro to the floor. Rollins springboards in and Lesnar catches him with the F-5 for 2 as Cesaro saves!!!! Release German suplex to Cesaro and Lesnar tears the announce table apart. Back in, Cesaro catches him with THREE NEUTRALIZERS IN A ROW for 2 as Rollins pulls Cesaro to the floor!!!! Rollins sends Cesaro into the steps and Rollins hits the Curb Stomp for 2 as Cesaro saves!!!! CESARO TACKLES LESNAR ON THE FLOOR AND THEY CRASH THROUGH THE BARRICADES!!!!! Cesaro sends Lesnar into the steps and he nails Lesnar with the steps, knocking him onto the announce table. Rollins goes up and HITS THE FLYING ELBOW DROP OFF THE TOP THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE ON LESNAR!!!!!
Back in, Rollins catches Cesaro with a small package for 2. Basement superkick by Rollins gets 2. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Rollins escapes and Cesaro hits a sit-out powerbomb for 2!!! They go up and Rollins hits the sunset flip buckle bomb for 2. Cesaro blocks the Curb Stomp and PUTS THE SHARPSHOOTER ON ROLLINS!!! J&J Security break it up and they work over Cesaro! Triple Powerbomb to Cesaro gets 2. Rollins charges with the briefcase but Cesaro backdrops him to the floor to block. Cesaro attacks J&J and he hits them with his IC title. Neutralizer to Rollins gets 2!!! EMTs are attending to Lesnar on the floor and Cesaro and Rollins slug it out. Enzuigiri by Rollins and he hits the Curb Stomp for 2!!! Rollins goes up and hits the Phoenix Splash. LESNAR RETURNS AND HITS A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON ROLLINS!!! Release German suplex to Cesaro. Rollins lands on his feet on another Release German suplex attempt and nails Lesnar in the head with the briefcase twice. He goes for the Curb Stomp on the briefcase but Lesnar catches him with the F-5 for 3!!!
Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble last eliminating Roman Reigns
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2020.11.20 16:40 bestevr4 How WWE Should've Booked Cesaro after Wrestlemania 30: Part 1

April 7, 2014, Raw
Hulk Hogan comes out to present the ATGMBR Trophy to Cesaro, who comes out with Zeb Colter. Hogan talks about how much he enjoyed the battle royal and tries to hand it to Cesaro but Zeb snatches it out of his hand. Zeb says that because Cesaro is a Zeb Colter guy and Cesaro won, this is his trophy. Cesaro decides he’s not a Zeb Colter guy…he’s a PAUL HEYMAN GUY! Heyman has signed the King of Swing out from under Zeb’s nose! Jack Swagger does not look happy. He shoves Cesaro out of the ring & stomps on his trophy!
April 14, 2014, Raw
Michael Cole announces that tonight will feature a #1 Contender’s Tournament for the Intercontinental Championship. The first round will feature Henry v. Cesaro, Rob Van Dam v. Del Rio, Sheamus v. Swagger, and Ziggler v. Barrett.
Rob Van Dam def. Alberto Del Rio
Cesaro def. Mark Henry
Jack Swagger def. Sheamus
Dolph Ziggler def. Bad News Barrett
April 21 2014 Raw
We see the bracket for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Tonight, we’ll see Rob Van Dam take on Cesaro, and Jack Swagger takes on Dolph Ziggler in the semi-finals.
Jack Swagger def. Dolph Ziggler
Cesaro makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman at his side. Cesaro has new music. Heyman says his name before mentioning that he is the advocate for the next top talent in WWE, “The Swiss Superman, the King of Swing” Cesaro.
-Commercial Break-
We come back from the break to see Paul Heyman teasing the fans about Brock Lesnar beating The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX. Heyman tells them to get this into their skulls– his client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Heyman says it over and over again. The crowd is loudly booing him. Rob Van Dam’s music finally hits to stop him.
Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam
Cesaro dominates early on, but RVD comes back and eventually he feels froggy, but Cesaro gets up & uppercuts RVD. RVD gets back into things...for a second before he jumps into a Cesaro uppercut! Cesaro reverses a whip and runs right into an elbow. RVD hops up top, but Cesaro clips the legs. RVD in the seated position on the second rope. Cesaro grabs the left leg and pulls it forward, causing RVD to fall back. Cesaro enters the ring and lifts RVD. Neutralizer. Hits it! Pin for 1…2…3!!
Cesaro def. RVD
Jack Swagger attacks Cesaro after RVD leaves the ring. Cesaro comes back and tosses Swagger over the top rope. Cesaro looks toward Zeb Colter, who is standing in the ring alone with him. Cesaro grabs him by the beard and signals for the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro takes him down, but Swagger stops him. Cesaro then gives Swagger the Cesaro Swing with thirteen revolutions before kicking him out of the ring.
April 28 2014 Raw
Cesaro vs Jack Swagger
Swagger shoots the legs, but Cesaro is able to stop it. He grabs the arm, goes behind, whip into a shoulder block. Cesaro misses a stomp, and both men are up. A go behind from Swagger, but Cesaro drops the weight, turns into it, and gets locked with a side headlock. To the ropes, and Swagger with a body slam and a pin for 1…2..NO! Whip into the corner from Swagger, but Cesaro sidesteps and sends Swagger into the turnbuckle. Cesaro with a knee, another. Gutwrench Suplex to Swagger as Zeb leads a USA chant, ringside. Cesaro with right hands into the gut, left, right, a kick. The ref backs him up. A hard uppercut to Swagger. Cesaro looks for the abdominal stretch. He gets it. Swagger tries to power out, and Cesaro drops an elbow on the side. Knee to the side and pins for 1…2.NO! Cesaro works the flag arm. Swagger gets out. Belly to Belly! Swagger with a clothesline in the corner, into a short clothesline, knocking Cesaro down! Swagger with a right hand to the face. Whip to the corner is stopped and Cesaro hits a knee. Cesaro with a suplex set up and drops Swagger on the ropes! He hits the ropes then Swagger, sending him into the barricade, ribs first!
After they work their way in the ring Zeb pulls the leg of Cesaro. Swagger hits a clothesline. Heyman runs around the ring and pulls on the mustache of Zeb! This is enough to distract Swagger. Cesaro with a German Suplex pin for 1…2…3!!
Cesaro def. Jack Swagger
Extreme Rules
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro vs Big E Langston
Big E with a HUGE clothesline as the bell rings. He uppercuts in the corner. Whip to the outside. Big E follows. Cesaro kicks and hits a right hand then Big E sends him into the steps. Shoulder to Cesaro. Back in the ring, and Big E crashes into the post shoulder first. Cesaro grabs Big E and sends him to the outside. He sends him into the post on the outside then back in the ring. Cesaro to the top rope. He dives with an ax handle. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Knee to the back then a chin lock from behind. Cesaro grabs him, lifts, body slam, and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Cesaro to the top rope. Cesaro with another Axe, but Big E catches and hits a belly to belly. Another. A third. He hits the ropes, Big Splash. E tries for the abdominal stretch, but Cesaro hits an uppercut. He’s on the apron. Big E sends him into the post. He drags Cesaro over the apron and attacks the chest with some forearms. Big E to the apron. He runs with a splash to Cesaro.
Back, and Cesaro is hitting an uppercut in the corner. He goes for another, but Big E hits a Uranage and a pin for 1…2..NO!!! Big E hits the ropes as Cesaro stands on the apron. Cesaro with a boot! Cesaro with a springboard spinning uppercut and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Cesaro with an uppercut. He locks the head, Big E shoots the leg. Stretch Muffler to Cesaro! Cesaro pulls up with his core, floats off and grabs the legs then swings Big E around before locking in the Sharpshooter!!! Big E tries to claw his way to the ropes but Cesaro stops him and locks in a Crossface. Big E powers out of the crossface with Cesaro still on his shoulders! Big E backs Cesaro into the ref. CESARO HITS A LOW BLOW AS THE REF GETS UP! NEUTRALIZER!! 1...2...3!! CESARO IS THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!
Cesaro def. Big E Langston
May 5, 2014, Raw
His name is Paul Heyman, and in case you didn’t hear the breaking news….his client BROCK LESNAR conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. He doesn’t like your attitude, and we’re not going to like him as he introduces Cesaro, And here he is… Cesaro comes out and stands behind Heyman as Heyman issues an open challenge to anyone in the back.
Cesaro vs Kalisto
Kalisto from NXT comes down to accept the challenge and they waste no time. Cesaro deadlifts Kalisto and drops him immediately. He then whips to the corner, Kalisto hops out of the corner, hits the ropes, does a hell of a lot of twists and turns to send Cesaro outside. He hops over the top rope, lands on the second, springboards with a hurricanrana to Cesaro. He whips Cesaro into the ring. Springboard from Kalisto and Cesaro catches him and hits a backbreaker. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Whip to Kalisto and a back body drop to Kalisto. Cover and we are too close to the ropes. Cesaro grabs Kalisto, whips to the ropes, another back body drop attempt, but Kalisto pulls the leg for a pin, flies for another pin. 1..2..NO!!! A huge kick from Cesaro. Big Elbow. Pin for 1..2…NO!!! High kick from Kalisto. Dropkick to the knee. Cesaro flips Kalisto, Kalisto runs the ropes, goes for a Frankensteiner, Cesaro shoots Kalisto up, Kalisto steps on the chest of Cesaro and drops into a DDT. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Kalisto spins, looking for the finish. Cesaro shoves him away, hurricanrana to Cesaro. Kalisto tries a springboard BUT A HUGE UPPERCUT! Kalisto is out and Cesaro pins for the win.
Cesaro def. Kalisto
May 19 2014 Raw
A beat the clock challenge is announced to determine the NO 1 contender for Cesaro’s IC Title. Heyman calls the fans wannabes and says they shall worship the ground that Cesaro walks on and the mic into which he speaks because his client Bahrock—-he stops. Heyman lays down on the mat. He asks what he is. Nope, he’s not the Queen finally dying, making Charles the King…He’s The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, except he can sit up and The Undertaker cannot because his client Brock Lesnar conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Cesaro scoffs at Heyman not being able to stop talking about Lesnar.
Ryback def Mark Henry (5:02)
Rob Van Dam def. Alberto Del Rio (4:36)
Dolph Ziggler def. Wade Barret (0:08)
May 26, 2014, Raw
In the first match of the night, Dolph Ziggler beats Rob Van Dam.
Paul Heyman, who was on commentary has a big announcement, you know what it is! Heyman says his announcement has meaning. This victory had no meaning. It had no clout, but at Payback, he gets to face a Paul Heyman Guy. Heyman goads Ziggler. Cesaro enters the ring and attacks the back of the head. Cesaro attacks Ziggler with some heavy right elbows to the face! He lays into Ziggler. Ziggler stands! He goes for a right, but Cesaro moves and hits some knees to the head! Ziggler is taking the beating like a champ. Ziggler stands and goes for a left hand, but Cesaro with the front face lock. He drives a knee into his face! Cesaro locks up the Neutralizer. Hits it! Heyman says that he does not want Ziggler to get lucky and pick up a quick win as he did against Barrett. He wants this 2 out of 3 falls. Ziggler accepts.
WWE Intercontinental Championship: Cesaro vs Dolph Ziggler 2/3 falls
Fall 1: They grapple to start and Cesaro grabs a side headlock to gain the early advantage. Ziggler catches Cesaro with a backslide for 1 and they trade roll-ups for some near falls. Avalanche in the corner by Ziggler and he goes for a dropkick but Cesaro blocks. Small package by Ziggler gets 2 and Cesaro stun guns him. CESARO SWING~!!!!!! Cesaro covers for 2 and Ziggler catches him in another small package for 3!!!
Ziggler 1-0.
Fall 2: Cesaro with a double stomp and he hammers the back of the neck of Ziggler. Running uppercut in the corner by Cesaro gets 2. Slam by Cesaro and he goes up. Second rope elbow drop misses and he knocks Ziggler down with a right hand for 1. Cesaro hammers Ziggler on the mat and he grabs a rear Cobra clutch. Ziggler fights out and he catches Cesaro with the Divorce Court. Double stomp by Cesaro gets 2. Butterfly powerbomb by Cesaro gets 2. Cesaro goes up and Ziggler blocks a deadlift superplex by snapping Cesaro’s arm off the ropes. Tilt-a-whirl into the Kimura by Ziggler!!!! Cesaro attempts to counter into a suplex but Ziggler is able to counter that into the armbar. Cesaro goes up while Ziggler maintains the hold and HE COUNTERS INTO A SUPERPLEX!!!!! Cesaro covers for 2. Cesaro charges in the corner but misses and hits the post shoulder first. Fameasser by Ziggler gets 2!!! Cesaro blocks the Zig Zag and presses Ziggler into the European Uppercut for 2!!! Cesaro throws some elbows at the head of Ziggler and Ziggler rolls him up for 2. Cesaro counters the Zig-Zag into the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Ziggler blocks the Neutralizer and hits a stunner onto the arm. Superkick by Ziggler and he hits the Zig-Zag for 3!!!
Dolph Ziggler def. Cesaro
June 2, 2014, Monday Night Raw
The show starts with the music of Evolution (who lost to the Shield), and here they are. Triple H says that they say it’s always darkest just before dawn. The funny thing is that The Shield thinks they’ve won, we think they’ve won – and that it’s all over. We don’t get it, he says. None of us get it. He doesn’t lose, he never loses. He wins. Always. This will not be over until The Shield exists no longer. That happens tonight, says Trips.
Batista grabs the mic. He doesn’t want another match with The Shield. He wants what’s coming – his opportunity at the title that was promised. Triple H walks away upset. He tells “Dave” that there is a reason he is the leader and the boss. Triple H gets frustrated. It’s because he can see the bigger picture here. A plan. Batista doesn’t care about the plan or The Shield. He came back, won the Rumble – he earned a one-on-one championship match and he wants it tonight. Triple H brings up Bryan being injured. He can’t give Batista a shot even if he wanted to. He’d most likely choke anyway. Triple H calls things tense tonight, and he’s sorry. Is this how Batista wants to go down? As the guy that lost to The Shield? He has never started a fight he couldn’t finish, and he will not stop tonight. When The Shield is gone, Batista will get everything that he was promised. Until then, no one is getting anything. Batista understands…
“And I quit.”
RVD and Dolph Ziggler (IC Champ) vs Cesaro and Sheamus (US Champ)
Sheamus almost has Cesaro finished, but Heyman makes the save and makes Cesaro exit the match early, leaving Sheamus by himself. He eats a frog splash from RVD and loses.
RVD and Dolph Ziggler def. Cesaro and Sheamus
Backstage, Renee Young is looking to get a word with Triple H. Outcomes Stephanie. She says he is busy right now, but if you want a scoop, she is heading to the ring to make an announcement regarding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stay tuned.
Stephanie is here. Last night at Payback, Bryan showed his true colors; he is a selfish, little man who chose himself over what’s Best for Business, over his wife, and over all of us. Because he wouldn’t do what’s right and surrender the title. All of us deserve a fighting champion. Instead, he stood impotently by while Brie fell on the sword. Speaking of Brie, who put her hands on her, should have been fired on the spot. She showed restraint and leadership. He gave them chance after chance and got slapped. That’s ok because she is tough – she’ll live. She wonders if Bryan will be able to live with himself, though, seeing Brie’s dreams shattered all because of his selfishness. This is about the title. IN four weeks' time, at Money in the Bank, if he can compete, he will be defending the title against…KANE. In a stretcher match. AND, if Bryan cannot compete, then for the first time ever, the Money in the Bank ladder match will be for the VACATED WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Mitb Qualifier: Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler
The Shield is here. Ambrose asks how they look because they feel great. They faced their biggest challenge to date last night, and they did exactly what they said they were going to do – a clean sweep. THAT is what he calls domination. Evolution perished last night, says Rollins. Last night, they were not one like The Shield. In the end, they were just three strangers who happened to be standing on the same side of the ring. Reigns: they weren’t brothers. The men in this ring are brothers. This is Evolution. This is The shield. He tells Orton to come out to get his jaw broken.
Triple H accompanies Orton with a sledgehammer in tow. Rollins realizes this and grabs some chairs to equalize this all. Triple H says that what he does better than anyone is adapt. Last night was Plan A. Tonight is Plan B. He stares at the sledgehammer lovingly. He says there is always a Plan B. Reigns gets ready for Orton to head in. ROLLINS TURNS!!
ROLLINS smacks Reigns with the chair! Ambrose is shocked as hell! Ambrose turns towards Rollins! Rollins attacks with the chair!! He beats on Ambrose with the chair over and over and over again! He hits Reigns once more! He tosses the chair to the outside then grabs another!!! Ambrose looks to get up. Rollins hits the ropes! CURB STOMP ONTO THE CHAIR!!
Rollins grabs a chair, heads to the outside, and stands aside Triple H. He stares at the chair he has and hands it to Orton. Triple H grasps his shoulder lovingly. Orton heads into the ring and attacks Reigns with the chair! A hard smack to the back. Another. One more! Orton turns Reigns over on his back and attacks the chest with the chair. Orton rolls him over and goes back to the back. Orton zips down the jacket of Reigns and rips off his shirt. Triple H heads into the ring. Reigns is now shirtless. Orton with an RKO onto a chair.
June 9, 2014, Monday Night Raw
It’s a good night to be right, says Triple H. As The Authority, sometimes they have the honor and privilege to make some blockbuster announcements and tonight happens to be one of those moments. Tonight, they finally have revolved. Stephanie brings out Dr. Joe Maroon who is on screen and says that even though Daniel is not clear to compete this month, he will be re-evaluated in the coming weeks to see if he can come back as soon as possible. Steph says this solidifies that Bryan will NOT be competing come Money in the Bank. Triple H says not to blame them. At the end of the day, this is not the Daniel Bryan fan club, it’s the WWE and they need a champion that can actually defend his championship, something that Bryan clearly cannot do.
Stephanie on the mic and says that they will now officially strip Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Steph says that her assistant tried to call Bryan earlier, and we’re really sorry that he had to find out this way. She brings up Brie and says she quit for absolutely nothing. Stephanie makes it official; a ladder match for the belt at Money in the Bank, and there will be a series of qualifying matches. The first entrant was crowned last week, and Alberto Del Rio is officially in it. The second person just deserves it because he is who he is – Randy Orton. A new champion is guaranteed, according to Triple H.
Mitb Qualifier: Sheamus def. Bad News Barrett
Heyman is here and he says that given that they are in Minnesota, he and Brock have spoken and feel that they wanted to do something special. They want to have a Wrestlemania victory party. It is his honor to tell us that our next WWE World Heavyweight Champion wishes to celebrate his win over Taker TONIGHT Stand up, ladies and gentlemen, as he presents to us...Cesaro!
Mitb Qualifier: Cesaro def. RVD
June 16 2014 Monday Night Raw
Backstage, Heyman runs down the possible champs and says it could spell doom for the WWE. Only one man has the strategus in his corner, Cesaro. He tells Renee that his client, Cesaro, will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champ at the Money in the Bank PPV. It’s not just a prediction, it’s a spoiler.
Mitb Qualifier: Roman Reigns wins battle royal
Mitb Qualifier: John Cena def. Kane
June 23 2014 Monday Night Raw
Alberto del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Cesaro def. John Cena, Sheamus, and Bray Wyatt
Triple H is out now. He stands alongside Randy Orton at the top of the ramp and announces Kane as the 8th participant in the Ladder match.
Money in the Bank 2014
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus
Everybody goes to war and Cena gets taken out by Bray. Roman and Wyatt stare down. Reigns and Sheamus take out Kane and set up two ladders. Reigns has a bigger one but Sheamus is tall enough to make up for it. Everyone gets knocked off because of Kane. Kane is supposedly there to help Orton win and he lives up to that early on, holding a ladder while Randy climbs. Reigns breaks that up. The ladder falling on Orton busts him open. Lots of fast-paced stuff and the crowd pops hard for Cesaro uppercutting Cena. He and Sheamus end up hanging from the titles. Cesaro knocks him off hard but falls on his own without bringing the belts down. An angry and wounded Orton brings out the biggest ladder of the night and everyone tries climbing it while stopping one another. It looks nuts. Sheamus and Cesaro fight atop a ladder before Reigns tilts it over. There was a third ladder set up in between the rungs of that one, so they don’t fall all the way over. Cesaro hangs from his forearm. Bray gets revenge on Cena with a suplex onto a ladder. A few more spots come and Reigns takes out Orton with a spear and superman punch. Reigns also hits Del Rio, Wyatt, Cesaro, and Sheamus with various moves. That opens the door for a big face to face with Cena. Surprisingly, Reigns wins out with a spear but falls victim to Orton’s backbreaker. When Bray hits Orton with Sister Abigail, the crowd loses their minds but Del Rio stops his ascension. Finisher barrage time, including a pull-down off the ladder uppercut from Cesaro and a pull-down RKO. Reigns stops Orton and reopens his nasty cut. Kane stops Reigns and Orton climbs up. Cena hits the AA on Kane and then one to Orton onto Kane before climbing up and winning his fifteenth World Title.
John Cena wins the title
June 30 2014 Monday Night Raw
We get an update on Dolph Ziggler, who was injured on Smackdown. He suffered a separated shoulder, and the IC Title has been vacated. At Battleground, there will be a battle royal to crown a new IC Champion.
Heyman is out to do his thing and is happy about the IC Title being up for grabs. He claims that Cesaro is “Battle Royalty” and will win the title.
July 7, 2014, Monday Night Raw
Heyman is here with Cesaro. They stand in the middle of the ring. He introduces himself. Cesaro cuts him off and says that he cannot talk to these people in English – they’re French Canadians, but they don’t even speak french – they speak Québécois, and that’s a language for suckers.
Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston
The match only lasts a few minutes, and Kofi scores the win with a roll-up out of nowhere
Kofi Kingston def. Cesaro
Cesaro goes to attack Kofi, but out of nowhere, Big E runs down with his Super Mario cape and stops the fight.
WWE Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal: Cesaro, The Great Khali, Kofi Kingston, Damian Sandow, Wade Barrett, Rob Van Dam, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Big E, Alberto Del Rio, Bo Dallas, Fandango, Sheamus, Sin Cara, The Miz, Titus O'Neil, Xavier Woods, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater, R-Truth, Adam Rose, and Diego
Everyone goes after Great Khali to start but Khali fights all of them off!!!! Khali dumps Xavier Woods and Zack Ryder to eliminate them. Brogue Kick by Sheamus to Khali and everyone dumps Khali to eliminate him. Sin Cara attempts to springboard but Bo Dallas shoves him to the floor to eliminate him. Ryback tosses R-Truth to the floor to eliminate him and Big E dumps Curtis Axel. Miz is just chilling on the floor at this point but the announcers make no mention of it. Diego clotheslines Damien Sandow to eliminate him. Ryback tosses Diego to the floor to eliminate him. Ryback is going after anyone he can get his hands on and he slams Dallas. Ryback and Sheamus have a face-off and Sheamus hits some rights. Sheamus escapes a powerbomb attempt and hits a Brogue Kick that knocks Ryback to the floor!!! Miz reenters the ring and goes to dump Sheamus but Sheamus holds on. Barrett hits a flying forearm on Miz and Miz bails to the floor again. Repeat backbreaker by Titus O'Neil on Sheamus but Dallas hits a knee to the back knocking O’Neal to the floor. Cesaro knocks Dallas down and he tries to backdrop Kofi to the floor but Kofi holds on to Cesaro’s body to pull himself back in!!! Dropkick by Kofi and Del Rio catches Barrett with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dropkick by Barrett to come back and Del Rio catches Barrett with the cross arm breaker in the ropes. Barrett snaps Del Rio’s neck off the ropes to knock him off the apron and eliminate him. Miz goes to dump Barrett but Sheamus saves. Big E trucks Miz, forcing him to bail again. Cesaro belly to belly suplexes Big E to the floor to eliminate him. Cesaro dumps Kofi to the apron and goes to knock him off but KOFI LEAPS ONTO BIG E’S SHOULDERS TO SAVE HIMSELF!!!! Kofi pulls Cesaro to the apron but Cesaro deadlift suplexes Kofi into the ring!!! Cesaro blocks a monkey flip and he goes to dump Kingston but he still holds on. Cesaro suplexes Kofi to the floor to finally eliminate him. HEATH SLATER DUMPS CESARO!!!! Sheamus dumps Slater to the apron but Slater snaps Sheamus’ neck off the ropes to come back. Brogue Kick by Sheamus knocks Slater off the apron. Dallas goes to dump him but Sheamus holds on and hits a slingshot shoulder block back in. Irish Clubs by Sheamus and Barrett dropkicks Dallas off the apron to eliminate him. Sheamus and Barrett slug it out and Sheamus hits a knee lift. Barrett clips the leg of Sheamus and he hammers Sheamus after a failed Wasteland. Sheamus catapults Barrett but Barrett hangs on to avoid elimination. Barrett clotheslines Sheamus to the floor but Sheamus holds on. Sheamus goes to slingshot but Barrett superkicks Sheamus to eliminate him. Miz dumps Barrett from behind to win!!!
Miz Eliminates Wade Barrett to win IC Title
July 21, 2014, Monday Night Raw
Backstage, Triple H is talking to Seth Rollins and says there’s no reason for him to face John Cena at Summerslam. Rollins gets it, but what's’ the point? Every time he tries to be champ, Ambrose is there to screw it up and he’s not going to stop until Rollins stops him. Cesaro interrupts. He tells HHH that if there is anyone that should face Cena, it should be him. He’s a walking Money in the Bank contract. He will get the job done. Triple H says if Cesaro can finish Ambrose tonight, that would be impressive. Trips and Cesaro shake on it.
Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose
Cesaro starts with the right arm. He pulls it hard, trying to hurt the already injured shoulder. Ambrose goes for a suplex, but Cesaro stops it, gets out, and drops an elbow to Ambrose. Ambrose with a quick clothesline, sending Cesaro to the outside. Ambrose on the apron. He runs and hits a Lou Thesz press and mauls Cesaro. He sends Cesaro back first into the barricade, then heads into the ring with him. Cesaro is able to stop some more and sends Ambrose to the ring post. Cesaro with a unique suplex from the second rope to the floor on the outside.
Triple H is shown backstage not paying attention, too busy being on the phone.
Cesaro works the arm. He locks the fingers. Ambrose stands and hits behind him, but Cesaro drops him and locks the arm again. Cesaro with a hard right hand and sends Ambrose into the corner. Ambrose flies out and shoots the legs then attacks! Ambrose sends Cesaro to the outside! Ambrose flies over the top rope for a crossbody but runs right into an uppercut!!!!!
We are back, and Cesaro is working the arm some more. Ambrose turns and hits a jawbreaker to break it. Cesaro with a right hand sends Ambrose into the ropes, but he bounces back for a clothesline. HE MISSES! GERMAN SUPLEX pin from Cesaro! 1…2.NO! Cesaro sets Ambrose up on the turnbuckle. Cesaro wants a Superplex. Ambrose is able to send Cesaro down! Ambrose with a dropkick to Cesaro! Ambrose hits the ropes and hits a crossbody! Right hand! He sends Cesaro into the corner, hits an elbow, whips! Cesaro reverses but Ambrose with another whip! Ambrose with a DDT!! Pin from Ambrose! 1…2…NO! Cesaro locks the arm behind Ambrose but Ambrose runs forward and is able to get a pin out of it for 1…2.NO! Cesaro runs, but Ambrose holds the ropes and Cesaro heads to the outside! Ambrose flies through the ropes for a suicide Dive!!! Ambrose sends Cesaro in the ring. Cesaro sends Ambrose to the ropes, but he bounces back with a clothesline! Pin for 1…2..NO!! Ambrose goes for Cesaro on the apron, but Cesaro pulls the arm down! CLOTHESLINE FROM CESARO! Pin for 1….2.NO! Ambrose heads up top but Cesaro kicks him down and Ambrose is in the Tree of Woe! Cesaro with stomps in the corner! Ref stops him. Cesaro attacks again! Ref stops him one more time. Dean finally falls. Cesaro goes to send Ambrose into the post, but Ambrose reverses and sends CESARO into the post! Again! One more time!!! Ambrose is outside with a chair but Cesaro kicks it into his face! NEUTRALIZER! 1...2...3!! CESARO WINS!
Cesaro def. Dean Ambrose
Triple H is in the middle of the ring. He wants to introduce us to Cena’s opponent. The music of Randy Orton hits. He heads down the ramp and into the ring. Roman Reigns enters stage left! He attacks Orton. Orton and Reigns are fighting back and forth. Reigns grabs Orton and sends him over the barricade! Triple H seems frustrated in the middle of the ring. After some silence, Paul Heyman appears at the top of the ramp with Cesaro. He tells Triple H that he has tons of respect for Triple H and he hates to point out the obvious, but Plan A isn’t working with Orton, not while Reigns is around. Plan B, Rollins is great, but every time he tries to cash in, Ambrose is there to stop it. This is why Triple H must make the dangerous choice of implementing Plan C…
Triple H smirks while Paul extends his hand. Triple H heads over to Cesaro and shakes his hand. It appears that the decision has been made. Heyman introduces himself as Triple H heads up the ramp. Cesaro starts to smile as Triple H says “At Summerslam John Cena will face...Brock Lesnar!” Cesaro’s smile sinks as he starts to realize what happened. Lesnar shoves Cesaro out of the way and greets Paul Heyman.
Heyman says Lesnar officially acknowledges this divide that permeates through the WWE Universe. There are those who wear their green t-shirts and pump up sneakers and scream with great passion their love and adulation for their hero by shouting “LET’S GO CENA” and there are those who offer the contrarian opinion – and whose mommies don’t tuck them into bed at night, and they will say with great fervor and passion “CENA SUCKS!” It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you want to ride on, this malpractice Doctor of Thuganomics is in for the beating of a lifetime. He doesn’t just stand out here and spew hype and hyperbole, he exploits historical facts to shove his points down our throats. To wit, he offers what happened the last time Brock zeroed in on someone and decided to give them a beating.
July 28 2014 Monday Night Raw
Our World Heavyweight Champion is here. He’s got both belts. Cena is scratching his head. Cena seems confused. He calls Houston a lively bunch. Normally, he’d be just as enthused as them. Last week, we learned what Plan C was, and Cena has apparently been hoping that would never happen. He is a marked man by The Authority. They want the title off his neck so badly that they hired a mercenary. His opponent at Summerslam is Brock Lesnar. Last week, there were cheers, Heyman spoke eloquently to all members; those who get tucked in and those who don’t. The WWE Universe maybe wants to see Brock beat the hell out of Cena, he says. Cena calls Brock the most devastating force in the WWE. His destruction is seismic. With the precision of a surgeon, he destroys who he wants, when he wants. He says 1 beast has defeated The Streak. Heyman was right, Cena is not ignorant. He will get the beating of a lifetime. Cheer it up. Cena will not lay down. He will fight. He is going to Summerslam to beat Brock Lesnar, just like he did in 2012.
Brock Lesnar def. John Cena
Rusev def. Jack Swagger
August 18 2014 Monday Night Raw
Backstage, Swagger is with Renee. He says that last night was an opportunity for him to defend the country he loves. He failed. But what makes America the greatest is that when things get hard, we come together. We unite, we grow stronger. That’s We the People. He’s going to do what every single Real American would do, he’s going to stand up and keep swinging because that’s We the People.
Cesaro vs Jack Swagger
We come back to the show with the match starting. Cesaro with a gutwrench toss to Swagger. Cesaro locks in the abdominal stretch. Swagger is able to hip toss out of it. He runs right into a knee. Cesaro with another knee then he stomps the chest of Swagger. Cesaro with a cover for 1…2..NO! Swagger drops Cesaro! Swagger Bomb! Pin for 1….2..NO! Swagger grabs the head of Cesaro and sends him away. Swagger ends up on the outside. Cesaro goes for a big boot, but Swagger grabs the leg and locks in the Patriot Lock! He’s gotta break the hold at 4 because the ropes are in between the two! He lets go.
Swagger heads back in the ring and locks in the hold again!! Cesaro grabs the ropes! The ref counts to five. Swagger releases the hold. Cesaro with a kick to the gut! NEUTRALIZER! Pin for 1…2…3!!!
Cesaro def. Jack Swagger
August 25, 2014, Raw
No 1 Contender match for Us Title: Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam
RVD kicks to show he still can. Cesaro ducks under a right, and they stare down before Cesaro hits a kick and some right hands. Cesaro with an uppercut to RVD then waves at Sheamus. Ropework, but RVD flips over Cesaro then hits a kick to the face. Early Rolling Thunder to Cesaro and a pin for 1..NO! Cesaro knees RVD, then an uppercut, sending him into the corner. Cesaro with a right hand to the side of the face. Cesaro hops on the outside of the ropes, then double stomps the head of RVD, claiming to Sheamus that it was for him. Cesaro grabs the legs and hangs up RVD on the ropes. He pins for 1….2..NO! Cesaro with a headlock on RVD then a pin for 1..NO! Another lock to RVD. RVD escapes, gets sent into the corner, then hits a thrust kick to the head. Split-legged moonsault and a pin for 1…2…NO! RVD in the corner, Cesaro gets him atop his shoulders. RVD with a thrust kick to Cesaro! RVD goes up top! He wants the Five Star, but Cesaro rolls out of the ring quickly. RVD hops down then goes to grab Cesaro, only for Cesaro to hang up RVD!
Cesaro runs into the ring, grabs RVD, and hits The Neutralizer! Pin for 1…2…3!!!
Cesaro def. RVD
After the match, Cesaro heads to the outside and grabs the US Title from the table. Sheamus allows it for a minute. Cesaro decides to toss the belt into the face of Sheamus then backs away.
September 1, 2014, Monday Night Raw
Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus vs Cesaro and The Miz
Miz and Cesaro are the top contenders for the secondary titles; the secondary champions are faces, tag team match playa. Miz now has Sandow as part of an entourage, which also includes a makeup lady. At the end of the match, Miz tries to “tag in his stunt double” and sends Sandow into the ring. This allows for enough of a distraction for Cesaro to hit a Neutralizer to get the win.
Cesaro and The Miz def. Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus
September 8 2014 Monday Night Raw
Seth Rollins def. Sheamus after Cesaro interference
September 15 2014 Monday Night Raw
Keeping up with the theme of champion vs challenger tag matches we get Sheamus teaming with the tag champs, the Usos against the number one contenders, the Rhodes Brothers.
The Usos and Sheamus vs Goldust, Stardust, and Cesaro
Cesaro mocks Sheamus’ chest-beating in the ropes on Jey Uso, and Sheamus sells that he is not happy about that pretty well. They build a really good hot tag to Sheamus, he runs wild and even hits a dive off the top rope onto Stardust and Cesaro. Sheamus tags to Jey.
Jimmy Uso flies over the ropes to Goldust! Jey Uso is the legal man! Splash from the corner onto Cesaro! Pin for 1…2...BROKEN UP BY CODY! BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! CESARO COVERS FOR THE WIN!
Night Of Champions 2014
Cesaro vs Sheamus
They begin trying to feel each other out, but when Cesaro doesn’t give a clean break, instead of slapping Sheamus, it breaks down into a fight. Sheamus hits the Finlay roll before they just go back to punching each other. After falling outside, Sheamus is back in with a slingshot shoulder block. He goes up top only to be knocked outside with a huge uppercut. Cesaro moves to wear down Sheamus. We get stiff uppercuts and a clothesline from Cesaro before Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker twice. Sheamus’ ten beats of Bodhran is countered for the first time. Every single counter, strike, or move has been impactful. Sheamus slams Cesaro from the top for two. Cesaro comes back with the popup uppercut. Cesaro ducks a Brogue Kick and hits some big moves. He goes for the Neutralizer but Sheamus counters with a backdrop. Cesaro lands on his feet though and then reverses a Brogue Kick into the fucking Alpamare Waterslide for a very close near fall. He’s pissed now and just slaps the taste out of Sheamus’ mouth like 15 times! Cesaro boots him into the corner, still just firing away. Sheamus shoves him off and screams for more so Cesaro brings more. SETH ROLLINS IS AT RINGSIDE! ROLLINS GRABS THE LEG OF CESARO!! BROGUE KICK AND SHEAMUS RETAINS! Sheamus and Rollins beat down Cesaro and Sheamus is part of the authority!
Sheamus def. Cesaro
Brock Lesnar def. Kofi Kingston
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2020.11.20 14:18 BioWrestling Fantasy Booking The Miz World Title Win (2017)

Fantasy Booking The Miz World Title Win (2017):
In 2017, The Miz was getting some of the biggest crowd reactions on Raw and across the whole of the WWE. This was seen at its best on the night after SummerSlam 2017 when he was in the ring with John Cena & Roman Reigns (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUusZfqqIuI&ab_channel=WWE). These reactions Miz was gaining were deserving of a world title run.
The Miz (c) w/ Maryse & The Miztourage vs. Samoa Joe - Intercontinental Championship - SummerSlam (Aug. 20, 2017)
The Miz defends his Intercontinental championship in a losing effort to the Samoan Submission Machine who wins his first ever Intercontinental title.
Winner: Samoa Joe
Raw (Aug. 21 - Sep. 18, 2017)
The first night after SummerSlam goes the same as it did in real life except Miz does not have the Intercontinental title.
Due to all three men being involved in such a heated segment, it is decided that the three men will face off in a Universal Championship #1 contenders match where the winner will go on to face Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at No Mercy.
The Miz w/ Maryse & The Miztourage vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns - Universal Championship #1 Contenders Match - Raw (Aug. 28, 2017)
In the match Roman Reigns hits a Spear on John Cena only to be thrown out of the ring by Miz who steals the pin and books a ticket to No Mercy against the Universal champion.
Winner: The Miz
On Raw, Roman laughs at the idea of Miz being the one to beat Brock Lesnar saying he’s too soft. Miz gets heated and cuts one of his great promos telling Reigns that Cena couldn’t beat Lesnar and Roman couldn’t beat Lesnar but at No Mercy Miz will be the one to beat Lesnar. Miz says, “You guys may want to discredit my wins because I apparently ‘cheat’ but guess what, At No Mercy, I am going to cheat and cheat and cheat and cheat until I am the new Universal Champion!”. By the end of the promo hopefully the crowd is cheering. This doesn’t mean Miz is a face because he is still a cheater, but he is embracing the love of the fans that he has earned.
On the Raw before No Mercy Paul Heyman and Miz are in the ring. Paul tells Miz that Brock didn’t come to Raw before No Mercy because he doesn’t consider Miz a challenge. This once again gets Miz heated and he and Paul engage in an epic war of words before the big match.
Brock Lesnar (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Miz w/ Maryse & The Miztourage - Universal Championship - No Mercy (Sep. 24, 2017)
Miz uses every cheating tactic in the book. Low blows, eye rakes, the Eddie Guerrero chair trick and much, much more. By the ending stages of the match, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Maryse have all been ejected for interfering. Then, when the referee is fixing a turnbuckle pad that had been untied by Miz, Miz heads to the opposite corner and removes a metal plate from his knee pad. Miz then uses his wrist tape to tape the metal plate to the top turnbuckle pad just in time as the referee turns around. Then, despite all the odds stacked against him, Brock still manages to power up Miz for an F-5. But as Brock goes for it all the cheating and damage he has taken allows Miz to slip off his back and push Lesnar into the metal plate on the turn buckle pad. With no strength left himself, Miz is lucky enough to fall onto Lesnar with an arm on him in a pinning position. Shockingly, Miz actually gets the 3 as the crowd goes wild and Miz becomes the Universal Champion.
Winner: The Miz
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2020.11.20 09:38 GoodLadLopes Does the WWE rigidly test for Steroids?

I never really understood it really well, i constantly saw guys violating the wellness policy for steroid usage, Ken Kennedy, Edge, Chris Masters, but then we had guys like Batista or John Cena who were clearly roided out of their minds and never really got caught for anything, heck even Vince McMahon took them at some point, i just don’t understand, why are some guys busted for roids yet others just use them freely without consequence? Do they test for steroids? Are they allowed today? The roster does seem cleaner but some guys are still a bit suspicious, i just don’t understand their steroid policy, it is very contradicting. Sorry if this seems like too much of a direct approach on the whole “Steroid bad, muscular guys all use roids” theme, that’s not what i’m going for, just trying to understand why the WWE enforces a strict no steroid policy, on paper at least, and then have superstars that are clearly on cycles. Thanks for the input in advance.
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2020.11.20 04:30 VanillaGorilla02 The greatest slam of all time?

Just throwing a question out there. Which, in your opinion, is the greatest slam of all time, in the squared circle?
Whether it's from an entertainment standpoint, a physicality standpoint, or a combination.
Hulk slamming Andre? Luger slamming Yokozuna? WCW Goldberg jackhammering Reese, or The Giant? Cena stacking up Big Show and Edge? Lesnar and Big Show breaking the ring? Or something from an Indie or foreign promotion.
What is your favorite slam of all time? There are no wrong answers here.
*Edited because I originally said it was Lodi, not Reese, that was an impressive jackhammer... Mae Young could have jackhammered Lodi...
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2020.11.19 22:24 Nobody_Likes_Shy_Guy Before tonight’s show let us lament what could’ve been... Desperado vs. Kanemaru, a dream match surpassing even Cena vs. Tanahashi

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